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Help please !

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Help please !

i am overwhelmed and confused . ( do not need help it that department) .

Going to Italy this May for 2 full weeks : tickets are bought arrival and departure from Rome, apartment is booked for 2 weeks ( in Rome).

Going with 19 year old

WANT TO go to Florence and Venice.

Here is WHAT I NEED help with.

inexpensive way to travel from Rome ( local train or euro train)?

buy tickets in advance ( train and museums) or not?

how many days is just enough for Florence?

is it better to make few day trip to Florence or stay overnight?

What can buy on the internet to save time/money?

thank you so much

Watertown, MA
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1. Re: Help please !

Hi IrynaCanada

the fastest way to travel to Florence is the ES* or A trains, takes about one and one-half hours and is 36.10 euro 2nd class. there is a train that leaves at 6:30 am arrives at 8:09 am the last fast train leaves at 9:49 pm arrives In Rome at 11:29 pm. Take a day trip and experience Florence and then make a decision. I have stayed a week and could easily go back. Venice is a much longer trip. That will take 4 1/2 hours by the fastest trains and is 56.10 euro 2nd class. Try searching for discount flights that go from Rome to Venice, you would save alot of time if you decide to go.

Buy train tickets in Italy, if you know when you want to travel try to buy a few days in advance and you may be able to get the Amica discount (20% off) however, it is for a limited number of seats and on certain trains.

There is a Roma pass that is good for three days and includes bus and metro (but not for travel from the airport) and entrance to 2 museums and discounts. you can buy that before you leave.


there is plenty to see and do in Rome, and there are many places close to visit.

good luck with your planning!

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2. Re: Help please !

thank you so much!

Rome, Italy
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3. Re: Help please !

Hello Iryna,

I would certainly recommend sleeping at least one night in Florence, it is too far from Rome for day trips. stay at least 2 days, it is beautiful and quieter than Rome, and full of things to see. Take a look at the studio apartment Bed Art, in Via Ricasoli, in front of the Museo dell'Accademia. It is a beautiful old building, and very nice (I stayed there).

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4. Re: Help please !

Thank you so much for the information

Mansfield U.K.
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5. Re: Help please !

Iryna, your trip sounds marvelous but ifyou are going to experience the best of Italy you won't be getting much use out of the apartment you have booked in Rome. I suppose it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Rome is not well placed for Tuscany, The Venito, the Lakes or Liguria.I would suggest a minimum of 3 full days in both Florence and Venice and of course overnights in these will be costly.

I doubt there is anything to be gained by trying to advance book. You will undoubtedly incur charges or agents fees and apart from the Uffizi time slot, no point.

Train tickets are easily bought on the day and the small suplement payable on the Eurostar trains is well worth the comfort and the time saved particularly on long journeys.

I get the feeling that this trip is going to cost you more than was bargained for when you fist decided on it and I for one will be interested in your posts as you progress !


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6. Re: Help please !

thank you so much, i will

Vancouver, Canada
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7. Re: Help please !

Hi Iryna fellow Canadian..

My husband and I are also going to Italy..we arrive in Florence by night train(not yet booked)from Paris on May. 10th..we are staying 3 nights in Florence(may go to Pisa for a few hours?) and 7 nights in Rome with a day trip to Naples/Pompeii..

We have so far, booked hotel and some train travel from home using our travel agent (TravelCuts)...

I am following Rome & Florence forums daily and take notes...a wealth of info comes through daily..some repeated some not..I also bought Rick Steves(he's American) guide book..on Rome..personally I like the way he writes..but there are numerous guide books out there all with good info. I also use T.A's search window.

When are you in Italy? It will be good to meet up with a fellow Canadian!!!


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8. Re: Help please !

Hi IrynaCanada,

Congratulations on your trip to Italy. You'll have a great time. The apartment in Rome may be a small problem for you, if you're planning to explore other cities and regions. A trip to Florence should Not be a day-trip. You should spend two or three full days in Florence, since there is plenty to see and do. You can take day-trips to Siena, San Gimignano, Fiesole, etc, if you desire. As you know, spending nights in other cities means you're paying double, since you have an apartment in Rome.

The best way to travel to Florence from Rome is the train. You can also take the train for trips to the South. You can take a day-trip to Pompeii from Rome or do one or two night bus tours on the Amalfi Coast, with Naples and Pompeii included.

There is plenty to do in Italy. Let us know if you want to spend the extra money and overnight in other cities. If not, we can figure out day trips for you.



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9. Re: Help please !

As always THANK YOU ALL! :)

Yes, we did book the apartment in Rome , but it it was very cheap (900 euros for 2 beds for the room with the shower , close to the metro (subway) for 16 days )

I like to have piece of mind when i am abroad and know where my things are at all the times:)

This is one of the reason why i booked/buy everything i could well in advance

Another reason is financial : it is easy to pay for the "big ticket items" in installments :) Right now our airfare and accommodation is paid for and i do not feel to guilty by planning something extra:)

Sorry , for the "personal"information :)

Now to answer all the questions and ask some more :)

We are arriving to Rome on May 8th and coming back on May 23. I would love to have some company since my 19 years old make it clear that his intentions for the "free time" in Italy is little different then mine :)

So if any of you would like some company while in Italy just send me a message and i will answer with the details :)

I am in the process of booking 1 night in Florence ( 75 euros sounds reasonable) , so we WILL spend 2 full days in Florence and I am booking the tickets to the academy and Uffizi ahead of time.

We are planning to get to Florence by train ( the earliest one leaves at 6 am and arrives to Florence around 8.30)

We spend 2 full days in Florence and come back to Rome next day in the evening)

I am not sure about the Vinice yet , but i like your ideas about day trip to all other places.

Any ideas how ...intense ...the night life in Rome? :)

And while in Florence should we even think about going to Pizza?

Thank you ALL


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10. Re: Help please !

900 euro for 16 days in an apartment in Rome sounds far TOO cheap - research the issue very carefully.

I suppose you mean Pisa - no, you can't go to Florence for one night and visit Pisa as well.