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Another "silly" question re safety

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Another "silly" question re safety

Please don,t think this ignorant, my daughter has just returned from Benidorm and we have booked to go she has made a few comments about feeling unsafe and threatened at night, she made mention of "pea people" you know the guess what pot its in scam and that people were watching on corners , she also mentioned being suspiciously followed at night as if people were wieghing up how to snatch her shoulder bag, maybe she was being paranoid, I suppose the qustion I am asking is should we be aware of higher crime activity here than in other resorts, we take the usual precautions, but there have been others on TA mentioning an increase in incidents, i am far from a benidorm expert so what are the true facts

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1. Re: Another "silly" question re safety

Never had a problem during the 20+ times I have been to Beni. We always stay in the Old Town, which imo, doesn't have the same problems as the New Town, late at night/early hours of the morning.

As been mentioned in numerous previous posts, don't take too much money out with you, don't flash your bling, and just be aware of what is going on around you.

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2. Re: Another "silly" question re safety

we went for the first time last month, we had heard all the storys/advice.

my wife was dreading it but rather than do a long story i'll just say the day after coming back we booked for next year and we go in a months time for our anniversary think that says it all..

yes be prepared and in doing so make yourself less of a target but not once in our holiday did we feel threatened or uneasy, Benidorms a fantastic place just use common sense.

most crimes seem to be non violent opertunist type crimes so just make yourself less of a possible target.

the pea men wont bother you if you just walk past them and don't stop to watch or get involved we often walked within yards of them doing their scam but never once got pesterd as we didn't stop to watch, they only want to gullible.

simple steps to keeping safe.

carry money in a place not easily accesable to pick pockets (I carried mine in a bum bag tucked down the front of my pants)

done wear jewellery that would be easily snatched by an opertunist.

keep to populated areas avoiding isolated dark ally's.

and finally don't get into such a state that your easy pickings (legless)

but the main thing get there and have a great time, let Benidorm suck you in to its colourful world.

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3. Re: Another "silly" question re safety

We have just returned from Benidorm, we were told about being carefull while out at night and the mugging problem along the so called yellow brick road, we used this road every day and did not see or hear of any problems, like any other big town there can be problems at night, we are world travelers and we always stick to these simple rules ...... only take enough cash out for the evening, dont carry expensive shoulder bags...try and plan a good route to where you are going...if poss walk with a friend or partner...expensive photo equipment should be carried in a back pack and left in there if not in use!...always be aware of whats around you...these are just simple things which most travelers do anyway, we were first timers in Benidorm and we loved it! But again be warned there are many people here but I am happy to say that most of them are like you and me just after a good holiday, my wife lost something very close to her in the vicinity of the Hotel grounds she reported it the next day when she missed it, and lo and behold it had been handed in to the Hotel reception! We are now planning a winter holiday there!

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4. Re: Another "silly" question re safety

It's not silly if you ask a question and it helps calm your worrying, you don't want that spoiling your enjoyment of what is a fun, sometimes outrageous and thoroughly enjoyable place to holiday.

Benidorm is a tourist resort and very sadly whichever resort you are in, wherever you have tourists who are relaxed, chilled out, a little tipsy maybe and/or otherwise busy enjoying themselves, you will get people trying to part them from their valuables; it happens in Benidorm, it happens in the UK and pretty much anywhere else in the world, I wish it didn't but it does.

I've been going to Benidorm for 6 years and I have seen the peamen, etc but as long as you are sensible with your belongings as already detailed above and don't make yourself an easy target (e.g. don't stop and watch the peamen) you should be ok.

Enjoy your holiday :o)

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5. Re: Another "silly" question re safety

I've never felt threatened by muggers or peamen or thought anyone was gonna rob me and I've been to benidorm loads of times, the only time I felt slightly wary was the year walking back from a bar about 2 am with my girlfriends it seemed a guy we had spoken to earlier (English tourist) was following us home but it was probably just a coincidence, he was probably just walking home as well and I was extra paranoid this year after the things is read on ta lol just don't do anything silly, have the same wits about you as you would at home x

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6. Re: Another "silly" question re safety

I'm exactly the same as post 5,i walk all over benidorm on my own day & night & have never felt threatened at all

7. Re: Another "silly" question re safety

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8. Re: Another "silly" question re safety

Hi Hazel, let me know when you are there next and yu can look after me as well !!! LOL! Regards Stevie

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9. Re: Another "silly" question re safety

Ok will do Stevie Lol, I'm there from the 24 of September if that's any help lol,

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10. Re: Another "silly" question re safety

Are you there on the 24th too Hazel,I didn't know? ;)

Have I mentioned just on the passing that I'm there too that day? ;)

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