Off the beaten track: The Stock Exchange Palace

The Madrid Stock Exchange Palace building, inaugurated in 1893 in presence of the Queen Regent María Cristina, turns 125. It is a building of outstanding architectural and symbolic value. Located in the Plaza de la Lealtad and erected on land donated by the Crown, it was designed by architect Enrique María Repullés y Vargas, member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando.

The building, which maintains its financial centre functions and is the main headquarter of BME and the Madrid Stock Exchange, continues to be an iconic venue for economic and financial representation purposes. Year after year, it receives more than 65,000 visitors who attend numerous meetings with investors, IPOs, academic ceremonies and other financial events.

Every working day morning, the Madrid Stock Exchange opens its doors to all visitors for a guided-tour within the XIXth century Palacio de la Bolsa. All visitors are encouraged to ask as doubts arise, assuming a dynamic and active role. The visit is, approximately, 60 minutes long.