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Europe Trip ( start in Paris) for a week.

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Europe Trip ( start in Paris) for a week.


I will be having some job training in Paris, therefor after the training finish am thinking of roaming around Paris and going out from there to other cities. It will be around mid June 2014.

The thing is, I will be traveling alone. Am a muslim woman mid 20s.. And this will be the first time I will be travel alone. I read Paris is quite safe place but how about traveling to other cities?

I have no solid plan yet, but what I have in mind for now is trying to go to London for few days and then to Edinburgh. Or maybe I could try visit Brussels or Amsterdam?

And as for budget, I intend it to be a low budget trip. Since am from south east asia, the money exchange rate are extremely high for me..lol..

So, any suggestion? I am really clueless in this part of the world. I want to try it, travel solo at least once in my life, and I think this is a good opportunity to going places since my flight to Paris are sponsored by my company.

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1. Re: Europe Trip ( start in Paris) for a week.

London and Amsterdam are also very safe. I haven't visited Brussels or Edinburgh yet, but would not be concerned about safety in either.

Everywhere you go, you just need to be aware of your surroundings and keep track of your belongings. It's easy and safe to take the Eurostar from Paris to London or Thalys from Paris to Amsterdam. You do need to be able to handle your own luggage though.

How much time would you have available after your training, and would you need to return to Paris for your flight home, or could you fly home from London, Edinburgh, Brussels or Amsterdam instead?

In London, you can get a bed in a shared single sex room in a hostel for about £25/night. I'd expect to pay more in the range of £100/night for an ensuite hotel room including breakfast. The hotel I normally stay in has single rooms with shared bath for £59. Sometimes you can also stay in University housing in London in the summer which may be cheaper than a hotel, but I've never done this. I did in Oxford and Cambridge, and it was quite satisfactory there and cheaper than a central hotel room would have been.

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2. Re: Europe Trip ( start in Paris) for a week.

I'd definitely recommend a London trip - it's very quick and easy from Paris and there's plenty of free things to do (majority of the museums are free), seeing the sights such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace are all viewed from the street, which will help if you're on a tight budget!

As btgm mentioned there's quite a few hostels which are cheap if you don't mind sharing rooms of course! I've stopped in a couple but by far the best was Palmer's Lodge: Swiss Cottage hostel - I'm not sure what their other one is like! The beds have curtains around them so feel really private, there are under the bed lockable draws for storage, the breakfast was very good and everyone was really friendly. It was only about £20-30 a night too. Oh, and very near a tube station. Here's a link to it:


As for safety, I've been to London, Brussels and Amsterdam and felt safe in all of them. Since you're there for the touristy stuff you shouldn't end up in any really rough areas! So it's the usual petty theft/pickpocketing you need to keep an eye out for if anything. Try and remember though that the majority of people are nice and will help you if you need it :) I'm sure you'll be completely fine and have a great time! <-- the rhyming wasn't intentional!

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3. Re: Europe Trip ( start in Paris) for a week.

If you have only a week, and plan to take a few days to see touristy Paris first, you have time for only one more city I would think. I don't think you have time to do Paris - London - Edinburgh justice in seven days.

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4. Re: Europe Trip ( start in Paris) for a week.

Same for me. Been to 4 cities mentioned, of course Brussels beat them all :-)

Honestly I'd go to London from Paris - Brussels is great but London beats it by far, and beats Amsterdam and Edinburgh.... And in such a short time, going to too many cities means you'll hardly scorch the surface and spend a lot of time travelling.

One of the gllas of travelling is to enjoy, but in mid 20, you may wish to visit lesss and see more - up to you actually :-)

In any case, enjoy, your choice of cities is nice.

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5. Re: Europe Trip ( start in Paris) for a week.

Hi, Nhnz.

If you could add a bit ,ore information, it would really help us give you specific suggestions and good advice.

First, will you have round trip air tickets--meaning that you must depart from Paris (so you must get back to Paris from wherever else you travel in order to get your flight home)? Or will you be able to fly home from a different city besides Paris (obviously that's more efficient and adds time that you can use visiting another city)?

Also, how many days total will you be in Paris for the training? (Perhaps you would like/need additional days in Paris as "just" a visitor who has no work obligations)?

How many days in addition to your training days will you be adding?

There are many safe travel options for you, but time will play a big factor in how many other destination you can reasonably plan.

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6. Re: Europe Trip ( start in Paris) for a week.

You could visit Brussels on a day trip. It's only 1-1/2 hours from Gare du Nord by train. Perhaps you'd also like to visit London and spend a few nights there. Eurostar train to London also departs from Gare du Nord.

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7. Re: Europe Trip ( start in Paris) for a week.

I would do Paris and London, but it is only 7 days... there is plenty to do in Paris in that time! Enjoy!

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8. Re: Europe Trip ( start in Paris) for a week.

On one vacation I did Edinburgh - London - Paris and had a fantastic time and highly recommend that itinerary. Also, I have been to Brussels too and liked these three cities more (Brussels was nice but the others had more to see).

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9. Re: Europe Trip ( start in Paris) for a week.


Thanks for all the replies!

Well, maybe am being to ambitious by wanting to go to much places in such short time...

Yes, I will get the round trip air tickets, means I do need to take flight from Paris to home and for the return flight, I can ask (nicely) my office to book it according to me.. Since I don't yet figured out exactly where I want to go & do, am just trying to plan it for a week.. Then let's see if I can (depen on the budget) or need to extend it.

I will in Paris for 3 weeks, but will be having classes from Monday to Saturday ( half day), 9 am to 6pm..

So in the wekend I can go roaming around Paris.. Not sure if two weekend can cover most of Paris though...

Now am thinking I should focus on visiting Paris & London! :)

Hoping they will send me to Paris again for another training then definately am going to visit Amsterdam that time.

And thank you so much for all your kind replies.

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10. Re: Europe Trip ( start in Paris) for a week.

Yes, I think with an extra week you should just stick to Paris and London. You will have your weekends where you can do some exploring, so that will be handy.. If you aren't too tired after your training, during the weeknights you could explore some other neighborhoods, trying out a different restaurant each night.

You might want to go to London straight after your 3 weeks training finishes, have maybe 4 days there and then head back to Paris for the last few nights. Just so you are close to the airport on the final day and aren't returning from London. You never know what holdups there might be.

If you are planning on doing this in June this year, then you should look at booking your train tickets (Eurostar - central Paris to central London) straight away. They will already be on sale for the dates you are after and some of the cheap tickets might have already gone.

Sounds like it will be fun for you! Definitely use your common sense when it comes to safety, but enjoy your trip :)

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