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Restaurants under 10€

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Restaurants under 10€

You will probably call me a dreamer, unrealistic or something worse! But are there restaurants where one can eat for under 10 euro? We are going to Rome next Tuesday for 2 weeks. Cannot afford 20+€ for food every night. Hence the query. We are staying in Trastevere district. Must be places that locals, workmen etc frequent.

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1. Re: Restaurants under 10€

You can some pizzas for under 10 euros but with a drink (wine/whatever - wine is cheapest really) - you might end up at a bit more than 10 euros and if the pizza doesn't have any more pricey items on it. They are all single serve and plenty to eat as a meal for one.

There are places you may find some dishes of pasta for less than 10 euros but not much else - you don't get anything with your dishes - they are all ordered separately - so, for example, a dish of any sort of meat is just the mean - vegetables are separate

You will end up paying for the bread they will usually automatically bring to the table - anywhere between 2 and 4 euros per person whether you eat it or not - SO, if you do not want the bread, wave it away as soon as the server brings it over or you will be charged for it.

Menus are posted everywhere so you can see what the prices are before deciding to eat somewhere.

Trastevere has a significant share of tourists and just because tourists eat somewhere doesn't mean it won't be good - as locals and tourists usually wind up eating in the same places - Stay away from the main piazzas (including the main ones in Trastevere) and you should be fine with quality; it's your budget that is will be challenging -

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2. Re: Restaurants under 10€

Rome is a big city with big city prices. Besides pizza I do not see you finding a place to eat dinners for 10 Euro. Consider eating your main meal at lunch where you can have a sandwhich or salad. Find a bar with substantial Apertivo snacks and use it for dinner.

I assume you have to stay in Rome for two weeks?

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3. Re: Restaurants under 10€

I don't know where anyone pretty much anywhere can eat dinner on that budget other than having a small meal - try to stop into shops (of which there are plenty) and pick up some bread/cheese/etc - that will help tide you over but when you eat in a restaurant, like anywhere, you are paying not only for the food but all the costs associated with having a restaurant, including staff so do expect mostly pizza at night

You could stop into some cafes that have sandwiches - very casual but would suffice if not really hungry.

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4. Re: Restaurants under 10€

Yes, Rome is generally expensive. You should look out for cafes and bars and pizzerias more than a place with a "ristorante" sign. You will probably have to sacrifice deserts and the second glass of wine, but look for places that have hot foods on display where you just indicate which you want.

In the cafes and bars you can probably find good sandwiches and salads for 4-6 euro.

If the accomodations offer breakfast, then you can sometimes make a major meal out off that, sometimes not.

Or this: find an alimentari (sp?), small grocery store, and buy a little fruit, cheese, salami, cheap wine and you can put together a nice supper pretty cheaply - we have done that frequently and we always considered it romantic.

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5. Re: Restaurants under 10€

I have not eaten there, but the place below has many €5 pasta plates on their menu. If you don't mind standing or taking your food to go, there are many more options available.


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6. Re: Restaurants under 10€

If you do as the Romans do and breakfast standing at a bar (expensive to sit) and or keep cereals etc at accommodation, if you purchase market, small shop or minimarket fruit and deli and make use of fridge in accommodation you have the makings of day pack to which you can add fresh bread. You may then have more money for one meal of the day. The prices of small goods and fruits will be higher in tourist places so wander a bit.

We really don't like eating out all the time, one reason why we prefer apartments. You ought to be able knock together a meal of good stuff to eat at accommodation or on a bench somewhere so the eating out can slip towards a more significant dine out every other day or three. If you have checked luggage consider taking a good knife and picnic plates etc, or get such in mini mart.

Where are you staying, Mick?

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7. Re: Restaurants under 10€

I am sure if you go far away from the tourist area, you can find something cheap. A few years ago, I was able to find a plate of pasta at Milan for 7 or 8 Euros. The same restaurant had large sets for 15.

Look into pizza places and cafes offering sandwiches. Those are your best bet for 10 Euros.

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8. Re: Restaurants under 10€

We usually prepare most of our own meals - visiting the local suprmercato and markets. Great way to see a different side to Rome and to afford to spend time with family.

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9. Re: Restaurants under 10€

I went to a lunch buffet for €10 at Twenty One Art Hotel located at via cola di rienzo (nearby Vatican).

There are salad, pasta, chicken & lots of vegetable dishes. Also included 1 bottle water and 1 coffee at no additional charge.

There is another lunch buffet for €15 at Alberto Sordi Gallery Mall at via corso but I did not have the time to try it.

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10. Re: Restaurants under 10€

Sorry but I wouldn't accentuate the expensiveness of Rome with people of the UK; I was in Norfolk and there something less of 10 euros is the cost of a cup of tea and a slice of cake in a nice cafeteria, so...

Trastevere is becoming more and more touristy and restaurants attended by locals and workmen for every day's meals are practically impossible to find; anyway, 10 euros is a very low price for a complete meal sitting at a table. You could try this restaurant, it's famous for its low prices, but it doesn't stand up for a particular quality


Otherwise, if you go to a pizzeria and if you eat just a pizza, without starters, and drink a beer, you ought to respect your budget.