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Some beautiful things in Valencia but....

Overland Park...
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Some beautiful things in Valencia but....

I am in Valencia now and have enjoyed 75% of it but there are some things everyone should know about. First is that Iberia Airline is horrible and if you have to use it, go to a different country. They have no idea what customer service is nor do they care. Second - anyone can smoke anywhere and they leave their cigarette butts everywhere. The sidewalks and streets are covered in cigarette butts. If you are sitting in a lovely spot, a restaurant patio or park, smokers come right by you and light up. Third - there is a LOT of trash EVERYWHERE. We actually can't stand it and pick it up OFTEN. Fourth - there is a lot of dog poop on the sidewalks. People don't feel the need to pick up poop and despite the presence of trash cans everywhere, don't feel the need to dispose of it. I guess that goes with the trash reference. There are beautiful churches and we have had great food and service and the city is beautiful. I would never come back here nor would I bring children which I see a lot of people have done. I hope they keep them away from the smokers because the smokers don't care. We are staying in the central part of town and our hotel is lovely and the staff is great. It is a shame because they have ruined a beautiful city for me. I don't regret coming but I would never return.

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Malaga, Spain
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1. Re: Some beautiful things in Valencia but....

I do not like cigarette smoke and avoid this by staying in the restaurant itself and not at the patio. Smoking is not permitted in restaurants.

Long Island, NY
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2. Re: Some beautiful things in Valencia but....

I have been to Valencia 14 times, have been all over the city & never encountered any of the problems you mentioned. It is & always has been an immaculately kept city. I can't imagine where you were, but I can't wait to go back!

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Albuquerque, New...
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3. Re: Some beautiful things in Valencia but....

What was your issue with Iberia? Was it your transAtlantic flight or the connection to Valencia? Was it Iberia or IberiaExpress their low cost flights designed to compete with Ryanair?

Luton, UK
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4. Re: Some beautiful things in Valencia but....

Just back from Valencia today and was pleasantly surprised how clean and tidy it is. Every day we saw sidewalks being washed down and plenty of rubbish bins everywhere. Very little rubbish especially in the parks and beach areas. We loved it.

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5. Re: Some beautiful things in Valencia but....

I am not sure where the original poster is referring to but we are in Valencia now and have not experienced any issues like this. The Valencia we are in is spotless, the streets are constantly being cleaned and bins being emptied. I have also seen less smokers than anywhere else I have visited in Spain. I would highly recommend to everyone.

Long Island, NY
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6. Re: Some beautiful things in Valencia but....

I'm guessing that the original poster had a bad experience with Iberia and/or Valencia and therefore wrote in anger & misrepresented the facts. I go to Spain regularly & have never had a problem with Iberia that was not immediately taken care of and Valencia is my "home away from home"; it's an amazingly beautiful & CLEAN city. No one should be discouraged from going there.

Totnes, England...
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7. Re: Some beautiful things in Valencia but....

I don't agree at all about the cleanliness of Valencia. I found it remarkably well kept. I suppose the smoking on restaurant terraces could be upsetting for some, though it doesn't really bother me. Go inside if it's such a big deal.I find traffic pollution is more unpleasant, and certainly equally dangerous to health. Perhaps one should keep ones children locked indoors so that they never inhale second hand smoke or traffic fumes! Really??

Manchester, United...
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8. Re: Some beautiful things in Valencia but....

It takes all sorts, as they say: the same poster has given a branch of Starbucks a 1 star reviews although they never went there because the opening hours didn't suit them and has also given Iberia a poor review without saying why....

St Austell, United...
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9. Re: Some beautiful things in Valencia but....

As most of know there are some sudden untidy places in Spain and some very shiny places. It is what it is. Ive never ever smoked but I haven't been affected by others in over 30 trips. To let it take such a rather unbalanced effect on the holiday suggests a fixation on it - an ex smoker maybe?

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Portsmouth, United...
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10. Re: Some beautiful things in Valencia but....

My wife and I have just returned from our first ever holiday trip to Valencia (13/06 to 20/06) I cannot comment on Iberian Airways, although your comment lacks clarity on what exactly they did or didn't do to upset you. We don't identify with any of your other comments on the cleanliness of this great and wonderful City - not one of them. If you think there was too much dog poop in Valencia (there isn't) I suggest you take a weekend trip to Lille - now there it's everywhere and the use of poop scoops are as rare as bacon sandwiches in Tehran.

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