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Transport from airport/hotel to Barcelona

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Transport from airport/hotel to Barcelona

We are visiting Barcelona on 23 August for 6 days. I have couple of questions regarding transport. 1- Our flight will be arriving in Barcelona at 6pm. shall we take a taxi from airport to our hotel in Barbera del valles or is there any other options available? 2- We will be coming to Barcelona centre every day from our hotel Eurostars executive, Barbera del valles. is there any metro link or buses in this area or we have to take taxi every day? Please let me know what’s the best option for 3 adults and 13 year old? Thank you in advance.

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1. Re: Transport from airport/hotel to Barcelona

A taxi from the airport to your hotel will cost 30-35 euros.

I always take taxis to save time.

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2. Re: Transport from airport/hotel to Barcelona

Ignore the copy and paste answer from BennyMalaga.

First, is there a reason for staying so far out of the city? Is it work relates? If not I suggest, if possible,getting a place in Barcelona.

As for getting to your hotel in Barberà del Vallès.

A taxi is the most convenient and fastest option but as it's not in the city the estimate is more around 60€.

As for public transport,

You can take the airport train from T2 (from T1 you´ll need the free shuttle to T2) to the Sants train station and there change to the R4 train to "Barberà del Vallès", the station is about 1.2km from the hotel.

You need a 2 zones T-10 card for that, and to get to the city and back.

From T1 you can also take the Aerobús to Pl. Catalunya (5.90€ one way,10.20€ return) and from there the R4 train.

Near your hotel you also have buses that go to/from Barcelona, the A1 and the A2, but they start/stop at Fabra i Puig, which is not a central place (from there you'll need to change to the metro/bus/taxi to get to other parts of the city). Once in the city you should but a 1 zone T-10 card to move around the city

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3. Re: Transport from airport/hotel to Barcelona

A bit about transport tickets.

The T-10 is an integrated 10 rides card that works on all transport means (with the exception of the airport metro stations), the card can be shared by the 4 of you, just pass it once for each of you, and each ride can includes up to 3 changes to different transport means. Changes can be made during a limited time from the first validation of each ride. Inside one zone you have 75 for changes, each extra zone adds 15 minutes, so from zone 2, where you're staying, to zone 1, the city of Barcelona and a few nearby cities, including the airport, you'll have 90 minutes. You can use it on buses, train, metro, tram, night buses and any other integrated transport mean.

The integrated system allows you to use all public transport options, even though they are operated by different companies but each operator also has it's own card/zones system and sometime, if you use one operator for a specific ride, it can be cheaper but the differences between the operator cards and zoning schemes makes it a bit complicated so i would stick to the integrated system.

Just remember to use a 2 zones T-10 card for getting to/from your hotel to the city/airport but get a 1 zone card for moving around the city itself (a 1 zone card is 10.20€).

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4. Re: Transport from airport/hotel to Barcelona

Thank you for your very good advise, we’ve booked our stay through a well known website in UK and they recommended this hotel. I know now it is out of city but we’ll be going to city for whole day and come back after dinner. Regards

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5. Re: Transport from airport/hotel to Barcelona

You're welcome :-)

This is the link of the Rodalies (commuter trains) site where you can see the trains schedule.


For buses, here are two PDF files with the info on the A1 and A2



As I said, they stop in a place called Fabra i Puig. The buses stop in a small bus station on Avinguda Meridiana, near a the "Sant Andreu Arenal" train station, the Fabra i Puig L1 metro station (leads to the center, including Pl. Catalunya) and other city buses.

If you miss the last bus train or want to stay late there are also night buses, that also stop near your hotel.

The two night buses are the N61 and the N64 and they start near Pl. Catalunya (in Ronda Sant Pere). The two lines are circular so, unless you want to make a huge round, use the N61 to get to Barcelona (which I doubt you'll need to but it's always good to know) and get back from Barcelona to the hotel with the N64.

Here is the info on PDF files



All options work with the integrated 2 zones T-10.

The T-10 can be bought at ant train/metro/tram station from the machines. You can also get it in some newspaper stands, kiosks, lottery and tobacconist shops. Be aware that you cannot get one on the bus, on the bus you can only get a single ticket (driver gives change but will not accept large notes, on the city buses the limit is a 10€ note, it might be 20€ on an intercity bus like the A1/A2 but it's not something I know for sure) so always have a spare T-10 card with you (that's what I do).

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6. Re: Transport from airport/hotel to Barcelona

Note bus A2 also goes to Sagrera interchange at peak hours, which is more useful as it has more connections to Metro lines. Those buses are marked green at the timetable.

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7. Re: Transport from airport/hotel to Barcelona

Very helpful discussion, thank you!

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