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5 1/2 Days in Paris - Thoughts?

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5 1/2 Days in Paris - Thoughts?

Hi all... I leave in exactly a month and am BEYOND excited to finally be posting this for thoughts from the forum folks.... please feel free to provide any insight or thoughts:

Sunday, April 14: Arrive CDG 11:35am (AirFrance); take RER to Luxembourg, walk to apartment near Pantheon; check in by 1:30pm or so; Freshen up and head out by 2:30pm.

-Take metro to Montmartre - have lunch and tour; anyone know of any good walking tours on Sundays in Montmartre?

-Then walk to the Arc de Triomphe/Champs Elysee and then check out the view from Trocadéro (WHERE/HOW do you get here? can’t figure this out on my map)

-relax in apt then do dinner; maybe in Latin Quarter

-River Seine Cruise with Vendettes Point Neuf after sundown (bought a groupon! Can use any day if we are too tired but would love do it night one)

Mon. April 15 - breakfast in Latin Quarter/explore the streets see the Mosquee de Paris.

12:30pm - Metro to Eiffel Tower, tickets to 2nd floor; try to buy tix to the 3rd if weather is nice

2-3pm: Lunch at cafe or picnic

3-6pm: Paris Photo Tour with Localers - sights visited: Palais Royal, Louvre (I realize it's closed I just want photos with the pyramids), Tuileries, Concorde, Champs Elysees, Petit Palais, Alexandre III Bridge, Invalides

6pm on: not too sure….food of course but any recommendations?

Tues. April 16 -

Musee D’Orsay for a 2-3 hours at most, then lunch

-Musee Rodin if weather allows

-Walk along St. Germain

-Notre Dame - climb steps if line isn’t insane, and St. Chapelle

-Luxembourg Gardens

-Galleries Lafayette

Wednesday April 17 - spend the day at Versailles -- gardens first, trianon, then interior of the palace (maybe do the guided tour offered from Versailles). head back to Paris! Go to Louvre if not totally beat as it stays opens late…. but not a big thing on my list. dinner & hang out

Thurs. April 18 -

-Louvre if we missed it the day before; Café Marly just for the view. I only want to see Venus de Milo, Mona Lisa, and the new Islamic Art wing.

-Musee l’Orangerie to see Monet’s room with the water lililes

see things we missed…..

-Go to Trocadero to see the Tour Eiffel at night again

Fri April 19- 4pm train out of the city to Brussels - not sure what we’d do earlier in the day maybe just do things we didn't get to in the week. Thoughts?! Maybe just shop, walk the streets, go to some gardens or do a walking tour for fun.

Thoughts on what day it makes most sense based on the above for me to fit in these things - Chanel Flagship (plan to buy only makeup for friends as gifts), Louis V Flagship (just for a picture outside, *maybe* get a bag if i think prices make sense).

Thanks again to everyone on this forum whose been helpful!

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1. Re: 5 1/2 Days in Paris - Thoughts?

It's great when I can read a trip plan and actually feel how excited you are!! However I think you are being a little over enthusiastic with how much you think you can put in a day. First, have you taken into account the dreaded jet lag? This could or could not play a big part in your planning depending on how much you suffer from it. Your first day sounds hectic enough if I was getting the train from London so getting a flight from half way around the world will put some strain on your plans.

Day 2, again a little too much. I'm glad to see you have included the mosque de paris as this is often overlooked but I think this should be your lunch stop as the food is fantastic and works to a more realistic time frame. Then head over to the Eiffel Tower but if you are going to the top then factor in a good few hours, if not the rest of the afternoon.

Day 3.,such a packed schedule but almost doable minus galleries Lafayette.

Day 4.. AND relax.. Seems a bit more chilled!

Unless you are immune to jet lag then you really must ton your itinerary down. The time difference between Paris and LA is huge so you are going to be a bit spaced out for at least the first 2 days.

As for the Louis Vuitton photo stop (or bag purchase) this is on the corner of Av George V and Champs Élysées so kinda fits in to day 1.. Jet lag permitting.

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2. Re: 5 1/2 Days in Paris - Thoughts?

@Biz thanks for your thoughts!!! :)

Do you think Day 1 I should do Montmartre OR Arc/Champs? I can do Vendettes any night - I realize the jet lag will be insane but was super overzealous in my planning. I can also just do the Trocadero and see the Eiffel tower from there and just have a nice relaxing walk, nap then dinner/boat cruise on Day 1.

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3. Re: 5 1/2 Days in Paris - Thoughts?

I enjoyed a walking tour of Montmartre with Discover Walks. They start too early for your arrival day, but you might want to adjust days or do a tour of another area.


"walk to the Arc de Triomphe/Champs Elysee and then check out the view from Trocadéro (WHERE/HOW do you get here? can’t figure this out on my map)"

From the Arc -- you can take metro line 6 from Charles-de-Gaulle-Étoile metro station to Trocadéro stop.

GL is a large department store, you may not be up to touring it by the end of a long, filled day...

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4. Re: 5 1/2 Days in Paris - Thoughts?

I agree the plan is ambitious. I like to arrive late morning as well since the crowds at immigration have dissipated. With any luck, you should get through quickly. I tend to start losing steam by 7 or 8pm and I have a shorter flight and less of a time difference so it is something you should keep in mind.

I think choosing between Champs or Montmartre is a good idea. If you decide on Champs, you can get your gifts out of the way as well. I would skip Trocadero until the following day. Take the metro there from Latin Quarter for the view and then walk to ET.

Maybe Le Marais for a stroll and dinner after the photo shoot?

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5. Re: 5 1/2 Days in Paris - Thoughts?

Whenever you go to Montmartre a nice restaurant for lunch is Chez Plummeau...



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6. Re: 5 1/2 Days in Paris - Thoughts?


Edited: 9:22 pm, March 14, 2013
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7. Re: 5 1/2 Days in Paris - Thoughts?

<above post is from my husband's account on accident (Ntrajcevski); I didn't realize I was logged into his account on accident then tried to delete and post from mine. WOOPS!

Eek ok looks like I need major tweaking, thanks TA folks I love the feedback! (and yes I totally tend to over-plan.

Inna - thank you! I've heard about Discover Walks; maybe I'll do that another morning; glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for info on Trocadero as well!

Rachel - good call. You're probably right, I bet we would both be super tired. I am leaning towards Champs so I can do a walking tour of Montmartre another morning. I completely forgot about the Marais! I'll put that in a tentative for Monday. Thanks!

Edited: 9:25 pm, March 14, 2013
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8. Re: 5 1/2 Days in Paris - Thoughts?

STraj - god bless you! I need to start planning a rough itinerary for our trip that takes place just after your's. But I've been putting it off - procratination is my middle name. The items on your list and mine are pretty darn close - including Brussels and our afternoon tour with localers for the photo shoot! I think our guide's name is Carin (sp?) Your itinerary is the perfect starting point for mine. Thank you!

Have a great trip and please do a trip report. I would be very interested in reading it.

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9. Re: 5 1/2 Days in Paris - Thoughts?

Pokke-- wow what a coincidence! Our guide is Carin too!!!!! I probably will be posting a report after so you can see photos she takes there. So excited. Have you checked out her blog? That's why I chose her a TA contributor mentioned her blog.

I still need to parse down my schedule so ill repost soon- keep an eye out!

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10. Re: 5 1/2 Days in Paris - Thoughts?

I agree you've got too much on your plate on arrival day. Montmartre is a ways away from central Paris. And Sunday is a better day to stroll the Marais, as things elsewhere in Paris may be closed, but the Marais, being the center of Jewish life in Paris, will have more things open. And don't forget to allow time for just sitting at a café or on a bench and watching Paris go by. Sounds like a great trip though!