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Beware bus 64

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Beware bus 64

Many thanks to the morons who stole my wife's purse on bus 64 on saturday...It had 800 euros and credit cards. we had our son with us who is recovering from a serious illlness. The money was to buy him a present in Il sogno..His friends and family had saved up the money...arrividerchi roma we ll not be back He was so upset.

Niall Foley

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11. Re: Beware bus 64

Yes, was just asking OP for a little more information on exactly what happened in his case since he said the bag was was "crisscrossed", which I thought meant across the front.

Sitting on a nun's lap??

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12. Re: Beware bus 64

This is a horrible experience but not one limited to Rome. On the first day of our first visit my HB had the camera stolen from his bag whilst on the metro going to the Colosseum. It had all the photos from our two week holiday in Tuscany . We were gutted! I think he was really upset that he'd been 'done' because we were very aware of the reputation and he thought he was being really vigilant! I persuaded him to put the experience to one side and make the most of Rome. So we bought a disposable camera! Since then we have been with friends when they had a mobile and wallet stolen on the metro in Madrid and a bag stolen from a restaurant table in Barcelona.

Incidentally, we ended up loving Rome so much we have returned 3 more times and are looking forward to our next visit in 3 weeks. Try not to let these thieves 'steal' your holiday as well as your money!

Taylorsville, Utah
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13. Re: Beware bus 64

My purse was stolen from my condo at home. I left it by the back door which opens onto a carport. The wooden door was open but I have a heavy mesh security door with a deadbolt and I thought it was locked. Apparently I hadn't turned the key all the way. I took the dogs out the fron door to potty. I was gone maybe two minutes and right in front. When I got back, the purse was gone. My point is that it can happen anywhere including at home. Don't blame Rome. Sorry it happened, but it could happen anywhere. I also know a lady who left her purse in the pew when she went up to take comunion. It was stolen. That happened at home too, not in Rome

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Cork, Ireland
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14. Re: Beware bus 64

I’m so sorry this happened to you Niall, your poor son!

I think threads like this are good, because they remind people to be extra vigilant when in crowded situations. A lot of people are in ‘holiday mode’ when they are visiting a city like Rome and they forget to use common sense precautions (I’m not saying this is what happened in your case). It’s an awful feeling to be robbed and the sense of violation can sometimes be worse than the loss itself.

As the previous posters have said, this kind of thing happens in busy tourist spots all over the world. I had my knapsack opened in Prague (lucky my wallet was in my front pocket) the Barcelona forum is full of warning stories and it happened bvlenci in Dublin (which is not a city I would associate with pick pockets). I hope you don’t allow this awful incident to ruin your holiday or spoil your memories of Rome. It’s awful, but the main thing is you are all ok, I know it’s a lot of money, but money can be replaced, people cannot!

As all the previous posters have said, a money belt is a good idea if you have to carry a lot of cash. I don’t use one, simply because I wouldn’t carry that amount of money. My husband and I each take about €100 each, so if we were robbed it wouldn’t be the end of the world. I would never travel without travel insurance too, gives great peace of mind for so many reason, loss of property being only one.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip Niall, *hugs* to your son.

St Paul, MN
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15. Re: Beware bus 64

I money belt is a good idea period. I travel without my spouse to Italy often, which mean I am the bank on these vacations. I don't have a backup if my money and credit cards are stolen. I keep my credit and debit cards in the money belt also along with a photocopy of my passport.

I often travel on Rome's buses and sometimes for what seems like no reason, the buses can be very crowded. There is no way to put some space between your pocket and the next person.

Le Marche, Italy
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16. Re: Beware bus 64

In Dublin, the culprits were some kids on roller skates, who skated near me while I was making a phone call in the train station. I saw some police and went to report it to them. One of them said immediately, "It would have been the kids on the skates." I had already figured that out! If they knew these kids were thieves, why were they standing there at the end of the station chatting instead of breathing down their necks?? I know exactly the feeling.

Once, when I lived in Philadelphia, my house was robbed, pretty much cleaned out, even clothing and small appliances. The response of the police, "Did you have insurance? Well, you should have." I was a poor student, and my property wasn't worth the premiums, but to replace it was almost impossible with my means.

Thousand Oaks...
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17. Re: Beware bus 64

Sorry for your loss. As other posters have said, it really can happen anywhere. My wife had her purse stolen on Bourbon St in New Orleans. Fortunately she saw the two guys take off towards the restrooms and I rushed in there to see her purse and it's contents upside down. Credit cards intact - they were just looking for cash.

We have been in Paris, Florence and are now in Rome. The signs for pickpockets in Italy are everywhere. My daughter met friends in Florence who have been traveling across Europe. One guy said he fell asleep for what seemed like 2 minutes on the metro in Barcelona and his watch and BELT were stolen. Belt? Wow. We try to take great precaution everywhere. I don't wear a money belt, but my hand is in my front pocket and on my wallet anwhere there is crowds, especially train stations or crowded areas like the Trevi Fountain. My wife has her person over her shoulder in front with one hand over the zipper area. Also, while we love subways/metros (used extensively in New York and Paris) I avoid public busses whenever possible in foreign countries known for pickpocketing. We walk everywhere, but if I need to get somewhere I'll spend an extra 5 euros and take a safe taxi, like we did today from the Pantheon to the Vatican. So far, the only trains we've taken in Italy have been the high speed trains from Florence/Venice and Florence/Rome, so I can't speak for the safety of the local trains. But the trains I was on seemed extremely clean and safe.

Also, after reading TA tips I just don't engage those who could be trying to rip us off. I'm a pretty big guy so when I put my hand up and say no gratzie, and then NO firmly, they back off. We've seen pretty much everything people have advised against except for the bands of young kids holding up signs trying to distract you while others pickpocket you. Always have my guard up to the point of being paranoid, but it's stories like these that make me so. Again, sorry for this bad experience and I hope you do get to enjoy Rome, as it's a fascinating city.

Traverse City...
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18. Re: Beware bus 64

We'll be in Italy next spring if all goes well. Just read about #64...It's called the "Pickpocket Express", or maybe even better, "The Wallet Eater." Caveat Emptor....

U.S. expats
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19. Re: Beware bus 64

As others have said, this can happen anywhere, but I am very sorry it happened to you in your circumstances.

Now, how will you move onwards?

You have a seriously ill son, and you are *still* on vacation. You can make yourselves miserable, or....go on with your vacation, put this away for a while and try to relax and enjoy what Rome has to offer.

I think you owe it to your son, especially, to make sure this is a happy, wonderful, memorable time. Was it great that you were robbed? Absolutely not! But try and refocus on the beauties of the city.

Trust me, one day you will be looking back on this vacation, and if the $800 is the focus, you are robbing yourselves....

London, United...
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20. Re: Beware bus 64

Ah yes. Rome's 64, the most notorious bus in the world for pickpocketing! Filled 100% with innocent tourists and highly trained professionals (pickpocketers). Bit like the Ramblas in Barcelona. Sorrrrrrrry!

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