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Where is London's most authentic French bakery?

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Where is London's most authentic French bakery?


Could someone please tell me where are some of the most authentic French bakeries?

I'm interested in trying out the best croissants, crepes, pastries....all french.


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31. Re: Where is London's most authentic French bakery?

You might enjoy some cake in here.


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32. Re: Where is London's most authentic French bakery?

This place near Clapham Junction is lovely and a lot easier to get to than Paris.


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33. Re: Where is London's most authentic French bakery?

My daughter worked at Poilane just near Sloane Square and all of the ingredients used to make the bread, croissants and pastries were imported from France. Right down to the water.

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34. Re: Where is London's most authentic French bakery?

I think Paul bakery is very good quality and authentic. I have been to paris and the Paul bakery there offers the same as they offer in London. I have never ate a bad baguette or cake in Paul.

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35. Re: Where is London's most authentic French bakery?

The best is Chanteroy in Southfields, close to Wimbledon. Its amazing. Words are not enough to describe the perfection this place is. It's really cheap, too, but it's take away only.

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36. Re: Where is London's most authentic French bakery?

The temporary French farmers markets happening occasionally in London and other UK cities every now and then are run and managed by very real Frenchmen and Frenchwomen (they can just about communicate in English, if that's part of the Frenchness test) and there is always one stand selling huge characterful circular pains a l'ancienne , pains de campagne and all the usual array of various French bread types. I would say they are the Frenchest you can get in London or anywhere else in the the UK. If we restrict ourselves to permanent sources, I remember one shop in Borough Market sells unusual French yoghurts and creme caramel, so there probably is a French bakery there, too, Borough Market being what it is, although I cannot recall it specifically, to be honest. But De Gustibus have a branch just outside the market and their bread is as good or better than any boulangerie's, so it will not be a wasted trip anyway. Although hailing from Brussels, Le Pain Quotidien is a specialist baker and their menu and foods generally taste and look intensely French to me. Their are my favourite and I am into French bakery myself -I prefer not to discriminate based on nationality and consider that half Belgium is definitely within the French cultural area, which it is. If it has to be strictly and technically French, the best is Paul and their hot chocolate is irresistible -British-style hot chocolate is just not in the same league.

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37. Re: Where is London's most authentic French bakery?

Not sure why this got bumped a good few months after it was last active? The 'French markets' near me most definitely aren't French run, and tend to have low grade products that I assume come from bulk buying in hypermarkets.

Just in case anybody sees this in the future avoid Patisserie Valerie by a mile, 'authentic' and 'nice' aren't words you would associate with it. Frozen patisserie so bad it would make you cry is more appropriate. shame really.

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38. Re: Where is London's most authentic French bakery?

Yes, I'm not sure why this old thread has re-appeared, Looking at the collection of requests by the OP - best Fish & cHips in Belfast, authentic French bread in London etc, I am tempted to think the whole series is a joke. So perhaps a new question should be 'where can I find the silliest clown in New York' ?

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39. Re: Where is London's most authentic French bakery?

Once again, the ignorant Brit shows us all up by saying something uneducated. I bet when they next chomp down on their croissant they'll think to just hop 2.5 hours on the train to Paris. Or maybe they'll just grab one from the nearest Costa. but hey, it's only french style after all. since when did we Brits care about style over substance. Oh....wait

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40. Re: Where is London's most authentic French bakery?

KentyH - Any reason you've re-opened an old thread other than to have a rant?

If you have anything constructive or helpful to add, then go ahead. Otherwise go and find somewhere else to troll