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car parks free advice

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car parks free advice

dont be even 1 minute late or park outside a bay or you will be clamped at a cost of £75.00 / £150.00 if you are towed away please beware peoplelike these dick turpins are whats stopping rural communities surviving i will never go back again dont be like me make sure you pay more than you think you may need otherwise like me it will make for an expensive visit

the less of us that fall into there snare may help to put them out of business

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81. Re: car parks free advice

I parked and paid in the central car park on 24 May 2018 and walked up to the Bronte Museum. I was back in time to my car but troubled to see a ticket on my windshield. What had apparently happened was my ticket on my dash (silly I usually stick it to my window) blew over so was obscured. So I didn't display properly and was told if I paid on the spot it would be 60 GBP versus some other amount I don't remember. I paid on the sport. But what troubled me the most after some discussion it appears I was targeted because I had a rental car and therefore presumed overseas visitor. When he found out I was a British resident he seemed more apologetic and pointed out the stickers on the rental car that theives look for to target stolen goods. I appealed the ticket by email stating my honest payment and proof of payment but was unsuccessful. It certainly leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth. So I would say be careful parking at ANY location that seeks a payment in Haworth.

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82. Re: car parks free advice

Some really duff information given earlier in this thread. There is no requirement that you have to be a “registered car park” to access the DVLA database. That’s nonsense. Anyone can request details of the Registered Keeper of a vehicle if they have “reasonable cause” and it costs just £2.50 to obtain the information. “Reasonable cause” includes:

- finding out who was responsible for an accident

- tracing the registered keeper of an abandoned vehicle

- tracing the registered keeper of a vehicle parked on private land

- giving out parking tickets

- giving out trespass charge notices

- tracing people responsible for driving off without paying for goods and services

- tracing people suspected of insurance fraud

Don’t make it easy for them by complaining or responding in writing though… because in doing so, you provide your name and address anyway.

Landowners and car park operators do NOT need licences to issue parking tickets. It’s essentially an unregulated business; except for the general legal protection that operates with respect to properly displayed, fair and reasonable terms and conditions for a contract that you tacitly agree to by entering the land to park. Although many car park operators are members of an Accredited Trade Association (ATA), such as the British Parking Association or the International Parking Community (IPC), all the membership does is tie them into a voluntary “code of practice”… which also provides a procedure to be followed in the event of complaints. The complaints resolution procedure almost always favours the company, not the motorist.

Although they can issue parking tickets, these are not fines. They’re invoices to charge you for breaching the terms and conditions to which you agreed. The sum demanded is allowed to be high enough to be a deterrent to future breaches, but not disproportionate (so up to about £100 has been regarded as proportionate). It’s not simply the case that you can ignore them. It was established in a test case (ParkingEye v Beavis 2015) that they have the right to pursue you for payment if they have followed the rules and you have breached a properly notified set of terms and conditions. Whether they will or not depends to a large extent on how firmly you are prepared to hold your ground and how confident they are that they would win in court if it went that far.

If you want to fight a charge that you think is unfair, the best places for advice are the MSE or PePiPoo forums linked below:



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83. Re: car parks free advice

R-in-Surrey you haven't mentioned keeper liability.

Some people think that although companies can get info from the DVLA they can use a defence of "Not me (the keeper) who was driving"

If that is the case and the keeper does not provide the name of the driver then they, the keeper, become liable.

(the above does not apply in Scotland - no keeper liability)

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84. Re: car parks free advice

Quite right @alanwestern… and it actually goes further than that. If the registered keeper responds that he was not the driver at the time of the alleged parking breach then he not only has to name the driver to avoid being pursued for the charge. He also has to provide "a current address for service" [ie where the parking charge invoice can be sent to achieve payment].

Stating "Mickey Mouse, Florida" or "A guy from France called Pierre Dubois" won't get the registered keeper off the hook.

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85. Re: car parks free advice

Still ripping people off 9 years on. Got caught with a mum with two little girls offering me her ticket as l walked towards pay machine. She said she she had almost 2 hours left on her ticket and would l like it. Walked with her to her car where she handed over her ticket. l placed ticket in my car and left. When l returned l had a Parking Charge note under wipers and a very rude man asking me to pay £60 now or £75 for next week, going to £100 after that.

This man told me he saw me walking up to a womans car and on checking my car he stated the ticket had been transferred. This was a breach of car park conditions.

This car park attendant had watched the whole episode and had not deemed it necessary to warn me that l was committing a breach of conditions. The note was issued 5 minutes after parking

On me asking about this he stated he always paid his way and everyone else should.

Leaves a bad taste in the mouth for what was otherwise a nice visit.

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