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Dollar / Thrifty car rental is running a Scam

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Dollar / Thrifty car rental is running a Scam

I rented a car from Travelocity. I picked Dollar because they were the cheapest, a big mistake. I get to the rental desk in Frankfurt and find out that Dollar does not honor Visa car insurance, only Mastercard. They also want a statement from the credit card with your name on the paper stating the rules for their car insurance. Dollar also does not honor 3rd party insurance companies, example Travel Guard which sells CDW for $9.95 a day. I had to pay 22 Euros/day for insurance which my Visa will cover. This was $600 for my 20 day rental period. I also met several people that made the same mistake. I usually read the fine print but this time I missed it. I checked with several other car rental firms and Dolar is the only one that does this so maybe pick a different rental company. READ THE FINE PRINT.....They also run my card in dollars before I could stop them using their exchange rate which cost me $40 dollars more and they also took a 300 Euro deposit and when they gave me back the credit it cost me $23 more dollars. My Dollar Rent A Car was an expensive lesson. READ THE FIND PRINT. I usually do but this time I missed the important stuff.

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11. Re: Dollar / Thrifty car rental is running a Scam

Another Thrifty Rental experience -this time in Hull, England. As usual I refused CDW as I have Am Ex. Agent argued with me, saying I would be ill advised. I was adamant. Here's where I goofed - I assumed she followed my instructions and I signed the X's without reading. Back home (US) I had an extra bill for $145 CDW insurance. It's a scam run by Thrifty.

Vantaa, Finland
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12. Re: Dollar / Thrifty car rental is running a Scam

Same here... This time in Munich. My friends noticed extra dents when they got the car from Terstappen and did what they were instructed ("call this number if anything else is found in the car") My friends called Terstappen and reported there are some dents that are not in the documents and they replied "ok we will put these in the files". Later after the trip they had taken 1000 euros from our friends Visa account and said there were new damages.

Terstappen, Dollar/ Thrifty is a dirty scam.

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13. Re: Dollar / Thrifty car rental is running a Scam

I am renting from Budget in Frankfurt airport. Is anybody have similar issues with them?

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14. Re: Dollar / Thrifty car rental is running a Scam

I haven't heard of any,they are are division of Avis. Do make sure you check your car over and get any damage noted, one employee may say something is too small to list but another on return may note it and charge you. I believe the returns at the airport are outsourced.

Essex uk
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15. Re: Dollar / Thrifty car rental is running a Scam

These people are rude and very unhelpful and add on any extras they can! Avoid them like the plague!

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16. Re: Dollar / Thrifty car rental is running a Scam

DOLLAR / TERSTAPPEN MUNICH AIRPORT Yes - I got charged £550 for a slight scuff mark on the rear bumper. (If I had seen it I could have polisjhed out with a cloth!) I doubt that the bumper was replaced. All Dollar/Terstappen do is keep charging to replace every bit of "damage" but do not repair/replace. Nice earner.

DO NOT USE - They are used by WeekRent Autos and Holidays Autos - do not use these either! when you book through these you get a booking with Dollar/Terstappen. You have been warned! I now use public transport in Germany and Austria and much cheaper!

Edited: 10:10 am, October 23, 2012
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17. Re: Dollar / Thrifty car rental is running a Scam

No, it's definitely NOT just in Germany. The Thrifty agent in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is playing the same scam. You get your confirmed rate on the Internet, you phone the 800 number and speak to an agent to be sure the price you've got is the BOTTOM line......with no more add-ons when you arrive.....and WHAM!

You go to pay for your rental, and they've added the extra 105 dollars (for insurance and "fees") before you even get your driver's licence out of your wallet.

What's that for? I asked. For insurance, she says. I waive it because I'm paying with my VISA Aerogold....like I do at every other car rental company around the world...FOREVER!!

No, she says...we don't accept VISA.

Such bu*ls*it I have never seen before. NEVER will I rent from Thrifty(Dollar) again. Use EZ Car wherever you can...and if they're not available...stick to the tried and true: Avis, Hertz, National, Alamo.


Copenhagen, Denmark
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18. Re: Dollar / Thrifty car rental is running a Scam

Same scam by RentATerstappen is not just happening in Frankfurt...just happened to me in Munich as well. Rented via Dollar.com after checking prices on Orbitz, booked using my Platinum card; unfortunately, I did not read the fine print, but it seems like that doesn't matter, they make something up anyway (need MasterCard instead of Visa, letter isn't from card company but bank, or visa versa). Ended up buying the insurance but made the mistake of not choosing the 'no-deductible' insurance. Was charged 600 Euro to cover the deductible before renting (I know this may be a standard practice, but it seems fraudulent), and now 5 days after turning the car in (with NO damage other than what was already noted), I call to find out why the charge for the deductible has not been reversed. After some time to 'find' my contract, I was informed there was some damage--no details on what exactly. Total bull!

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19. Re: Dollar / Thrifty car rental is running a Scam

You are lucky to only get charged about a double of your rental, I found worse stories. I guess the main problem is that Thrifty really does not care about its reputation, they seem to have enough business as it is.

I had an 11am reservation with Thrifty at the Prague airport, which I confirmed the night before I was supposed to pick up the car. When we arrived in Prague, we confirmed with the representative that the car is waiting, telling him that we are coming from the terminal. When we came there (just before noon), the representative was serving two German couples, and made us wait for over half hour.

He then said that he is out of cars, yet this could not be true, since the German individuals rented a much larger car, so he could not have rented out the small one, which he said was there only a short time earlier.

He told us that we have to rent a car from his "buddy" at Rentplus, also at Prague airport. However, that person refused to recognize my reservation or my insurance and insisted that I get insurance from him and pay a different price for the car.

I told the Thrifty representative that I have a reservation with Thrifty, which was confirmed the night before and then the same day. He then wanted to put $2,500 (dollars) on my card (actually taking the money out from my Visa), because he would not recognize the insurance I bought online in conjunction with the car rental, an insurance I paid for when I booked the reservation. I have checked prior to my departure with Thrifty and the deposit was supposed to be $400, I have proof on email from Thrifty.

Note that at this time a car was "magically" available!!!!!! So, he lied earlier, when he said that he had no cars.

When I said that I will not withdraw $2500 from my Visa and that this is contrary to the agreement clearly stated on my Thrifty reservation print out, where it says that insurance is paid for, he decided that he will not rent me a car and that, all of a sudden, again, no cars are available.

When I noted that the car couldn't disappear, he said that it is now after the time until when he has to recognize the reservation and that my reservation has expired. I had him write a note that he is refusing to rent me a car, but he wrote down that I arrived at 1:15pm, which was the time when we finished disputing the case with him, not when I arrived (The reservation was for 11am, shortly after my flight landed, stating the flight number). I have a print out available from the time that he entered my information into the system, with 1pm time on it, which was after at least half hour waiting in line at Thrifty and then half hour filling out information and trying to figure out how a car can magically appear and disappear, all depending on his need for us to rent with a different, private, renter.

Thrifty would not do anything about it. Note that there is no emergency local number to call. I could not call the 1800 number form Prague, so I had people in Canada call Thrifty, but they only referred us to the number for the same counter at the Prague airport and would not help us further. THERE IS NO CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE WHAT SO EVER. I looked on the internet, I searched everything. You just cannot get any help. I dare anyone to try, pretend that you are stranded in Prague and see if you can find any number you can call from Prague to get help (except for the scheming, rude, disrespectful, condescending, abusive person at the counter).

This person, and the fact that Thrifty would not do anything about the situation, has greatly endangered me and my daughters. We were stranded at the airport, with no means of transportation, after a long overnight flight. All the other companies had no cars available. I had a very important meeting in Germany the next day. I had to arrange for another car, off the airport (after I got a local phone) at a great cost, and did not obtain the car until after 8pm, driving 7 hours to Germany, arriving at 5:30am. It was a dangerous, exhausting, drive in the middle of the night, which I was originally supposed to complete during the day. It has also greatly compromised my ability to function the next morning at a key meeting. The car I found was available for only three days and after this experience, I did not try to look for another rental. This has entirely ruined our trip, which has cost me over $2500 just in travel expenses, not including the emergency car rental.

This company should not be in business!!!!

I have rented a car before, but in Germany, then drove to Prague. If you desperately need to go to Prague, I would suggest flying into Germany and renting a car there.

After I shared my experience with others, I heard similar horror stories about the Prague Thrifty staff. On one occasion, the person was in a minor car accident (breaking a light and denting the corner of the car). Before the insurance company had any chance of examining the car, they had the car scrapped (or so they said), because, supposedly, it was totaled. The insurance had to pay out for the entire cost of the car.

When I was at the counter, one of the staff came and told the person at the counter, that he has a German tourist there, who is refusing to pay for some tiny dots on the car from stones on the road, stating that they were there already at the start of the rental, but the Thrifty staff refused to mark it on the sheet, and they are results of a normal car use. The Thrifty representative told him that he will "deal with him" with an attitude, which seemed to imply that he tourist had no chance.

What ever you do, DO NOT RENT FROM THRIFTY or the Rentplus company (http://www.rentplus.cz). If this information was helpful and you have a moment, please tell Thrifty what kind of reputation they are gaining at thrifty.com/CustomerCare/content/RentalExper…

As far as my experience goes, they don't seem to care at all. I have not received any response to my complaint.

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20. Re: Dollar / Thrifty car rental is running a Scam

Try enterprise they book 50 cars when they only have 20 cars at least you got a car man your mistake was not renting at thirfty but picking up at an airport .