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Comfty Walking Shoes to Wear in Europe for females

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Comfty Walking Shoes to Wear in Europe for females

Want to know what brands of shoes to wear for walking in Europe. I brought one pair of Naturalizer shoes that i thought would be fine for me but i ended up having blisters, pain, and trauma to my feet after a couple of days. Then in London i bought a pair of clog type of shoes which ended up to be worst (no support and you strain alot of the side muscles holding you shoe up). I have wide feet. For a couple of days, I had to wear my husband's tennis shoes but due to my feet being wide the front part of my feet was scrunched up. Finally, I bought a pair of "El Naturalista" shoes in Amsterdam. Has anyone heard of this brand? I was told it's made in Spain. But the shoes in Europe seem to not have any labeling on it as it where it's made. It was ok. It had a thick chunky heel. It wasn't the greatest, but it worked for me for the rest of my trip. I will certainly need to buy some decent walking shoes and break into them before going on a trip. RE: the Dansko shoes that work for you ladies, are you buying the one where you could put your entire foot in or the clog kind that has no back? The backless one doesn't do well for me.

I have a pair of Unstructured Clarks that i bought. They are superlight but they don't give support so i wonder how that'd do when i'll have to walk alot. I walk uphill in them at home and they fatigue my side feet muscles.

Thanks....looking fwd to buying a few pairs of serious walking shoes.

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1. Re: Comfty Walking Shoes to Wear in Europe for females

I'm bringing a pair of flip flops (as backup) and a pair of Ugg Alvina sandals for my trip in two weeks. I also have wide feet and have done well with wedge style flip flops the last two summer we were in NYC and did tons of walking. If you find shoes you like that lack support, I would recommend getting a pair of Green Superfeet as they make most shoes much more comfortable to walk in.

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2. Re: Comfty Walking Shoes to Wear in Europe for females

Noat, Clarks, Dansko, are my favorites so far. Take a look at the Zappos wev-site or visit the Walking Co store in the mall.

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3. Re: Comfty Walking Shoes to Wear in Europe for females

Although, the brands mentioned above are probably good advice, I don't believe there is any one good pair of walking shoes. Plan to have more than one pair. Even a good pair of shoes will probably not be too comfortable after several consecutive days. Especially for all the siteseeing you will probably do.

Someone already mentioned flip flops. If you have comfortable ones, I'd carry them with you while siteseeing and be ready to switch shoes and give your feet a break. I don't do well with flip flops but I do carry Aerosole brand sandals with me. They can actually serve as a dressier shoe if needed. But I've been able to walk up to 6 miles in them. I didn't plan on walking that distance but they were so comfortable after being in running shoes all day, I was able to go all night in them.

I wear Saucony Grid Cohesion running shoes but just for walking for many hours throughout the day. They do great, but I still have to give my feet a break.

Another comfy shoe are boat shoes - such as Sperry Topsiders. They come in flip flops, mules, loafers and many other shoe types. They might be a good pair of shoes to keep as a back up to give your feet a rest from your main walking shoe. I use them like other people use flip flops. I wouldn't walk a lot of miles on them but you could use them for walking around a museum or something like that.

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4. Re: Comfty Walking Shoes to Wear in Europe for females

Mephisto make pretty good walking shoes but expensive. I have a pair of Ecco and a pair of Munro flats, and both are pretty good. Because I have wide feet and some other issues, any "good" shoe is only good for so long, so I suggest you bring several, well-worn pairs as back ups.

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5. Re: Comfty Walking Shoes to Wear in Europe for females

I love my Skechers. They're stylish and very comfortable. I have a pair of bikers that have made it through two trips to Europe and will be making a third this year. They also have lasted longer than any of the more expensive shoes that I've bought.

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6. Re: Comfty Walking Shoes to Wear in Europe for females

Aloha from Kaua'i!

I'm sure everyone is different and so I can only offer a recommendation based on my own experience.

I'm not used to wearing shoes (I wear slippers, which are commonly called flip flops most places) almost all of the time - so when we went to Paris last year it was a big decision for me as to what would be comfortable for me to walk in for my 2 week stay.

I purchased these Noat shoes:


I hardly broke them in at all before my trip (wore once or twice briefly) and despite that, I walked all over Paris and they were the ONLY shoe I took as well on my trip - I never had one blister or rubbed spot on my feet the whole time - they were really great for me!

I'm going back again this September for 2 weeks and you can believe me that I'm taking them with me again - they certainly worked for me - that is all that I can attest to!

Malama Pono,


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7. Re: Comfty Walking Shoes to Wear in Europe for females

take walking shoes that you have walked a couple of miles straight in and found comfortable -- for me it is merrell mesh top clogs -- it is like walking barefoot on thick hard rubber -- merrell makes well engineered shoes for comfort and cushioning

But it is all about what works well for you. there are many -- the key is cushioning for the hard surfaces and of course not rubbing and blistering.

even with good shoes, it doesn't hurt to take moleskin, blister bandaids (the similar ones they sell in Paris are not the same as the ones in the US and are not quite as good -- they work to take the pain of blisters or to prevent blisters when you notice an area becoming raw -- the Paris ones prevent by protecting skin but don't have the same value once you have a blister) etc

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8. Re: Comfty Walking Shoes to Wear in Europe for females

I'm glad you didn't ask about "attractive" walking shoes, because there may not be any. I swear by Keens (go to their website for the largest selection), but they are a bit "fugly". They have fantastic arch support, however. I saw a pair of Noat the other day that looked nice and I have a pair of Timberland sandals that look relatively normal. I don't know that I'd walk more than a couple of miles at a stretch in them.

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9. Re: Comfty Walking Shoes to Wear in Europe for females

Try Easy Spirit's Level 3 walking/running shoes. They come in wides (and even double wides), and some of them have really heavy-duty cushioning. They even come in black and tan, so they are blend in better in Europe than white or neon-colored running shoes.

Since my feet are very wide, my options are limited, but I insist on really comfortable, well-cushioned shoes when traveling to Europe, and these really do the trick.

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10. Re: Comfty Walking Shoes to Wear in Europe for females

It took me years and many trips to find the most comfortable possible shoes for travel.

Many shoes, fine for an hour or two, just do not go the distance when you're walking from morning to night on hard surfaces.

My feet do not care for any support at all, so what's worked for me would probably not work for you. I have several pairs of virtually brand new Mephistos that felt like a dream in the store, but I couldn't stand after an hour.

When the weather is favorable, I do prefer backless shoes or sandals because there is nearly no swelling, which creates a lot of discomfort (for me, anyway). Some backless slides/clogs, etc., stay on perfectly - which is essential for things like walking up/down stairs, riding public transportation, etc. If I wear closed shoes all day, day after day, no dressy shoes are even a possibility.

The online shoe stores are terrific for reviews, many quite lengthy and detailed. At the very least, checking reviews avoids mistakes. Most have free shipping in both directions, so you can order more than one size and try them at your leisure.

When you think you've found shoes that will go the distance, it's critical to try them out as much as possible at home - preferably in an enormous mall or museum with hard floors, or wear them on a weekend trip. If they work on a longer trip for you, be SURE to buy another pair. I started doing this when my favorites were discontinued.

I haven't tried a pair of these yet, but they look very, very, promising