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Barcelona marriage

Cork, Ireland
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Barcelona marriage

We are getting married in Barcelona - in September.

Would like to ask advice on accommodation in Gothico / Ramblas area -a mix of a few apartments and a good hotel to use as a base, adjacent to each other.

Any ideas on a restaurant to use for the reception/dinner/late night party ?

Any other gimmicks or outings ?

We will doing a second visit in january to check places out and to do a tour of restaurants - it'll be tough !



Cork, Ireland
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347 posts
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71. Re: Barcelona marriage

I am delighted that this discussion has become such an interesting topic !

Marta - The catamaran sounds like a great idea - Clare from bcn-internet.com suggested a similar idea to us a while back, but it fell through because the ladies high-heels and a canvas or mesh type between decks were not compatible

If anyone is going over in the next few weeks - go to Shoko - bar on the beach by the olympic port. It is all cushions, sun and cava and extremely sexy - dangerously so !!!!!!!

We will be having our cava reception there



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72. Re: Barcelona marriage

Ms Donaldson

First of all thanks for recognizing in this forum that you were wrong saying that we don���t show things in advanced to our clients. You know we do it because you received 2 or maybe 3 pictures?

Secondly, I���m not saying people that they can not express their opinion, I just only want to tell everybody the truth about d���elite company and their services.

We are an important wedding planner company in Barcelona and you attempt to call into question our professional integrity giving untrue information.

Lastly I want to clarify the following:

The person whom you spoke with on the telephone, was me. I remember perfectly our telephone conversation because you told me that your friends who live in Barcelona would help you with the church and other stuff.

As one of the owners of the company, my first and unique interest is to win the client and help the bride. Do you think is logic and possible, that I can have any special interest to loose a client saying that in Spain only evenings weddings can be performed when it���s not true? What benefit can I obtain? I think

it���s illogic.

Also I���m very surprise because I was checking the Emails I sent you and I found the proposal of the 1st church and afterwards, I found another email (I will send you later by email if you wish) where I told you that I have another church possibility, a second option, available on the date you wanted and at the time you wanted also (in the morning)

I Think Ms Donaldson, all your affirmations are just a simple reflection of your annoyance because you could not find through our company what you were looking for: free information about:

1- Churches options in Barcelona where you can get married with an English speaking priest

2- The procedure to legalize the marriage in Spain to make the marriage legal in your country (especially for non-residents)

And we only give this information Miss Donaldson to our clients. If you are not agree with our policy, you are completely free to do it yourself or find another company and/or person to help you but you don���t have the right of say false affirmations about our company especially if you don���t have the proves to demonstrate it.

The only people I can accept to complain about our services are our clients because they���ve worked with us and they know exactly how our services are.

Let me finish saying that I have all the communications between you and me and those prove what I���m saying is true. Ms Donaldson, you can ruin a company saying things like that, so in the future be careful about what you say