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I have been watching this forum for a long time now, and write this, my first posting, after my first trip to Europe. Although I am a big fan of the Trip Advisor – I find that many people are complaining and negative. Isn’t anybody having a good trip? It seems that people do not take the time after trips to note good service and dealings. I would like to note a great result with Classictic.com

My wife and I had recently a super trip to Italy. We hit Venice, Rome and Siena, Perugia, Assisi and surrounds. We started in Rome and worked our way up the boot, ending and spending the most time in Venice - and happily so – hence this posting in the Venice Forum. Rome, was too busy for us and although the Umbria region delighted the senses, Venice was bliss.

We ended the trip and started the New Year at the same time. On the last night we visited the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista for a fantastic night of opera arias, Italian buffet and champagne until well after midnight with tickets purchased at www.classictic.com.

This was, without a doubt, the highlight of our entire stay in Italy. On the website we learned of the concert, the history of this amazing ‘Scuola’ and purchased the tickets, printing them ourselves before leaving home. Other concert attempts in Italy were not so successful – ticket offices were on a ‘pausa’ other places did not like our charge card, were just odd and of course, had little to offer in the way of the English language – so we were always unsure. With Classictic we had no worries and ordered the tickets in English.

I was especially happy to have a bit of history on the hall and directions for getting there. Here, from their website – ‘The Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista is known for its magnificient scenarios and artworks of Tintoretto, Palma il Giovane and Tiepolo. The Renaissance building was constructed in 1498 during the Renaissance period by Coducci. It is one of the six Scuole Grandi that played an important part in the complex Venetian system of social checks and balances. The courtyard of the Scuola Grande di San Giovanni Evangelista is protected by a screen with a magnificent eagle pediment and a frieze of leaf-sprays by Pietro Lombardo.’ classictic.com/en/Venice/Scuola-Grande-di-Sa… Fantastic. This building, the history, opera, food…what more could we want?

If you are heading to Venice, this, classictic.com/en/… has our highest recommendation. We also recommend the Spaghetti alle vognole, Fritto di mare, Risotto alle seppie, and the endless Cichetti!


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1. Re: Classictic.com

And may I say very nice too,

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2. Re: Classictic.com

So glad you enjoyed your trip - I am going this fall and am very excited.

I looked into Classictic.com - what a great site - I would love to catch La Traviata while in venice this fall and the Scuola Grande looks beautiful - now I can better plan my itinerary. Thank you.

p.s. IMHO these forums are very helpful, I don't find them negative at all.

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3. Re: Classictic.com

It is lovely to hear of positive experiences and things we may want to delve into ourselves. While there is a lot of good information and advice on TA, and most questions will get an answer, I notice that the posts with the most responses are usually (not always) about safety or warnings or scams. I guess that plugs into peoples fears of the unknown and different, and it is good that they are taking steps outside of their own culture and personal experiences.

Your experiences sound great. Now to convince DH that opera arias are actually something worthwhile, maybe his only musical blackspot.

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4. Re: Classictic.com

This is a really interesting thread. True that opera arias scare off many people. I have looked at the Classictic website and chose for our trip the Musica a Palazzo: Love Duets in the Palazzo Barbarigo-Minotto. A bit light perhaps but the idea of opera and a palace really appeals. (We are on vacation after all!) Hereʼs the link: classictic.com/en/…Palazzo-Barbarigo-Minotto. I love that in this performance the audience well be intermingled with the opera itself. Very excited for our trip. I will post again when we return and let you know how it was!

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5. Re: Classictic.com

Hi stanNorthCarolina!

I also booked in Venice through Classictic and we had a great time. We heard the Vivaldi Four Seasons – great – Vivaldi was a Venetian!

Here is the link:


This concert is performed on a regular basis it seems. We went in our normal street (tourist) attire and felt quite comfortable there.

This church (the Ateneo di San Basso) was built in 1076 which just boggles the mind and has been used for various purposes since that time, now a charming theater with a good location.

Our hotel, Best Western Cavalletto e Doge Orseolo was pretty close – also recommend this hotel as we got a great deal there.

I have booked now in 6 cities with Classictic.com and have never been disappointed so I can also cite a good result on this thread.

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6. Re: Classictic.com

stan..Thanks for your post. I will definitely look into that website on our next visit. Myself I do not find that many negative posts on Venice forum as most of us have a passion for the city. Of course there are some posts that provoke a good deal of discussion and I thoroughly enjoy that.

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7. Re: Classictic.com

Well, what can I say, the promised posting has taken a while. Things at work were pretty exciting when I returned from my holiday but now, 6 months or so later, I can reflect on the last holiday and dream of/plan for my next one. To report first, on the Venice trip; it was amazing. The Palazzo Barbarigo, where our opera performance was taking place, was a bit tricky to find – but I guess most things are in Venice. The website where we got the tickets, www.classictic.com, gave an excellent map and directions, plus the phone number - so with all this help we had no stress, more of an adventure. The Opera – or Love Duets from operas - was/were wonderful. A beautiful location, elegant music and not crowded at all, although there was a nice audience. The whole thing just worked for me – highlight of the trip. Other highlights included the Gallerie dell’ Accademia and Guggenheim Museum - excellent choices for a cold day. We also toured – without the expensive guide – the Jewish Ghetto and enjoyed that very much our ‘Merchant of Venice’ moment there along with some delicious pastries eaten while walking. We caught the end of the Carnival Season and although the weather was not fantastic, the low sun was really beautiful over the water and there are many interesting cafes or museums or palaces or churches, many great choices of places to enter when one is cold – I highly recommend this trip!

For my next trip you will find me in the Rome Forum of this website looking for tips from fellow travellers. I have already booked an outdoor evening concert from the same website, Nights at Marcellus Theater, classictic.com/en/…73661.

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8. Re: Classictic.com

EmilieParisFrance: So glad you enjoyed your visit to Venice! I also went to Musica Palazzo and heard La Traviata and thoroughly enjoyed it. Classictic is a great website to find out what concerts are available in Venice but I always prefer to go directly to the vendor's website if possible and make my reservation that way. I'm not sure if there was a surcharge on Classictic tickets but you can reserve a ticket on the Musica Palazzo website and then pay in cash when you arrive: www.musicapalazzo.com/homegrigiaing.html

I also attended a concert of Vivaldi music by the group Iterpretive Veneziani and also enjoyed that - the website for their site is: www.interpretiveneziani.com/index.php…

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9. Re: Classictic.com

Does anyone know if tickets are easily obtainable in late July (not a guess, please, but know) or if it's necessary to buy in advance?

Secondly, on a couple of ticket sites, including classictic.com there are two prices. Are these different seating areas or the lower price concessions? Am looking at Scuola Grande di San Teodoro in particular.


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10. Re: Classictic.com

Hi bunny 19.

I found plenty of concerts at the Palazzo in late July- here's the link you want: classictic.com/en/…Palazzo-Barbarigo-Minotto.

You should definitely buy in advance and just enjoy the trip with less stress - with all things planned for you and that eTicket in hand. The question regarding different ticket catagories I have also encountered - it is either a preferred seating with the more expensive ticket or includes an apperitiv, usually listed in the order page. If nothing is stated it refers to a preferred seating - so totally up to you and your holiday budget. Actually, I think they have reduced the prices on that concert on the Classictic site.

Hope you have a great trip.