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family holiday in sitges - suitable?

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family holiday in sitges - suitable?

i am holidaying in sitges in august with my partner and her 3 kids (2 of whom are teenagers). Is it too hedonistic we are not homophobic

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1. Re: family holiday in sitges - suitable?

hello there.

Sitges has a strong gay streak in the mix but it is not a gay resort.

there are plenty of families with kids there and in the evenings, everyone strolls up and down the streets chatting and stopping off for coffee.

It gets very busy at the weekend when families from Barcelona and around come to sun themselves on the beach and eat out in one of the many restaurants.

You will see guys holding hands but it thats about it.

It really depends on whether you will get embarrassed by this or not.

I am gay and went with my partner last year and we loved it as it was very mixed.

I went back with two friends- one man and one woman- both straight- and they both loved the laid-back air to the place. My female friend loved to walk the promenade in the morning and she said she felt that it was very safe to do this.

they both loved the fact that there was no air of violence late at night when the bars would empty

The resort is only forty minutes by train to Barcelona-they go every half hour or so- and places like Port Aventura and so on are down the road. Easy if you hire a car.

I think if you want to get away from the typical Spanish resort, Sitges is a great choice

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2. Re: family holiday in sitges - suitable?

Its fine for kids of all ages , as previous poster has pointed out it is a very laid -back town , however August is the month of Festa Mayor 21st - 27th lots of live music and a huge firework display , a must if you like to party ( avoid if you don`t because it is loud and late ).

If you are lucky enough to get a sea view room on the front you will have a perfect view of the fireworks.

August is a busy month anywhere and don`t expect anything different of Sitges .

The gayness is out there for all to see but trying to be honest here, the kids will probably giggle for the first couple of days they see men holding hands and then total ignore it.

You are only about 45 minutes drive from Port Adventura which is a big theme park , be warned though August is very busy.

I have a girl of 15 and a boy of 12 and we go back 3 or 4 times a year and they still love it.

Sitges is a fun town , enjoy it.

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3. Re: family holiday in sitges - suitable?

third time back this year my boy of nine hasent even realised that its a gay resort but my brother came last year and did find it to much

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4. Re: family holiday in sitges - suitable?

Sorry for hijacking post, but we too are heading to Sitges next year for a wedding...im just wondering which would be the best hotel to stay in? We are going with an 11 year old, but the kids in our immediate families attending the wedding would range from 4-17!!

All the hotels i have read the reviews on here on Trip Advisor say child friendley rating very poor?

Many thanks in advance....

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5. Re: family holiday in sitges - suitable?

My suggestion would be the Port Sitges Hotel , it has suites rather than rooms and has its own pool with lifeguard during the holiday season. It is a 15 - 20 minute walk into the centre of town but you can be on the nearest safe beach in less than 5 minutes.

None of the hotels in Sitges are particularly geared up for family holidays but children seem very welcome everywhere , I have been going to Sitges with my children since they were very young and they continue to go back with and without us now they are old enough to travel on their own.

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6. Re: family holiday in sitges - suitable?

Late addition to the conversation, but for the benefit of future readers here is my take on Sitges.

I am straight, and have had 5 great holidays in Sitges. I have recommended it to friends who also have loved it. It's a proper working Spanish town, that is full of (Spannish) family life. The "Gay" thing is mainly northern Europeans on holiday. If you are offended by men in thongs sat drinking and eying up other men in thongs, then Sitges isn't for you. If (like me) you don't mind it, and even find it slightly amusing then great!

I'm thinking about booking a family trip (my wife, her mother, my sister in law, neice and me) this year. I would have no concerns, apart from taking a walk along the beach area after dark. Cruising goes on along the beach wall, and on the beach. My neice is at an age (12) where I can make a joke about it, but I wouldn't go walking down to the beach (as you can). I have walked many a time with my wife, after a meal & drink, only to watch grown men having public nookie, a few feet away from a busy pavement area. So be mindful that although you can't see them from the prom walk, they are at it right under your nose.

I've also had a two men having very loud (furniture moving involved) 'how's yer father' every night in the room above me. At 4am you don't need it, and it was a game of two halfs, if you get my drift! I laugh now, but believe me, it was like they were in our room! Not nice?

But the majority of the gay tourists we met were very charming and I wouldn't worry at all. It's good for kids to see that not everyone is the same!

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7. Re: family holiday in sitges - suitable?

A bit late here but I was in Sitges over this long weekend and was actually surprised by the number of families there on holiday. It is certainly not exclusively gay; perhaps less now than even a few years ago.

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8. Re: family holiday in sitges - suitable?

I did grow up very close to Sitges, and even 30 years ago it was somewhat "gay" but as well a family resort. For us locals is mainly family vacation place, so we find somewhat amusing when someone ask if it's suitable for kids. As said above is a real town with real people living there all year round, where do families live, but that happens to be very tolerant with all different kinds of people. So, why it shoudl not be? Live at let live seems to be the motto of the place. If this is OK for you, you'll be fine

As said, the main summer festival of the town ("Festa Major") will be by the end of August (around 20 o 25, can't remember now). If you're traveling early on the month you may check the festivals on Vilanova (around 5th) or La Geltrú and Cubelles (around 15th). There are many activities for kids and teenagers and traditional activities that may add an interesting cultural and fun aspect to your holiday. As at the tourist office for details and schedule of events. Please remember the area is Catalonia (some will not like to be defined as "Spanish")

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9. Re: family holiday in sitges - suitable?


I live in Sitges and can tell you thats its a great place for vacations with kids - there are lots of nice beaches, day-trips and Barcelona is only 30mins away by train. There are certain beaches I would suggest you avoid - these will be quite obvious though. If you look at the website www.mumabroad.com there is a whole section dedicated to holidaying in Sitges with kids(all recommended by local mums)


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10. Re: family holiday in sitges - suitable?


I and my partner have an apartment in Sitges which we visit at least 6 times each year. We love the place! Yes, Sitges is obviously 'gay-friendly', but as all the other replies say, it is rather a place to 'live and let live'. Perhaps the best beaches for families would be St Sebastian or out at Aguadolc. You could also walk along the prom towards Vinyet - there's also more space there! If you're there for Fiesta Mayor (23rd/24th Aug) the kids (and you) will love it.