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Worst Car Rental Company Ever - Sixt Dublin

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Worst Car Rental Company Ever - Sixt Dublin

Sadly I was unable to find anywhere to review Sixt Dublin Airport to save other travelers the hassle and disaster I went through...As popular and great of a trip as roadtripping around the country is- I'm hoping this review can save other people from my nightmare- yes, its THAT BAD.

No matter how much money you might be saving on the initial rental cost, save yourself the time and heartache in the long run. Absolutely worst experience with ANY COMPANY I've ever had in my life.

Was rented out a previously damaged vehicle and I am still paying out the @$$ for their problems. Damage was noted on initial checkout so we carelessly thought the company would keep with their word- and happily went along with our vacation.

Had our vehicle break down in the middle of our trip, and was stranded because even though Sixt Dublin is 24 hours- their phone line isn't. Voicemail for days. Too long of a story to even begin to put into this review.. just know that they have the nerve to scam a $200 car rental into a $900, and could care less about their customers. Photos, Invoices, Paperwork, even Mechanics Statements and the company could care less. Biggest Scam out there- tons of horrible reviews on the internet if you search.


I've been arguing with the company for months now, and I still cant get a single person to help me.

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11. Re: Worst Car Rental Company Ever - Sixt Dublin

Wouldn't be the first time I've changed a wheel with an angle grinder or changed a hub because the threads has been crossed or stripped. Twice in the last 2 years (out of 40+yrs driving) I've had to have alloys on a straightening jig.

https:/…photo0057.jpg sort of thing a pothole can do to an inner rim leaving the outer rim looking fine. Knock that straight enough with a lump hammer to re fit a tyre and its only one nudge away from splitting. Used to be the nearest place with an alloys jig was 40 miles away, now nearly every mid sized town around here has a garage with one.

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12. Re: Worst Car Rental Company Ever - Sixt Dublin

interesting.....a rental car cost as much as an airline ticket, and doggone if I'm going to drive out of an agency's lot with some ten times bent rims.....the driving on it must have been noticeable and difficult?......

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13. Re: Worst Car Rental Company Ever - Sixt Dublin

Thank you so much for your post. We are coming to Ireland for 15 days and were considering sixt for our car (mainly for the price). I guess the old adage is correct..... You get what you pay for! I will keep my reservation with hertz, who I know I can trust.

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14. Re: Worst Car Rental Company Ever - Sixt Dublin

well then, you better not look up the hertz comments!

there will always be someone who has a problem with whatever rental company. and i must say, that sixt would be one of my own main choices

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15. Re: Worst Car Rental Company Ever - Sixt Dublin

Booked the car by internet: total cost 280€ for 6 days.

1st problem

When we arrived at Dublin airport the guy at the desk told us they could not accept electron credit cards: false. We showed him sixt general terms and conditions and they said they accepted electron. Magically the guy told us he was mistaken.

2nd problem

He started telling us we needed some insurance adds, if we did not we couldn’t hire the car. Total add cost 240€!!

3rd problem

After a few days we figured out that they made us pay an extra in order to cover CDW Excess… but we already paid it when we book the car by internet!! Once back we asked for refund but they told us we had to check before paying!!!

At the end we paid 520€!!

First and last time we hire a car with Sixt. Not really honest and personal at the desk absolutely not adequate.


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16. Re: Worst Car Rental Company Ever - Sixt Dublin

did you say that you were happy with the excess? was there enough on your cc to allow a hold for the excess. if no to either of these, then sixt were right to charge you the extra insurance

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17. Re: Worst Car Rental Company Ever - Sixt Dublin

What on earth does a "hold on the excess" mean? How could an ordinary person be expected to understand such jargon?

And are you genuinely suggesting the company was right because the customer didn't immediately dispute the non pre-agreed charges?

Tourism businesses have got to move away from the "rip off" mentality. Luckily, sites like Tripadvisor are making it difficult for them to get away with it as they used to.

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18. Re: Worst Car Rental Company Ever - Sixt Dublin

when you hire a car anywhere, collision damage waiver (cdw) is usually included. however, the insurance companies want to avoid the multiplicity of small claims for damage, so they dictate that there is a excess (around 2000€ in ireland). that means that the renter has to bear the first 2000€ of damage loss. to cover themselves fully, the rental company will put a hold on your credit card for this amount. if you cause some damage, they will debit the cost up to the max of the amount of excess. the insurer will carry the balance over 2000€. when renting, you can either accept the excess and have a hold on your cc (provided there is adequate credit available), or you can buy additional insurance (scdw) that will reduce the excess to nil.

a renter is provided with an invoice BEFORE they get the car, and they have to sign this agreeing that they have accepted the cost, and also read and agreed the terms and conditions.

that is a contract, and if the renter does not agree with it, that is their perogative, but they wont get the car.

a renter cannot come on later claiming that they object to a charge, when they have already signed for it!

it is not a rip-off, but just the laws of contract

ps. this is pretty standard throughout the rentalcar business and throughout the world.

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19. Re: Worst Car Rental Company Ever - Sixt Dublin

Oh my! I am so sorry to hear your story about SIxt, I hope it doesn't put you off touring Ireland again, it really saddens me when I hear these stories, and I say with hand on heart, that I hope it all works out for you in the end, and maybe the advice the others give you here can bring an end solution to your problem :)

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20. Re: Worst Car Rental Company Ever - Sixt Dublin

Sorry there, "nakagoli", but it sounds like you must work for a rental car company. That said, just want to add my two cents here....

For the non-Irish, renting a car in Ireland is a basic horror show, starting off with the fact that our credit card coverage does not apply in Ireland. Buying extra insurance in America is a big con/rip-off, so actually having to purchase insurance shocks the crap out of the first time renter. Never mind the fact that the insurance costs as much as the car rental; so you're essentially paying twice what you had planned for. And that sticker shock isn't obvious at the rental counter as you sign off on the daily rate, not the complete total for the rental.

IMHO, the rental companies should be far more up front about this. Just trying to find out what the real cost of the rental is BEFORE making a reservation is a gigantic pain in the @rse.

But, gotta say.... I realize why the insurance cost for foreigners is so high... the claims are probably astronomical between the unfamiliarity of driving on the left and the condition of most L & R roads. I gladly pay for SCDW... it took me five trips to finally return a rental car without damage.

Best of luck to you, Techiekat, in sorting this problem out.