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Help me choose seville hotel please!

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Help me choose seville hotel please!


It's me again. Sorry to post on seville again, but I am having the hardest time choosing a seville hotel. If you guys could help me out that would be so great!

I am going to Spain on my honeymoon in September, and the last part of my trip is going to consist of 5 nights in Seville. I really want a romantic hotel, with comfy beds, and really nice charm. I don't want a chain or modern looking hotel. I also want the hotel someplace safe, and close to the middle of thinsg so my soon to be husband can enjoy the tapas and bars and flamenco shows at night!

I have things right now narrowed down to Casas de la Juderia, Vincci La Rabida, and Taberna del Abladero.

I really like the room pics in Juderia, but I am still a little scared to stay in Santa Cruz barrio for some reason. I like the terrace of Vinci but the rooms are not as romantic.

Any advice, tips, suggestions?

Thanks so so so soso much!

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1. Re: Help me choose seville hotel please!

If you like the look of Casas, book it. I poked my nose in a couple of weeks ago - seemed quaint and pleasant. A couple of guests were joking with the desk staff which is always a good sign. Stop worrying about the Barrio Santa Cruz. Any neighbourhood in NYC has more potential for danger that it does. Have a wonderful honeymoon!!!!

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2. Re: Help me choose seville hotel please!

Our family stayed at Las Casas de la Juderia last year (after reviewing many, many places). I'm sure you will not be disappointed. It is full of charm, the rooms are large, and it's within footsteps of everything! We loved the location, and there's no need to be scared! You will definately have a great time.

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3. Re: Help me choose seville hotel please!

I have walks past Casas a couple of times and peeped in, would have no doubts about choosing it.

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4. Re: Help me choose seville hotel please!

I stayed at Casas de La Juderia 3 years ago and it ws lovely a much fancier hotel a lovely garden and the staff is very attentive, mini bar, a/c etc top notch. This trip I stayed at the Amadeus and it was wonderful smaller but full of charm, it has a classical music theme. It had well appointed antiques, mini bar, a/c nice shower etc. It right near some lovely Tapas bars, Bar Teresa, Restraurant Modesto, Giralda etc.

The Santa Cruz area is safe but like any place including NY and most cities use caution. Some of the streets are very narrow & dark but most people use Mateus Gago -the main drag as their focal point to and from the center at night. The Santa Cruz area is so convient to everything that I wouldn't stay anywhere else.

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5. Re: Help me choose seville hotel please!

Stay at Casas de la Juderia as poster above recommended. It is a terrific hotel that just gets better as time marches on. They are building an outdoor and indoor pool as well. Even if pools do not appeal to you, the physical plant will: there are patios, flowers and little nooks everywhere. Besides, Casas de... is off a charming plaza, Sta Maria la Blanca, which boasts three so-so but reliable bar/restaurants, two pharmacies and several tourist shops. It is a five minute walk from the Cathedral, and a one minute walk from Casa de la Memoria, the best flamenco in the neighborhood.

There is no reason to be reticient about staying in the Barrio Santa Cruz. My husband, 11yo daughter and I lived in the middle of the barrio Sta. Cruz for six months in 2004. Our daughter walked to and from school each day, shopped the BSC alone once she knew the street plan, and with respect to her safety, we never worried about anything more than cars taking the very narrow streets too fast. We are not cavalier, believe me, but Seville is one of the safest places on earth, so much so that we are thinking of giving in to daughter's request to let her return to Seville next summer, when she is 13, to spend 3 weeks with a local friend and her family. The only precautions I would recommend are: (1) don't flash your cash (but we know no one who was robbed) and (2) do not walk in the parks at night; you won't get mugged but you may be privy to some fairly disgusting behavior.

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6. Re: Help me choose seville hotel please!

One more thing: Taberna del Alabadero, while certainly very nice and not removed from the epicenter of Seville, is not in nearly as charming an area as Casas de la J. Vincci la Rabida is not either. If you have already booked in either of these, not to worry: Seville is an extremely small city and these three hotels are a ten minute walk from each other. However, it's all relative: once you live in a small city, your perspective makes you think that everything should be "five minutes away," and when it is not, it is "on the outskirts."

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7. Re: Help me choose seville hotel please!

Just be careful with your car & contents in Seville. We drove there & were driving through Barrio Santa Cruz looking for our Hosteleria. We found it & parked outside, put all our bags etc in the trunk/boot, popped into the hotel for 5 minutes to check in, heard shouting outside....a thief had smashed our back window and somehow got into the trunk from the back seat, must have been difficult as we have a saloon car. The thief grabbed what he could & ran, someone saw him so he dropped stuff......long story short, all I lost were my Nike trainers. The hassle he caused though was the worst part. We then had to find secure parking, which we did. We tried to block the window with cardboard but in the end we just left the car locked up for the duration of our stay.

People told us to be careful as thieves can spot tourists a mile away, if you drive in an uncertain way they will follow the car until you stop, then attack, while you leave the car. This they must have done to us. We thought we were so careful plus we HAD been warned and still we got caught. Be very careful & then some. Carole.

the netherlands
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8. Re: Help me choose seville hotel please!

Dear Davigall,

Last year we visited Seville on our 25 th wedding anniversary.

We stayed in Hotel Puerta de Sevilla- www.hotelpuertadesevilla.com- It's typical Sevillian decorated.

Both from the in and outside.

It is a very romantic little hotel, worth much more than its 1 star.

You can find pictures and ratings on their website.

I can send you a few of our own pictures from the hotel by email,if you like. (wjdekruyf@wanadoo.nl)

There are five reviews of the hotel on this website, all very positive, see for yourself.

The hotel is situated on the edge of Barrio Santa Cruz.

Don't be scared to stay in Barrio Santa Cruz or any other part of the City, we felt very safe and comfortable also by night, more than in our own home-town in the Netherlands.

Have a nice stay in Sevilla!


Jos de Kruyf


you picked the right place for your honeymoon, Sevilla is very romantic.

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9. Re: Help me choose seville hotel please!

I, too, will be there on my honeymoon, and still cannot find a decent place. casas is too expensive, but I don't want a flea bag either.

does anyone know of something decent yet not exorbitant in price?

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10. Re: Help me choose seville hotel please!

I felt quite safe walking at night in Sevilla and believe me I walked a lot. Obviously always be aware of your surroundings, granted I'm cuban and probably blended more.

Another point I think that 5 days is a little bit long for Sevilla, I suggest that you rent a car and explore Andalucia which has many other beautiful cities.