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Crime against tourists in Paris - is it REALLY BAD ?

Wentworth Falls, NSW
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Crime against tourists in Paris - is it REALLY BAD ?

My wife & I (Australians) wish to make a short stopover in Paris (3-4 days) on our European holiday next year.

Our l government travel advisory website (smartraveller.gov.au/zw-cgi/…France) warns that crime is rife in Paris i.e muggings and robberies on trains and near tourist attractions. It really does sound like New York of old (sorry to US readers) or present-day Nairobi.

It is really that bad? Can fellow travellers offer us some sage advice? (We are a middle-aged couple with long-haul luggage i.e. >23kgs each).

Victoria, Canada
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21. Re: Crime against tourists in Paris - is it REALLY BAD ?

No,, its worse,, the Seine runs with blood...

If you take 10 minutes and enter "solo woman visitor to Paris " in the search box here you will find hundreds of posts by women who visit Paris alone.. and if you are more afraid then they are.. then perhaps staying home would be best for you,, ,,but seriuosly,, relax.. its a very safe city,, just watch your wallet doesn't get picked.

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22. Re: Crime against tourists in Paris - is it REALLY BAD ?

Paris is fine if you follow normal safety precautions.

I am more concerned with the weight of your luggage. > than 23kg (I hope you mean < as 23kg is the upper limit) Try as much as you can to get the kgs down to under 20, preferably under 18 and if you are arriving in Paris by train from the airport recognise that you will be responsible for getting the luggage on and off the train and up and down any Metro stairs as well as up stairs in accommodation if there is no lift.

We travel 3 months with one 24" suitcase each and one carry on at less than 7kg. It can be done.

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23. Re: Crime against tourists in Paris - is it REALLY BAD ?

Bonjour, Il-uvatar,

You will more likely be subject to scams rather than to mugging. Enter "scams" in Search to read about possible scams, such as petitions and ring-dropping. The discussions include good "preventative" measures.

I agree with Lynn B about the weight of your suitcases. Maybe heavy suitcases would work if you plan to drive throughout your trip. However, heavy suitcase would be a burden if you're planning to travel by train.


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24. Re: Crime against tourists in Paris - is it REALLY BAD ?

For perspective, here is the British Foreign Office advice on travel to Australia.


Sounds scary to me:))

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25. Re: Crime against tourists in Paris - is it REALLY BAD ?


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26. Re: Crime against tourists in Paris - is it REALLY BAD ?

Honestly, We feel safer in Paris ( we are here right now) than in Melbourne. I'd much sooner take the Metro here than the train at home. Take precautions against pickpockets and scammers- you'll see the info about those at the top of the forum. Just ignore and move along and you'll be fine.

I love your description of 'long haul baggage'- I'm also one of those who doesn't travel light ( shopping lol) and I still manage just fine.

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27. Re: Crime against tourists in Paris - is it REALLY BAD ?

No - it is not that bad!

As in any metropolis you can get pick-pocket!

Violent crimes/muggings are rare.

25 trips to Paris and I was pick-pocketed once

and that was about 35 years a go and much my own fault

as I had my wallet in my outher jacket pocket.

…gouv.fr/Actualites/…Paris-en-toute-securite Also in English

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Montelimar, France
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28. Re: Crime against tourists in Paris - is it REALLY BAD ?

And what did your gvt do for our safety?


Seriously, after a moment of bewilderment , the french did not come to the conclusion that that is the norm in your country.It just can happen.

So ,just relax but don't be too lax.Once in Paris or anywhere else in europe, be aware of the presence of pickpockets and scammers as mentioned in the many posts here in TA and act accordingly.

You can still openly speak english and mention your nationality:-)

Being Australian might even be an asset according some trip reports here .

Have a nice trip.

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29. Re: Crime against tourists in Paris - is it REALLY BAD ?

Been to both Paris and Nairobi. Not really a comparison!! Two weeks of wandering around Paris, we only encountered nuisance scams, and never felt unsafe.

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30. Re: Crime against tourists in Paris - is it REALLY BAD ?

We were just in Paris in June-my 20 year old daughter's cell phone was stolen by one of the gypsies on the steps of a church. They approached her, kind of tugging at her and shoving a piece of paper in her face. She kept walking, trying to get away, but as we walked a few steps away from the church, she reached for her phone (which was in a shallow pocket of a jacket), it was gone. We were also hassled by these gypsies at the Sacre Coeur, but were ready for them-keep ALL cell phones, wallets, etc...totally out of sight, not in a back pocket. or backpack that you can't see behind you. Carry a zippered handbag, or cross body purse. We've been to Paris many times, and this is the first time this has ever happened. We've also traveled to many European countries and never had a problem. Just be smart! Enjoy Paris!