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duck a l'orange and coq au vin

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duck a l'orange and coq au vin

The above mentioned dishes are probably(but not my only) favorite french dishes. I am not sure yet whether I will be staying in the 4th or 6th but I would love to know restaurants that are good for those 2 dishes in those areas.

Thank you

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1. Re: duck a l'orange and coq au vin

Can't personally recommend any restaurants but have you tried searching TA for Duck a l'Orange and Coq au Vin, then check the reviews there. Or just google "Paris Duck a l'Orange" and you'll find reviews menus etc, which you can then check on the map to see if they are within your preferred areas.

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2. Re: duck a l'orange and coq au vin

It's not in the 4th or the 6th, but A la Biche Aux Bois in the 12th has excellent coq au vin.

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3. Re: duck a l'orange and coq au vin

I could be wrong, but I think duck à l'orange is mostly an Americanized French recipe and not something you'd find very often on an actual French menu - something that got imported to America as something fancy and French, though not a staple of French cooking and really rather bland. I really don't think I've ever seen it on a French restaurant menu. Coq au vin, on the other hand, is a classic cuisine de grande-mère item and can't be beat if you find someone with an ages-old recipe. I had an excellent coq au vin once at La Fontaine de Pars in Paris (7ème) and I think at Thoumieux (also the 7ème), but the best ones are far from Paris down in the southwest.

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4. Re: duck a l'orange and coq au vin

You will find duck breast, known as magret de canard, served in almost every restaurant. Sometimes it is offset with an orange sauce, sometimes with sour cherries, griottes, (which I love) and myriad other touches to the sauce that alleviates the richness of the duck. The breast will always be served rosy pink and is delicious.

Both Larousse (1960) and Francoise Bertrand (1940) list whole braised duck a l'orange or bigrade as traditional French recipes.

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5. Re: duck a l'orange and coq au vin

But I am in complete agreement with StCirq -- I have never seen duck à l'orange on the menu of any French restaurant, either, and have never been served the dish in a private home. I've also never had it anywhere else that I thought it was worth seeking out, and I will drive out of my way for good duck dishes.

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6. Re: duck a l'orange and coq au vin

You can have your duck a l' orange at Tour l'Argent if you have a healthy budget.

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7. Re: duck a l'orange and coq au vin

Le Philosophe lists Duck a l'Orange on their Summer menu, but I've not eaten it here. It is available from time to time at l'Arpege and usually at Le Tour d'Argent, if your wealthy godfather is paying...

It's one of those haute cuisine dishes that has fallen out of favor - which is sad, because it's really good when done well. Unfortunately, if you get the very inexpensive version, it's just re-heated baked duck breast with a load of orange marmalade piled on top.

As for coq au vin - which can also be awful, in the inexpensive versions - I second the vote for A La Biche au Bois, near Gare de Lyon. If you like rabbit, you might enjoy civet de lievre or lievre a la royale - in season now, and La Biche does a knock-out job. This sauce puts the very notion of "gravy" to shame.

And before I get more hate mail about my uppity food choices, let me just say that there are some things in life worth paying for. If food is truly important to you, certain mythic dishes are definitely in that category - and you did not fly thousands of miles to Paris to eat disappointing "airplane food", especially when it's something you've always dreamed of eating. Spend the money and do it right. Eat a sandwich tomorrow to make up for it.

WWJD? (what would Julia do?)

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8. Re: duck a l'orange and coq au vin

WWJD? Usually something that a French person wouldn't....

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9. Re: duck a l'orange and coq au vin

Canard à l'orange is a traditional French dish that is old-fashioned and not commonly found in Parisian restaurants, excerpt perhaps at some very traditional ones. Here is a link to one such place:


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10. Re: duck a l'orange and coq au vin

Canard à l'orange is a Mediterranean dish which was imported from Tuscany by Catherine de Medicis when she married the French king in the 16th century. It was for a long time the signature dish at Restaurant Lasserre in Paris.