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Opinions on Mi Capricho

There was two sides too Mi Capricho for us.

The positives:-

Nice clean apartment with large balcony

Two lovely pools.

Gardens in great shape.

Sea view from balcony.


On site staff friendly

The negatives:-

Although secure, this became a pain when having to use three keys to get in to the complex and apartment. We could only have one set of keys so the phone was always buzzing and we had to make arrangements to let each other in. My son and daughter had to enter the building via the underground car park and get the lift to avoid using one of the keys.

Location was not good for us. An unusable beach at on end and a very busy dual carriageway at the other end. You could only cross the road via huge foot bridges.

No promenade to walk along the beach.

Had to use the car allot and was forever going up and down the busy road. The wrong way at times, because of the exit and entry design of the road.

You could walk to bars and restaurants/shops along or over the busy road.

However, all the shops were typical souvenir shops no real variety. Most bars were Kiss me quick karaoke, no class.

The beach was very stony with rocks just under the surface with sea urchins on the bottom. This meant we had to get in the car to find the nearest decent beach.

In Summary

We made the most of our stay and enjoyed the holiday on the whole .This environment may appeal to allot of people but not us I’m afraid.