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In London 2 weeks, how much money do I need???

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In London 2 weeks, how much money do I need???

Three of us will be in London three weeks, our hotel is already paid. How much more shall I expect to spend on attactions, food, entertainment, etc? Thanks for all the advice. Cheers!

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1. Re: In London 2 weeks, how much money do I need???

There have been other posts about how much money is needed in London, My favorite answer is LOTS. But seriously, it is dependent on what sights you are going to see, your food consumption and what you buy for yourself or souvenirs.

My wife and I just came back, we had prepaid hotel. You should buy a travel card for tube/bus. 21.40 GBP around 40 US dollars and it is good for seven days. Lunch around US15 -20.00 each, theater tickets from 30-60 US dollars each. Tea st the Orangery 30 US dollars for 2. Dinner at pubs 20-25 US dollars. We had dinner at a small Italian bistro around US 60.00 with a couple glasses of wine. So it all banks on what you do and eat/drink.

Sorry can't be more specific to your agenda but some say US 100.00 per day is not unrealistic. Have fun


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2. Re: In London 2 weeks, how much money do I need???

Really an impossible question to answer without knowing your plans. There have been several similar threads recently and I think the general consenus is an average of $50.00 per person per day but there are always ways to save money such as purchasing food from supermarkets, eating a main meal at lunch rather the the evening. A decent 2 course meal with a glass of wine or beer in a good restaurant can easily cost 20GBP per person but a 3 course pre-theatre meal in a small bistro or a place like the wonderful Stockpot in Panton Street or Old Compton Street can be had for less than 10GBP.

Most musuems are free and many attractions (especially outside the main tourist season) offer 2 for 1 deals. If staying at a hotel use the concierge for advice and deals - they know what's what and where's where.

Time Out Magazine coms out every Wednesday and has full listings for everything from ballet to sport for the week ahead plus some special offers.

You now have are a few ideas but let us know your plans and we may be able to give you some more ideas.

Adam C


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3. Re: In London 2 weeks, how much money do I need???

I would say that is more like $100.00 PER PERSON PER DAY. We just got back and I am thrifty. It cost A LOT. I just advise being careful and watch your spending. you are not going to London to save money. Don't let it spoil your trip.

that is on top of the hotel by the way.

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4. Re: In London 2 weeks, how much money do I need???

I totally disagree with the 100 a day per person. Mw and my lady get away with much much less. sure London is expensive and our exchange rate is bad, but we never have spent that over and above the room/ airfare/ prices.

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5. Re: In London 2 weeks, how much money do I need???

Hi Run4Fun. Poppa's numbers look about right comparing how much I just spent to what he's noted. Pub lunch for (1) is about 13 USD not including a pint so for a couple you just might spend 40 bucks at lunch. Pints'll run you 3 quid 50. Pub dinner could run about the same. If you're cutting costs, hit the supermarkets and eat the pre-made sandwiches that look like they came from Pret-a-Manger, or visit the local side streets shops (there's lots of them) and pick up a baguette, bag of crisps, and a soda for cheap.

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6. Re: In London 2 weeks, how much money do I need???

Hope you're all sitting down...as you're at computers I'll assume you are.

We budget on $A1000 per day (four of us). ($US800) This is after accom....I like to feel I came home and didn't spend everything....and it leaves space for little extras.. the camera lense that was so much chepaer than here, GAP clothing for my daughter...unobtainable here and a nice meal each night, we are on holidays....

On the clothes Billabong is soooo cheap here , 15GBP for a pair of shorts or nice shirt...so if the kids are wearing Billy or similar it gives the wrong impression. if you wear GAP in Oz ( I bought some shirt and skirts last year at the sales for 1GBP each) you must have spent a fortune! Nothing under about 30GBP. ($A80)

One of our probelm in the European Union is the fact that our kids are not given reduced rates. (They do in England!!! but its the exception so entry to everywhere is based on 4 adults)

Fremont, Ohio
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7. Re: In London 2 weeks, how much money do I need???

Sorry, but I agree with th US $100 estimate. If you are going to eat, shop a little and enjoy some entertainment.

I was in London 3 years ago and again this month and could not believe the difference in the exchange rate.

Don't worry though. You'll have fun and it will be well worth it.

Crystal Lake, IL
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8. Re: In London 2 weeks, how much money do I need???

I'd go with the $50 U.S. per person per day estimate as a basic rule of thumb....but figure more if you're planning to do a lot of theatre, shopping etc. In my experience (7 trips) we've also found that what you spend can vary quite a bit from day to day. A couple of budget stretchers that we've found useful....

1.) The travel cards. The three and seven day versions wind up saving you quite a bit. And also can entitle you to other train and boat discounts.

2.) Stay in a hotel where breakfast is included. If you have a leisurely complimentary hotel breakfast later in the morning, you'll probably wind up spending less on lunch.

3.) When you're running a little "behind" where you want to be on your budget (and you probably will be at some point), eat in a pub. Pubs tend to work out a little better for lunch than dinner, but you can always find one with good...and reasonably priced...food.

4.) Consider visiting a place like Borough Market (Fri-Sat), or an upscale supermarket like Waitrose, and create a wonderful little "do it youself" wine and cheese based meal back in your hotel room. We've tried this a couple of times. It turned out to be pure pleasure...and a huge savings from dining out.

5.) Consider taking the tube from the airport to your hotel. I don't recommend this if you have lots of bags, heavy luggage, or are travelling with small children. However, if you have only one or two easy-to-manage bags and aren't in a big rush this can represent a significant savings....even versus the Heathrow Express if there are two or more members of your party.

We've done this a couple of times. We figured the 100 or so dollars we saved was better spent on fun in London and worth a few minor hassles.

Hope this helps.

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9. Re: In London 2 weeks, how much money do I need???

you may want to take out an equity line mortgage on your house....

I usually plan on $100 per day per person but we usually eat pretty well - the food is what will hit you - use pret a manger for sandwichs, Marks & Spencers for food courts, many of the grocery chains have prepared foods that you can buy and eat at your hotel!

Oceano, California
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10. Re: In London 2 weeks, how much money do I need???

LondonLady, you are talking about 100 dollars per day and not 100 pounds per day, right? If this is the case I think I'll be ok.