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Riding a bike in Amsterdam

Kerikeri, New...
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Riding a bike in Amsterdam

I saw the other post regarding cycling and it made me start wondering.......................

Believe it or not, i have never riden a bicycle apart from maybe as a very small child ( think 4 yrs old or so) .

Is riding easy? I mean with traffic and other cyclists etc , not to mention pedestrians.......so woudl i probably be more of a liability ?

Sorry if this sounds lame :)

Seaside Heights...
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11. Re: Riding a bike in Amsterdam

So Hemimkiwi, you havent biked since you were a weeeekiwi? LOL...

Anyway, before you ride a bike in the Netherlands, you should be able to ride without thinking about the act of riding. You should rent a bike near your home, and if you can do it then buy a cheap bike to ride around on. Biking is fun and healthy, and here in the states I do it in state parks on what they call rail trails, trails that used to have the tracks for trains but dont anymore. If I try to ride on the street the cars and trucks would kill me.

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12. Re: Riding a bike in Amsterdam

There may be a few crooks in that business, but that certainly doesn't go for the established ones. A company like MacBike has a good reputation, and handles way too much volume to get involved in little scams like that.

probably stuck in...
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13. Re: Riding a bike in Amsterdam

Bike thievery is rampant. Heed the warning about locking up.

People ride in all weather, including snow. I was amazed to see women peddaling through 4-6 inches of snow last year with a child in the seat behind them, one in a seat on the handlebars, and a cell phone in use!!!

Seems to me the biggest hazard is tourists wandering into the path. "Death by Bicycle" is the phrase I think to myself every time I exit a doorway into the street. The locals will not slow down if you wander into a path, and they get truly angry if you cause a wreck.

Eastbourne, New...
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14. Re: Riding a bike in Amsterdam

Never heard that urban myth, no. I guess if you took a bike from a shady character its possible, but that's a new one to me. Stick with the biggest in town, MacBikes, and you shouldn't have any of those worries

Also, if you're on one of thier red bikes you stand out as a visitor, so locals might be incined to give you a bit more space

Amersfoort, The...
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15. Re: Riding a bike in Amsterdam

oiseau - sounds like an urban myth to me. I wouldn't rule it out completely buy there are plenty of large, reputable, bike hire companies in Amsterdam who wouldn't dream of such a practice.

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16. Re: Riding a bike in Amsterdam

I remembered where I saw something about that scam..it was in a show called globe trekker amsterdam. Now that I think about it though this was a really bad show. Not helpful at all and for some reason there were a lot of scare stories in it. It's a public tv travel show has anyone seen it? (a us show)I saw it about a year ago and it appeared very dated. Thanks for your responses. I believe you guys before some dumb show that had alot of questionable stuff in it...