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Please some one who has been there tell me about the Balanark district of Glasgow. Iam confused by conflicting reports.

Thank you


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1. Re: Barlanark

Re: Barlanark.

It's horrible, depressing and not somewhere I would ever want to go again! And I live in Glasgow. Its rough and poor and not a nice atmosphere. Here are some things I found doing yahoo searches. Sorry I couldnt find anything positive.

Real life for Glasgow���������s EastEnders

Last week, the Index of Multiple Deprivation 2004 found that 17 of the 20 poorest areas in Scotland are in Glasgow, with Barlanark, in the east end, topping the poll. Here, Barlanark resident Lisa Young talks to the neighbours, to find out how they feel about living in Scotland���������s most deprived district.

David and Christine are pensioners; they both moved as children to Barlanark as the scheme was being built.

���������There was very little poverty then because the shipyards and steel industry were in full boom,��������� says David.

But that period also saw the rise of the gangs.

���������They developed because there were no facilities, no amenities.���������

Looking round Barlanark now, it looks like we���������re headed back the same way.


���������There���������s nothing to keep teenagers off the streets,��������� says Colette. When she and her friend Jo were young, it was quite different.

���������The Community Centre was like the hub for teenagers,��������� says Jo. ���������They had a youth caf������, events, discos, dancing displays, badminton. We had a great childhood here.���������

Mairi, a single parent now, says youngsters felt a sense of ownership, through helping out in the caf������, decorating the community centre and raising funds for trips.

Since then, as well as curtailing Community Centre activities, the council has shut the library, Tenants Hall and even the local polis station.

���������There���������s just nothing to encourage the young people,��������� says Colette. Instead, they���������re getting into trouble. ���������It���������s getting a lot more violent and aggressive now.���������

Christine believes unemployment plays a big part in putting Barlanark bottom of the league.

���������Our generation could walk into any job at all. There were lots of jobs for both boys and girls, and that���������s not happening any more.���������

But low wages means even those in full-time employment can���������t always escape the poverty trap.

As well as raising the minimum wage, say Jo and Colette, simple measures - such as free prescriptions and the abolition of the Council Tax - would help to alleviate poverty, and see places like Barlanark rising up the standard of living scale.


If things stay the same, the loan-sharks and ���������those stupid stores like Crazy George���������s��������� that charge outrageous interest will continue to profit from other people���������s financial difficulties.

Mairi explains that, in areas like Barlanark, people will run up debt rather than see their kids outcast by other kids because of how they���������re dressed.

���������As much as I think that���������s a load of gumph, when Scott was younger there was no way that he didn���������t have what everyone else had, whether I was up to my neck in debt or not.���������

(taken from the Scottish Socialist Voice)


NURSERY children have been left heartbroken after vandals smashed up their special garden for the second time in a year.

The attack at Barlanark Family Learning Centre has completely destroyed the garden the youngsters spent months building with their teachers.

Vandals scaled the centre's 8ft metal fence before torching a wooden shed worth ������250 and smashing up its window and roof.

Coriander, parsley and basil herb plants used for sensory development were ripped out and scattered across the garden.

Flower pots, 20 trays of bedding plants and garden gnomes - brightly decorated by the children - were smashed and stamped on.

The attack, on Saturday night, is the second incident at the centre - which caters for nursery and special needs kids from babies up to age five - in less than a year.

Last June, thieves stole a wooden bird table and wishing well within hours of them being delivered to the centre on Barlanark Road.

Barlanark businesses offered donations and rallied round to find the thieves who later returned the items.

Today, nursery staff called on the community to join forces again to help rebuild the site.

Kathleen Brady, a child development officer at the Family Centre, said: "It has been really upsetting for the children and myself. Now we have to start again."

As parents made their way into the centre yesterday they said the damage to the garden was heartbreaking.

Tracy Short, 24, from Easterhouse, said: "My little girl Amy loved that garden. You used to see the kids out playing in it all the time during the summer."

Shona McKenzie, 23, from Barlanark, added: "It should not happen to the centre, it is a total disgrace."

Meanwhile, Marie McGowan, head of the centre, hopes the community can pull together to help fix the garden for a second time.

She said: "I am devastated. Now we have to rely on donations and help from the community."

A police spokeswoman confirmed the incident on Saturday and said they were investigating.

Anyone wishing to donate items for the garden should call 0141 771 4833.



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Barlanark is a district in the Scottish city of Glasgow. It is situated north of the River Clyde.Since it is situated in the East End of the city, it is one of the more dilapidated areas of Glasgow, and it is resident to a large ned population. No residents of Barlanark have risen to glory, but there is still hope for the area, as it has improved slightly in recent years.

However, the ned problem still persists, with a few local ned gangs, namely the YCMS, otherwise known as the Young Calvay Mad Squad, involved in a long running duel with Easterhouse gangs.

The name Barlanark originates from Bar-lenerk, "High Clearing in the Forest"


Depressingly, this is the area AFTER all those buildings have been renovated and cladded on the outside.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Central scotland
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2. Re: Barlanark

Yep that about sums it up.

Glasgow, United...
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3. Re: Barlanark

Barlanark is certainly not a holiday destination, gusCan, so I would avoid it unless entirely necessary.

As a Glasgow resident also, then I would recommend that you don't go unless you have to.

glasgow uk
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4. Re: Barlanark

would avoid this area at all costs. Certainly not an area for tourists

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for Scotland
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5. Re: Barlanark

I'm curious as to why you ask about Barlanark, Gus. Did you have family there or has someone reccomended the place to you?

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6. Re: Barlanark

Can't think why anyone would want to go to Barlanark unless to visit a relative. Its not one of our best areas at all and I would advise not to go unless for a specific purpose.

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7. Re: Barlanark

yes it is a bit of a mess, but so are a lot of places like this in Glasgow. Maybe you could visit it just to see what it is like.

A lot of the houses along the Edinburgh Road end of Barlanark are very run down, similar type of housing to Drumchapel and Pollock, but on the Hallhill Road end of Barlanark near the grave yard there seems to be a lot more new houses being built. Good bus links to the city centre and a train station is not a million miles away. Maybe give it a go for a night to see how you get on. The normal folk from the east end are decent people, it is the daft neds you need to be wise of.

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8. Re: Barlanark

thank you so much .. sorry I have been slow to answer

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9. Re: Barlanark

I want to thank all who responed to my request for information on Barlanark . I have been chatting with a lady there ( just friends) was hoping to meet her family one day

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10. Re: Barlanark

dont go there

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