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What's the best way to get Manchester Utd. tickets?

St. Louis, MO, USA
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What's the best way to get Manchester Utd. tickets?

My fiancee and I hail from the states and will be in England Mid-October. We would like to attend a Manchester United game while in the country. Tickets have not gone on sale at the Man U site but we've seen pricings online at ticket outlets for 135GBP per ticket. The general sale prices on the Man U site are like 48 GBP. The website describes and "application" process to get tickets. How can we get tickets at a decent price if we're not in the country? Help!

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1. Re: What's the best way to get Manchester Utd. tickets?

Its unlikely you can - why should you get preference over the (literally) tens of thousands of local supporters that cant get them? And if there was a way of doing it, I think everyone would be*!

Either pay the £135, or take a chance and pay a tout (aka scalper) on the day where it will probably be 1/2 that and it probably wont be a forgery ..but it might be.

You can join as a 'member' for £25 (IIRC)which gives you a chance to get a ticket though a lottery process but for a specific date you are probably best advised to spend the £25/person on a ticket as above.

* Having said that, Arsenal have a US supporters club that seems to be able to get tickets at low prices, you could see if there is an equivalent one for Man U.

St. Louis, MO, USA
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2. Re: What's the best way to get Manchester Utd. tickets?

Thanks Joe. I didn't want any kind of preference over local supporters. I was just confused with the process and range of prices that I've seen advertised. Thanks for explaining that its a lottery process. This does help me make an expidited decision. We'll probably go for the 135GBP tickets to be sure we secure them. Thanks again for your help.

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3. Re: What's the best way to get Manchester Utd. tickets?

Are the £135 tickets through Man U?

If not, check the price of their hospitality tickets because I have a feeling that for a little bit more you'll get a full package, (meal, bar, etc) whereas at a guess, for £135 through an agency all you buying is a £45 ticket for £135 ..guaranteed of course but nothing extra. Worth checking anyway.

Finally, I would advise waiting a couple of weeks, the fixtures have only just been published and they then get shifted around a bit for TV over the next few weeks, so you could, for example, buy tickets for a Saturday at 3pm and find the match is on Sunday at 4pm. Thats OK if you are in the area for a while but if making plans for a trip around the UK or have a flight to get back, could be a big problem, a previous poster here had this happen and last I heard couldnt even get a refund!

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4. Re: What's the best way to get Manchester Utd. tickets?

Be careful about buying your tickets online.

Many years ago I did just that, bought and paid for tickets all over the internet.

It worked ok(if you forget the time I spent at bed and breakfast lobby in Altricham(sp) waiting for the "carrier" to arrive with he tickets,since they would not sent them to me state side and he was 2 hours late).

A few months later when I tried to contact them again for something similar,the web site was down and all emails went unanswered.

As far as the US Man U club is concerned,membership does not guarranty tickets.

They do run a few group tours every season,but they are sold us a package.

They can be bought with or without airfare,so that might be of interest to you.

You will have to change your hotel reservations since this I believe, unlike the airfare, is part of the package you can not drop.

There is a tour in October,( hotel stay is for 3 nights, Fri- Sun)for the home game with Middlesbrough Oct 27.

This package also includes transfers the next day ( Sun Oct 28)to Liverpool, along with tickets for the Liverpool - Arsenal game.

Now that would be awesome!!!!!


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5. Re: What's the best way to get Manchester Utd. tickets?

What Joe says is good advice. You might find a hospitality package offers better value and I wouldn't chance buying a ticket from a tout. It's illegal and there's a chance you'll buy a forgery.

Where are you staying in England? I know 200 miles is no distance in the States but in the UK it's a major slog and it could take 4 hours by car or 2 hours plus by train from London.

Also, what dates are you coming? It might give us an idea of whether the game will be switched from Saturday to Sunday. Man Utd will also be involved in European games around October so there could be a better then even chance of picking up tickets for a Champions League game so hold off buying them tickets for £135 for now!

Dallas, Texas
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6. Re: What's the best way to get Manchester Utd. tickets?

Silly me!! the info I posted is incorrect, I read the web site wrong.

Joe is right, you want to wait a little more before you make a decision.

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7. Re: What's the best way to get Manchester Utd. tickets?

Hi, dicanio10 mentioned The Champions League matches in October, we don't know who or where United will be playing but, we do have some dates which might help you.

28th. August, the draw for group stages will take place.

30th. September / 1st. October, group stage match day 2, matches be will be played.

21st. October / 22nd. October, group stage match day 3, matches will be played.

We will know in August if United are playing at home or away on the 21st. or 22nd. of October.

dicanio10 is right, it is a lot easier to get tickets for Europian matches than Premier League games.

I hope that this information will help in your planning.

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8. Re: What's the best way to get Manchester Utd. tickets?

All very good advice here - I'd take every element on board.

My own opinion is that the only sensible option - and it is not cheap - is to bite the bullet and pay a tout.

Match tickets for United are normally around £25 to £30 quid for the cheap seats, and you may pay double this on the night for a standard game.

To be honest the price all depends on the nature of the fixture, the opposition and your nerve.

If we were playing Liverpool or AC Milan you'd be lucky to get a ticket at all for five or ten times face value.

But, if we were playing Panithaniakos say, or Boro, then IF you are prepared to hold your nerve till kick-off you'll find tickets going for little more than face value.

So I say keep an eye of the fixtures, and count on turning up on the day and playing it by ear.

I'd rather pay £100 for a bog standard ticket on the night and know what I was getting (touts actually seldom sell forgeries) then pay £200 ahead of time for some souped up "hospitality" package which - if it's legit - will involve you being coralled with a bunch of idiots and forced to eat appalling stadia food.

Oh, if you DO need to eat ahead of time there is a great little Carribbean food van on the main road which does goat curries and the like. Much better than buying an awful hot dog in the stadium (and they don't even have mustard sachets!).

My other tip - get out to the ground via the tram (Eccles or Altrincham lines, follow the crowds to know which stops) and then get back by jumping on one of the buses that queue at the top of Matt Busby way - surprisingly quick.

You can always walk and eat or get a drink in Castlefield on the way back into the city centre but don't get scalped by the taxi drivers who will charge £20+ for £5 fare back to Piccadilly.



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9. Re: What's the best way to get Manchester Utd. tickets?

Some remarkably good advice here, not much more to add other than with regard to Champions League games.

The games in Oct will be group games, seeding makes it less likely United will play a big team and add that to the fact that it’s a mid-week night game and the demand for tickets can drop. If so you should be able to pay the £25 membership fee and then buy legit tickets from United. Once in a blue moon (oops bad phrase), the demand drops to the stage where they go on open sale – but only for Euro group games.


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10. Re: What's the best way to get Manchester Utd. tickets?

You can join "One United", and you will have access to request a ticket in advance. However, you will need one membership per ticket. They often receive more requests then tickets, so they have a lottery.

There is also the ticket exchange. Season ticket holders can post tickets on the ticket exchange. You will actually pickup your ticket at the stadium ticket office, so there is no risk with this option. You must be a "One United" member to use the ticket exchange.

I've used both options, and they both work well. For a standard match, you should be able to get a ticket one way or the other. For the big games (Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, & Chelsea), it will be much harder to get a ticket.