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carrying a purse

Phoenix, Arizona
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carrying a purse

My well traveled daughter has been scolding me not to bother with a purse on our upcoming trip. She is afraid it may be stolen. I've seen it happen, in Nogales, but I carry my purse there no problem. I'd like some opinions. Sil vous plait.

By, the way, a chivalrous gentleman there did retrieve the lady's purse.

Viva Mexico!

San Francisco...
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1. Re: carrying a purse

I've never had an issue carrying a purse, although I have given my husband my passport to carry inside his sport jacket. The same general rules apply as in any large city: be mindful of carrying it so that it's secure, take one with a zipper so that the contents are obscured, etc. I try to keep it down to a smaller size so as to be easier to manage, but it ends up being the catch-all for the dictionary, the umbrellas, etc.

Phoenix, Arizona
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2. Re: carrying a purse

I know what you mean by the catch all. I will be carrying my husband's stuff as well. And where would I put my camera etc. It will probably be too warm in late May to be wearing a big jacket full of pockets all day. I guess I could bring my Nogales mondado bag and drag that around. My little sak bag over the shoulder and under my arm sounds a lot more handy and safe. I would of course keep valuables in a safe.

the big blue marble
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3. Re: carrying a purse

Millions of Parisiennes carry purses daily. The key is to be alert and keep it on your person. Body contact at all times. For the locals, this means dining with one's bag on one's lap.

Calgary, Canada
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4. Re: carrying a purse

Just don't look like a sitting duck announcing to thieves that your purse is happily waiting for their picking.

Don't leave accessible to anyone. Make sure the it snaps closed and all that kind of stuff.

Fact is you have to carry your stuff around. You're not going to run back to your hotel every time you need something.

Thieves are looking for gullible people.

Pacific NW
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5. Re: carrying a purse

You will be fine with a handbag. Just keep a close eye on it. The main thing you have to watch out for is not to overfill it. I keep mine a light as possible since walking around Paris all day with a heavy bag hanging off your shoulder is murder on the back. If you can, wear a bag that drapes across your body. (Or do like I did and splurge on a NEW one when you're there! ;) )

Victoria, Canada
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6. Re: carrying a purse

I always carry a purse, I just never carry anything in it that is irreplacable. Small amount of money( under 50 or 60 euros). lipstick,map, umbrella etc, ok.

Charge card, passport and extra cash in my money belt. Very simple really, when I want larger sum of cash I go to a washroom and retrieve it( privately).

If my purse gets grabbed it is no big deal.

Years( about 20) ago I almost had my purse " picked"( in Paris) , I was walking with some friends, when I noticed a man ( not part of our group) walking too close to me, I looked down and my purse( which HAD been closed,zipped) was now OPEN, I looked at him and screamed, and for a second he looked mad enough to hit me and grab purse, but luckily some friends who were walking about 10 feet behind us ran up and the guy took off running!

I am now aware of people body positions , if someone seems to close, they probaly are!

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7. Re: carrying a purse

I've found the Louis Vuitton Poppincourt Long to be the ideal bag for city breaks. it's roomy enough to take a camera, small guide book and wallet, and also can be worn across the body so it's secure. All whilst looking very stylish!

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8. Re: carrying a purse


A neck wallet works for me...especially when my hands are free AND I never have to remember where I set my purse.

Perhaps I look a little silly pulling that thing out of my shirt, but I feel very secure that my passport, cash,credit card and ATM card are very safe....one less thing to worry about while I enjoy Paris. Happy travels!

ton amie

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9. Re: carrying a purse

Carry a zippered purse, not a huge one, just big enough for your essentials.

Carry it under your armpit and hold onto the strap while in the subway, bus, etc.


Denmark, Europe
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10. Re: carrying a purse

Here's a little from the insurance business (my game - we are professionally distrustful, and it fact it prevents the lind of loss and theft that you can venetually only blame yourself for):

- before you leave home take photos of your home, especially of valuables, that can be hard to describe if gone.

- take photocopies of all documents, especially passport, driver's license, planetickets, identitycards aso. Bring them along, packed in your luggage, so that if the originals get lost or stolen, it's much easier to deal with police, consulate etc.

- NEVER leave cash or jewellery in your hotel-room, not even locked down in your suitcase

- agree to the shoulder-bags that can be worn across the body, to that you can hold on to the bag with one hand without actually having to carry it

- see to it, that the bag has rooms inside with zippers, and a "main" zipper to keep the bag closed at all times

- never carry larger notes (100 euro-notes and above) in your purse. Pay large bills or shopping with credit card instead of flashing a lot of cash

- I agree to the moneybelt-thing, AND that picking up notes should be done privately in the ladies's room (well, not if you are a gentleman !). I use carry the larger notes in a small cotton-neck-purse pinned to the inside of my pants/shorts/skirt with 2 safetypins. I may be old, but I trust that I shall still be able to recognize the feel of somebody sticking his hands down the front of my pants...