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Firefly car rental

Vilnius, Lithuania
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Firefly car rental

Be aware of Firefly car rental!!! they really cheat people and charge your credit card after one year after renting.

After 9 months after renting I've foun that my card is carged by 200 eur without any ecxplanation. Of course i asked rental company for them, but they didn't reply.

It's really good that in EU we have European Consumer center, which helped me to msolve thois problem. After few months of fighting, they finally returned my money back to creadit card!

So advice to everyone:

-do not use Firefly at ny costs, even if they are the cheapest choice, cause after some time they will charge you wihout any explanation

-change your credit card after using FireFly

-apply to European Consumer Center to get help if you are charged!

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1. Re: Firefly car rental

couldn't have said it better-I rented a car from Firefly desk at Blogna airport on May 29 2014,paid all expenses at that time and did get a receipt by post after I returned home a few days later, and now today Sept 23 I see that Firefly have taken another sum of money from my bank account-completely without permission or notice of any kind-IS THIS NOT STEALING ??-I am now in the situation that I am forced to close all my current bank accounts and open new accounts as I am fearful that Firefly will take even more money from my bank account without me knowing---THIEVES.Very unhappy.

Sydney, Australia
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2. Re: Firefly car rental

Liam: This may be a legitimate charge if you were caught by a camera speeding or driving in a restricted area. The Italian police can easily take 6 months to send a ticket to the rental company, which then provides your details to the police and charges you maybe €50 for their trouble.

If this is what happened, then you agreed to it when you signed the rental contract.

Leigh-on Sea...
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3. Re: Firefly car rental

Couldn't agree more. We had a 'Firefly experience' at Pisa airport.

Firstly we had to queue for 40 minutes at Pisa airport – only 1 person on the Firefly car rental desk.

The car we were allocated had countless scratches and dents, was dirty inside and out and had a flat rear nearside tyre.

Had to wait for someone to attend the car park to change the vehicle.

The replacement vehicle was in the same poor condition as the first car - countless scratches and dents, was dirty inside and out. The windscreen was so dirty I had to stop a few yards down the road and clean it so I could see properly.

On vehicle return (to Pisa), there was no-one available to check the vehicle.

I now have had charges added to my credit card which I did not agree to.

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4. Re: Firefly car rental

If you broke any laws while driving- speeding, ZTL violations, traveling in a bus lane, illegal parking or any other offense, then you will be charged an administrative fee for reporting your information to the authorities. You agreed to this when you signed the contract. You will also be receiving a fine in the mail from the authorities, but that could take a year or more.


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5. Re: Firefly car rental

there are countless posts on TA about car rentals....over and over people are advised not skimp on expenses when it comes to renting a car in Italy & Sicily. I believe one should purchase full zero deductible insurance and hire from a reputable broker (i.e. Auto Europe) which uses reputable suppliers (Hertz, Avis, Europcar) ..... while speed limits and stop signs are mere suggestions to locals, they are the law, though, to visitors.....a traveler needs to know that if there was a ticket infraction (speeding, parking, ZTL, etc.), a fine can take months to receive and the supplier will include a hefty "administrative" fee. As horrible as it seems, it is on the contract. While we received the coveted 'no damage' sign off when returning the rental in October, we don't know if there will be other fees down the road for driving infractions and can only hope and pray that we drove well. knock, knock on wood.

Alicante, Spain
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6. Re: Firefly car rental

DO NOT USE FIRE FLY at any cost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are a complete rip off. I rented from Bologna Airport, the info I had said that the desk was in the terminal but it was located in a car park miles away, after searching for almost an hour we then had to wait almost two hours in a queue that was only 3 people long.... the reason? because Firefly were systematically ripping people off! If your credit card doesn't have over 1500€ credit then you have to pay an extra 11€ per day for them to reduce the amount that they will block, it doesn't give you any extra cover just makes them more money, we were given a damage sheet to sign without seeing the car but insisted on seeing the car before we signed it and it's a good job we did because there was far more damage than what was recorded and no doubt we would have been charged the full 1500€ ! Apparently they are part of Hertz and the girl behind the desk advised us that she would never use them!

Grabouw, South...
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7. Re: Firefly car rental

Firefly Car Rental charged my credit card fraudulently 4 months after the rental had been fully pain and finalised. (Remember, they have all your credit card details). They did not do this once, but twice, previously charging me 12 months after a rental period. I will never do business with them again and will lay a complaint of fraud with the police. Beware.....

Sydney, Australia
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8. Re: Firefly car rental

Probably you had tickets issued for some offence caught by camera such as speeding or entering a prohibited zone. The rental company is entitled to charge a fee for providing your details to the police. You agreed to this in the rental contract that you signed.

Posting the same message multiple times is regarded as spam, and all your posts will probably be deleted.

Liverpool, England...
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9. Re: Firefly car rental

Booked Firefly through EasyCar and were a little concerned with some of the previous reviews shortly after making the booking but all turned out to be ok in the end. Service at the desk was quick, polite and well explained. We hired a Fiat Panda and this was perfect for the Amalfi roads we'd be driving regularly. Upon returning the car which needed to be returned with a full fuel tank, the gauge on our car chose to not register full which with a plane to catch we thought could cause us a delay but we needn't worry as Alfredo and Rachele at the Naples Airport Checking were very helpful and sorted the problem with minimal fuss which was easily sorted and the car's fuel gauge showing full. Very competitive rates and would use again.

Fayt lez Manage...
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10. Re: Firefly car rental

Ryanair et Firefly sont à mettre dans le même panier. J'ai réservé un vol pour Bergamo et loué une voiture par l'intermédiaire de Ryanair.Je suis tombé sur Firefly. Pour raison de santé,mon départ a été postposé au 7 septembre (au lieu du 1er). J'ai déjà été pénalisé par Ryanair pour modification du vol ( 40 € x 4 couple).

J'ai tenté de contacter Firefly afin de signaler la modification: les n° de téléphone,fax et mail étaient faux.

J'ai même téléphoné en Ecosse à la maison mère où après 1/4 h d'attente j'ai été renvoyé sans ménagement à leur site internet !!!!! 12 coups de fil plus tard,j'obtiens enfin le n° de Firefly pour m'entendre dire que le véhicule n'ayant pas été enlevé,la somme est perdue et que je dois réserver de nouveau !!!!

Ce voyage "bas tarif" va me coûter plus cher que celui que j'ai effectué à Cuba.

J'ai décidé de déposer plainte à l'European Consumer Centre Belgium. On verra.

Ne faites pas confiance à ces 2 sociétés.


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