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Beware pickpocketers in Rome.

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Beware pickpocketers in Rome.

We recently spent 2 nights in Rome, on our way to and from our cruise. We had to catch the train to and from Termini. BEWARE. 4 people on the way to their cruise on the same day, had their luggage stolen. Various methods were used to steal the luggage.

People helped an American lady put her luggage on the train, that was the last she saw of it, it was probably removed by the same people who put it on. Another man was sleeping with his bag next to him, a man jumped on and said "I forgot my bag" and grabbed it in front of everyone who thought how silly to forget his bag, but of course it was the sleeping man's bag. Guys dropped some coins on the floor of the train and while this old couple bent down to help pick up the coins, they grabbed the old couple's bags and ran. We had been so careful as a result of these cases and when we took a packed bus on the way to Termini a man stole my husband's wallet from his front trouser pocket while he was crushing onto him on the train, my husband realised immediately it was gone as he was constantly checking and turned to the guy and told him to give him back his wallet. As my husband was much taller than this guy and he felt threatened, next thing we knew ithe wallet was lying on the floor, thank goodness. So I can't stress enough on the importance of wearing a money belt, not having anything in any pockets and holding onto your luggage AT ALL TIMES. There are no police about in Rome and they do not care. Paris has improved so much and on every platform on the metro there are inspectors and we felt so much safer. We could not wait to leave Rome, I can't understand why the police are not taking this more seriously, we have travelled all over the world and Rome is the only place we felt really unsafe with our belongings.

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1. Re: Beware pickpocketers in Rome.

mitzisydney - Thank you for your post and the detailed warning. We are visiting Rome in September, traveling through Termini on two occasions, both times with luggage. We will be on high alert and extra vigilant.

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2. Re: Beware pickpocketers in Rome.

I always exercise the same caution whether I am in Rome, Sydney, New York, London or anywhere.

People who steal are always on the look out for easy 'marks'. Don't be one of them. No matter where you travel.

But don't let fear and paranoia ruin your holidays.

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3. Re: Beware pickpocketers in Rome.

There are police but they can't be everywhere.

That nice man who helped you was probably also the one who took your wallet. The women who crushed you in the barrier were probably also the ones who stole your purse.

A front pocket in your jeans or jacket is NOT safe.

An open handbag is NOT safe.

A zipped handbag or backpack is NOT safe.

Take precautions and secure your money/valuables under at least two layers of security.

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4. Re: Beware pickpocketers in Rome.

We learnt the hard way many many years ago. My husband had our main credit card taken from his front trouser pocket whilst in San Lorenzo market in Florence. By the time he discovered it was gone we were back in our Mugello villa and a call to our CC provider confirmed approx.£600 worth of luxury goods had been bought with the card. Thankfully with chip and pin this is now not so easy for thieves to activate.

We now keep all cash and cards well hidden but this did not stop an opportunist thief, whilst we were in Athens a few years ago, from reaching into my husband's trouser pocket to see if anything was there. He felt the movement and hit out and the elderly thief walked quickly away.

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5. Re: Beware pickpocketers in Rome.

I actually saw police all over Rome and felt safe everywhere. They were standing in the street, stationed in huts, etc. Omnipresent. But at train stations and on busses especially you have to be on high alert. Anywhere there are crowds there is a chance to get taken. I never took a bus on this trip. Saw several going by that were jam packed, wall to wall, standing room only. So if you are standing, and you have to reach out to hold on to something for balance, I would think you are even more open to get picked. No thanks. I'll cab it.

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6. Re: Beware pickpocketers in Rome.

There are police all around Rome. They are everywhere. Rome is no different from any other big city in terms of crime. I'm a little skeptical about this report with someone being in Rome for 2 days and seeing 4 different reports of people having luggage stolen. I can only recall one time in all my years on this forum of someone reporting their luggage was stolen off the train so 4 times in 2 days by the same person is a little odd.

A money belt is a good idea but so is being aware of your surroundings.


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7. Re: Beware pickpocketers in Rome.

I have been to Rome 4 times and have never been a victim or seen a victim; I have seen plenty of policemen. There are pickpockets and you do need to be careful, but there is no need to panic.It is no worse than any city. This poster was very unlucky if the report is true.

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8. Re: Beware pickpocketers in Rome.

20 trips to Rome, never been a victim nor have I seen a crime occur. I too find this report rather questionable.

Not to say crime doesn't exist - obviously it exists everywhere but I have been very fortunate (and extremely cautious about my belongings) but 4 times in two days? Just don't believe this -

Taylorsville, Utah
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9. Re: Beware pickpocketers in Rome.

I have also taken the train, the bus, the metro all crowded, used a regular purse, and spent time at Termini. No problems.

St Paul, MN
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10. Re: Beware pickpocketers in Rome.

"4 people on the way to their cruise on the same day, had their luggage stolen. Various methods were used to steal the luggage. "

Just this week one person responding to a post said he had never read about Luggage being stolen off one of the trains. I guess this is not quite the same: having it stolen at the train station.

I have alway worried myself about having my luggage stoeln and I never put my luggage in the bin at the head of the car if I can help it. So far in my limited experience my luggage has fit between the seats.

I keep my credt cards and most ov my money in a money blet when I go to Rome becasue I travel on the often crowded public transprot and I wour worry about being pickpocketed unmder thsoe circumstances.

I don't wear a money belt when I visit big American cities like NY or Chicago. I feel like I fit in better and am not instantly identifiable as a tourist. In American cites I travel with less cash than in Italy becaseu I know that my credti card wil be accepted for even small purchases. I have a photocopy of my credit cards back at the lodging, so I can call as soon as I get back ther if my credit card is missing. My wallet is a travel wallet and is tehtered to my purse. They woud have to put the tether to take the whole thing.