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Better City: Paris or London ?

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Better City: Paris or London ?


In May I am coming to Europe, and spending time in Paris. This will be my first every trip to France. The 2 cities I will be spending most of my time in will be Paris and London. Probably 2 of the greatest cities in the entire world.

I was trying to budget my time as to how much time to spend in each city. I have a funny question that will probably draw some detailed answers. My question is what do you people think is a better city between Paris and London? And why? I know this is a totally subjective question as well.

I have a feeling the answers might be a little biased as I am on the Paris forum.

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1. Re: Better City: Paris or London ?

Because I live in London, and would not wish to live anywhere else, I would chose to visit Paris.

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2. Re: Better City: Paris or London ?

We went to London and Paris last year for the first time. Spent 4 days in London and 5 in Paris. This year we are going back to Paris, I don't care if we go back to London any time soon or ever. I enjoyed it but I left like okay I can cross it off my list. The food was bland, it was so cold and grey, I just did not love it.

Paris however took my breath away. My husband thought he would not enjoy Paris as much as he did. It is now he 2nd favorite city we've visited. For me it's my first. It just had a certain vibe and the history was so interesting. I can't compare it.

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3. Re: Better City: Paris or London ?

Ufff this is very subjective. I spent a lot of time in both, and I think at this point I actually prefer London (though I know Paris a lot better)

Why London? I think the food is better (more innovative, varied, ethnically diverse). Te shopping. Te nightlife. The museums. Just more vibrant.

Both are great though. Paris has the advantage of being more compact so it's more impactfull as far as sight seeing.

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4. Re: Better City: Paris or London ?

I would recommend you to spend more time in Paris. As Janie0609, last year I spent 5 days in Paris and 4 days in London. I liked London, but PARIS !!! is beautiful ! it's magical ! I am planning to come back to Paris next year.

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5. Re: Better City: Paris or London ?

I would say that Paris is probably the most architecturally beautiful city I've been to. London, on the other hand, was the more fun city simply because I'm an English speaker and there was less culture clash there than any country I've been to except Canada. There are also alot of fun daytrips to take like Salisbury/Stonehenge, Winchester, Windsor, Hampton Court etc. which are extremely easy to do by rail.

I would give Paris a slight edge if you're into art. London's National Gallery is a must-see, and I also liked the National Portrait Gallery, but the Louvre/Orsay/Rodin trinity is probably trumped only by Florence and maybe Venice and possibly Rome as far as art goes, depending on your favorite style. Certainly for Impressionism.

I would give London a slight edge as far as history. In Paris there's Napoleon's tomb in the Invalides and the royal tombs at the Basilica in the suburb of Saint-Denis, but in London you have the Tower, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's Cathedral, Hampton Court in the suburbs and Windsor a short hop away.

Hope that helps a little.

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6. Re: Better City: Paris or London ?

Paris has better parks, well designed and beautiful, and a much better Metro system than London's Underground. It is architecturally more impressive and more walkable. It has less of a drunken "yob" culture but far more civil disobedience (pickpockets, jumping the turnstiles on the Metro, smoking in no smoking areas, running red lights on motorbikes) and it has a lot more graffiti and dog poo.

London has better food, better variety of food and more reasonably priced food on average. It's world class museums are almost all free of charge. But it's a city with more than it's fair share of ugly buildings, a lack of uniformity and that style the boulevards of Paris seem to create, and there seems to be a lot of miserable people around.

Both cities have almost the same weather, if it's grey in London, it could well be grey in Paris. Paris is usually a little colder in Winter than London and a tad warmer in Summer.

London has better beer, Paris has better wine. I prefer the Seine and it's bridges to the Thames, but the love locks are starting to turn some of them into chunks of scrap metal. If it continues then I'm going to say the Thames and it's bridges are going to look the better of the two.

Paris, France
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7. Re: Better City: Paris or London ?

I don't think that London and Paris are comparable. Either one can be "the best city in the world" depending on specific circumstances at any given time, as can Rome or NYC.

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8. Re: Better City: Paris or London ?

I think it all depends on what you like as well. I prefer Paris, because I enjoy the French history and can see how they try to preserve the past in Paris.

BUT, if I had a week to visit Paris, I would still head to London for a day trip because it's a great city. And who knows, next year if my interests change to UK history, my preference will most likely change to London, :)

New Hampshire
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9. Re: Better City: Paris or London ?

The best way to decide how to budget your time is to make a list of those places you hope to visit in each city and figure out how much time you'd need.

We made many trips to Paris before finally going to London and enjoyed London so much we returned twice for week long stays within a year. We had wonderful food in London.

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10. Re: Better City: Paris or London ?

I love each city for different reasons. For many years I was lucky enough to visit both for 5 to 7 days each. You said this is your first visit to France but didn't say if you've ever been to London before. If you have been to London before I'd give the edge to spending more time in Paris.

If you haven't been to London I would just look at what you want to see and do in each city and plan from there. They are both great cities. IMO Paris is more beautiful because of the architecture. But, London has a lot of beauty of it's own and it's nice to just pop into museums whenever you want because they're free. I've had a lot of good food in London!

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