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Presently, the Best Taxi Service

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Presently, the Best Taxi Service

When googling and searching these forums, I see a variety of taxi services recommended. However, most of the discussions are several years old.

Because the market can change a lot, especially now with tech companies involved, I’d like to ask what is presently the best—price and reliability (cannot afford to be late for flight)—taxi service?

It seems G7 and Taxis Bleus Are pretty mainstream and well known. Online reviews for both, however, are very poor. I’m leaning toward both (choosing one, then another as a backup) because of their seeming visibility, in spite of the reviews, with Taxis Bleus being the top choice as it’s the cheapest at 50€. There is also Super Shuttle, which is even cheaper, but they have poor reviews as well and because they pick up several customers per ride, that could cause delays. Lastly, there’s Uber, but I prefer not to support such a wildly unethical company.

Thank you.

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1. Re: Presently, the Best Taxi Service

>> with Taxis Bleus being the top choice as it’s the cheapest at 50€. <<

50€ is the cheapest for what?

Are you talking about riding from an airport into Paris? If so, did you mean CDG?

If that is what you are asking about, this topic covered weekly, if not on a daily basis on this forum, definitely not years ago. All official taxis at the airport are a flat rate depending on the airport and to which side of the river you are traveling to in Paris.

None are cheaper and nothing to decide or think about; it's Hobson's choice at the airport, you walk out, get in the official taxi queue, and you get a taxi when it is your turn.

Shuttles are unreliable, take longer, and rarely cost less.

Uber can be problematic from the airport, are virtually the same price, and also could take longer.

(Costs are fix returning to the airport as well, however they may be extra fee for scheduling)

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2. Re: Presently, the Best Taxi Service

Firstly, when making a forum search, change the sort oder from ¨relevance¨ to ¨date¨ if you want the most recent results first.

Secondly, Taxis Bleus was purchased by Taxi G7 several years ago. There is effectively only one taxi dispatcher and that is Taxi G7. There are several very small competitors such as Alpha Taxi but sum of the others represent a very small percentage of the total taxi market.

Taxi G7 owns very few of the taxis on the road. Most are operated by owner/drivers who use Taxi G7 for dispatch purposes only. All Taxi Parisien operations, regardless of company name, are overseen and regulated by the Paris Police department. All taxis have the same rules and fare schedules.

The shuttle companies, what few remain, are known for poor service and high costs. Once the fixed taxi fares became effective between the airports and Paris, shuttles became irrelevant except possibly for airport destination outside of those in Paris.

That leaves the group know as the VTCs of which Uber is a part. I agree with your observations about Uber´s operating practices and so do many others which is why their competitors have expanded rapidly. Currently, Taxify or Chaffeur Privé offer what many believe is superior service to Uber. These companies may not pickup fares on the street, may not use bus lanes, and may not park close in at the airport terminals.

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3. Re: Presently, the Best Taxi Service

I have been taking a lot of taxis in the last couple of years, and I have always found G7 to be thoroughly honest and speedy. Also, it is usually easy to flag a taxi on the street, or you can go to a taxi stand. I am not high-tech savvy, but I have G7 on my Smartphone. I call them when I need a taxi. It arrives usually within 5 minutes. Of course, there is a small fee for that.

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4. Re: Presently, the Best Taxi Service

It's just a taxi, I don't even pay that much attention to the company. I also suspect you don't know even understand pricing if you talk about how one taxi is cheaper than another, because taxi rates are fixed by the city, all taxis have to have the same rates.

Super Shuttle isn't a taxi, it's a group van service, same as some others. I have had bad luck with one of those (Blu Van). I've heard some cmpliments for Intur Shuttle, but I don't know iof it's any cheaper than a taxi.

I'm with you on Uber, but you don't seem to understand the airport rate is fixed, that must be what you are referring to.

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5. Re: Presently, the Best Taxi Service

You want to get to the airport on time, leave early. There are no guarantees in life - taxis miss bookings the world over, collisions and delays can occur. Have a plan B - ask about traffic conditions at your hotel and know how to get to RER B if necessary. Getting to the airport on time is the passenger's responsibility.

As with Post #3, I have hailed taxis in the street and gone to a rank. And I always give myself an extra hour to cover unexpected surprises. There's much more at stake for international travel than the daily commute.

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6. Re: Presently, the Best Taxi Service

#1: “50€ is the cheapest for what?

Are you talking about riding from an airport into Paris? If so, did you mean CDG?”

Somehow I forget to mention my route. My route will be from the right bank to CDG.

I will go with Taxi Bleus/G7. Do they both accept credit card? When I arrived in Paris, my taxi driver from CDG to Paris asked for cash, though I don’t recall if he stated that as a preference or requirement. While doing research, I read a 2015 article stating that taxis are required to accept credit cards now.

Is this a comprehensive listing of taxi stands? At a taxi stand, how long does it usually take to get a ride?

Thank you everyone.

Brisbane, Australia
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7. Re: Presently, the Best Taxi Service

How long does it take to get a taxi at a taxi stand? How long does it take to catch a fish? There are no schedules at a taxi stand - you walks up and you takes your chances ;-)

The same the whole world over, I guess - in busy times it takes a while; when it is quiet it might be quicker...or they all might have gone for something to eat.

You want a taxi at a particular time - ring up and make a booking....and pay the 7€ (?) fee that goes with that.

I must admit that I snuck up on a cab at a rank, from behind, because I was dragging my bags and suspected - without any justification - that if I was seen approaching the sole cab at the rank, the driver might not want to be landed at an airport at the end of a taxi queue and might drive off to avoid such a fare. It worked - I got the cab - but I'll never know whether he was happy with 50€ or was muttering to himself all the way!

It's a tough gig - I wouldn't want to do it. I'm glad someone does.

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8. Re: Presently, the Best Taxi Service

#7: “You want a taxi at a particular time - ring up and make a booking....and pay the 7€ (?) fee that goes with that.”

Yea, seems like there’s a booking fee for all of the companies. Thank you again.

Paris, France
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9. Re: Presently, the Best Taxi Service

It's a common and annoying thing for a taxi driver to insist on cash when handed a credit card. I always ask if they do accept credit cards before getting in, and even then they will often try to make out their card reading machine isn't working. (Amazingly, the machine always works when I go to get out and wish them more luck getting paid with their next customer).

If you're staying near a taxi rank, then it's worth going down a bit early to see if there is a taxi available. The biggest reason for there being no taxis is the weather. If it suddenly rains then good luck trying to get a taxi, so I wouldn't even try if it's raining hard. Evening rush hour is also a busy time for taxis.

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