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Laurence Moore, Centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk

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Laurence Moore, Centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk

Has anyone rented from Laurence Moore before? I'm looking at an apartment in Central London for about 80 pounds a night. Everything looks okay (50% deposit by credit card/PayPal and the other 50% 90 days before arrival) but I haven't been able to find many mentions of him or the company. So, I was wondering if anyone knew anything?

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21. Re: Laurence Moore, Centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk

It does take one or two minutes by taxis to get from Kings Cross station to this apartment. By bus it takes about 5 minutes from Kings Cross station to Agar Grove and buses run every 5 to 10 minutes and this bus 390 runs 24 hours a day.

Vancouver, Canada
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22. Re: Laurence Moore, Centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk

We had problems getting a hold of him after he took our payments for the two units we were renting. To the point that I was afraid we would have nowhere to actually stay when we got to London. He was quick to answer emails prior to payment, then practically incommunicado afterwards. If you run a business and advertise online, you should certainly be reachable via email. When we did reach him, he said never to call his business number as he was never in - then don't list that phone number on your website.

We rented two units from him, his "Buckingham Palace" unit, which is nowhere near Buckingham Palace, it's a 15 minute walk to Victoria Station. I could not get a hold of him via cell phone, text or email when we arrived. We told him our plane arrives at 9pm and it took us a while to get into the city. We arrived around 11pm and his "manager" Margaret was there, but had not cleaned the apartment yet. Even though it was evident that she had settled in and was making herself a cup of tea, so she cleaned around us. She said she was unaware that 2 of us so only had 1 key for us, but let us borrow her key as well as long as she could pick it up later that week.

The unit was freezing cold and although we let Margaret know about it, she did not check on it until the day before we left and we were there for a week! It turned out one of the radiators wasn't turned on and she did not have a key for it so she couldn't turn it on. Also there was only 1 roll of toilet paper for 2 of us to share and no extra garbage bags and no soaps, so we had to purchase all of our own supplies.

The second unit we rented was called "Baker Street" but was again not that close, about 15 minutes walk away. It was very close to Edgware Station though. However this unit was extremely dirty! To the point we were scared to use the bathtub/shower and didn't since we would be taking an overnight trip elsewhere and staying in a hotel, so knew we could use the shower there. Again, Margaret was there and hadn't cleaned the apartment yet and asked us to please leave so she could complete cleaning. Again she said she was not told that there would be 2 people staying there.

I could go on and on, but let's just say it wasn't as advertised, not well organized and a real lack of communication both within their organization and to their clients. I would not rent with them again.

Also, I am trying to review the units I stayed in on Homeaway where I originally found the units, but now Laurence Moore has told HomeAway that I never stayed in his unit. Obviously it feels like he is trying to block a negative review and I would highly recommend others to stay away!

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23. Re: Laurence Moore, Centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk

***BEWARE this SCAMMER***! Renting from Laurence Moore is an ABSOLUTE SCAM. We were also asked for our credit card and passport information and all of our e-mail addresses., and we should have realized he was a SCAM from the start.

To answer your question, the ONLY reason there are video testimonials is because he pushes his guests to testify as soon as you get there (before you even experience his apartment and gather a real opinion and are surprised with wrongful charges on your credit card after returning home). Initially he agreed to allow us to check in early, as our flight from USA was arriving early in the morning, and in return we would have to give a good video testimonial. Due to jet lag, all of us were tired and sleepy and were not in the position to give a video interview, so he got mad and refused to rent the place to us, as well as threatening to call the police on us if we don't leave. Of course when you travel countries to visit London and are faced with this, you do not want to be stranded with nowhere to go, thus you are left with no choice. Then not only did we have to deal with this ordeal, but were CHARGED FOR TWO EXTRA DAYS (one before and one after our stay). We disputed the charges but because of the signature on his inventory list and OUR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS with signatures, we had to pay. DO NOT SIGN HIS INVENTORY LIST, he is not there at the end of your stay to verify that everything from the list is there and the place was left it in the same condition, yet he can falsely claim that you didn't and you will have no way to prove otherwise. Whenever dealing with people like him overseas, discuss in advanced what information you will be asked to give and also ask to see the documents they will be asking you to arrive in the unknown city. Once we were back in our home country there was not much we could do with scammers like him. My retired British neighbor has lived all his life in England who said: There are many crooks like Laurence and they will rob you blind like this.

DO NOT TRUST this man or anyone else who asks for so much information and so many signatures and information. You will end up having to pay so much more in the end through his scams rather than renting a nice place with honest people from the start. His video testimonials really need to be verified and questioned.

Sydney, Australia
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24. Re: Laurence Moore, Centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk

I want to thank those of you who posted here and saved me from booking with Laurence Moore. I was very close to paying a 50% deposit months in advance, when his dodgy dealings and dubious communication style prompted me to google his name, whereupon I found this thread.

I am therefore not in a position to review a flat, but I can describe the preliminary communication, and how suspicious I became of his style.

Laurence's self-written blurb on the ownersdirect.co.uk website boasts about how keen he is to help. He emphasises especially his self-written guides to London and how he once worked on London tourist buses. (Who can say if this is even true? It might be, but it might not be.)

I gradually came to realise that Laurence might be one of those hard-sell spivs who are all charm until your money is handed over and then difficult to deal with, quick to anger, pushy and unreliable. I say might be, but I repeat that I haven't handed over any money, so my theory is based upon what others have posted here. Reasonably consistent with the theory, however, is the communication I had with him by email. I will reproduce bits of it below. Notice how the terms and costs keep changing as the correspondence progresses. [These are excerpts from separate emails, but I have laid them out like a conversation for ease of reading. Note that Laurence's emails are in fact very LONG and full of automated junk that does not address your questions but spruiks his various properties and encourages you to reserve "NOW". He's fond of that hard-sell "NOW" trick, probably because it's intimidating for buyers (no one wants to miss a deal!) yet makes them admire his keenness. The way dodgy hard sellers work is that they rely on your first impression: you mistakenly equate the full-on charm and hard-sell performance with the service-oriented attention to detail they know you expect. These two things are NOT the same!

ME via web form: Is the parking space included in the price?

LM: [Irrelevant long automated email by reply, spruiking his properties but not addressing my only Q about parking. The email included this section, which claims to apply to ALL his properties, including the one I enquired about]:

*** "To reserve this apartment NOW you can pay a £200 deposit by Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer or PayPal and you can pay the full amount in CASH when you arrive at the apartment. // Or you can Pay the Full amount TODAY and you can book one of these apartments NOW by clicking on the website link: centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk/holiday-…

Then type in the dates you want and press ‘search’ then choose the apartment you want and click ‘book now’ then follow the easy booking process." ***

Read that carefully! And remember that I enquired via the ownersdirect site, not his own website. I don't even think the prices were the same on those two sites!!

ME: [trying again by email - including asking the same parking Q!]

LM: [good reply to my Qs followed by the SAME blurb quoted above].

ME: "We are definitely keen to book the Shadwell apartment now. Please let me know the bank transfer info / paypal / credit card link etc. for the £200 deposit."

LM: "You are welcome to pay me via Bank Transfer so here are my bank details

below. However with the Tower of London you will need to pay 50% now and the other 50% 90 days before you arrive. Or you can just pay the full

amount now."

[AND he also added a £35 cleaning fee never mentioned before!!]

ME: 'The ownersdirect website does say on the Shadwell page that "there are no extra cleaning charges..."'

LM: "Yes you are right it does say this I thought I had taken this out and

I have removed it now from my Owners Direct page so thank you for

letting me know this. I will honour what was said on the page and I will not charge you the extra cleaning fee."

At this point, I googled his name and found this thread. (Since then I haven't replied to him, but every few days he simply forwards me his chase-up email. He doesn't personalise it, doesn't ask if I need anything else that might help me, etc. It's just deals on the run from his Blackberry.)

Notice especially that the ability to make a payment is NOT provided with the £200 version!! He TALKS of Paypal, credit card and everything else, but he gives you no details! He does, however, give you a link that lets you pay IN FULL to his own website!

But if you resist that option and write back asking how you can pay just the £200 deposit (with the balance when you ARRIVE), he still does NOT send Paypal, Credit Card or other info. He just sends you his direct bank account info, changes the deposit to 50%, requires the other 50% three months before arrival, and throws in a cleaning fee that was EXPRESSLY denied on his own advertisement. And he pretends that all this is because you happened to choose a very special apartment [i.e. whichever apartment you happened to choose!!].

Then you point out the fact that there is NO cleaning fee and he says oh whoops, I thought I had removed that claim.

And wait for it! I did check his ownersdirect page after he claimed to have removed the "no cleaning fee" paragraph, and yes, I am pretty sure it was gone. But it is BACK THERE NOW - this is a whole week after he claims to have removed it. So it certainly looks like he took it down temporarily, to make it look like I had got a lucky deal - i.e. a rental with no cleaning fee!

You see how all this works? As the correspondence proceeds, the ground shifts. Laurence Moore seems to be one of those salespeople who tries it on every time. After my experience and from reading the others' posts, I was not willing to take the risk that this behaviour might worsen once I had parted with my money.

Also, make sure you read the post about him pushing people into do youtube testimonials soon after they have arrived in the apartment. That kind of thing is appalling, in my view.

Ajaccio, France
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25. Re: Laurence Moore, Centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk

I made the mistake of booking the "Tower of Londodn" appartment with Laurence Moore last year. The appartment was advertised as in a safe area. I was taken there by a friend who had picked us up from the airport. When he saw the area, he said it was not safe to stay, (maybe that was why there was a reinforced metal second front door)and the kids were crying as they were scared.

Added to that, the appartment wasn't ready, the communal parts of the building were disgusting the windows were broken and didn't close.

When I asked about exchanging with another flat Mr oore said he would have to consult with his office. He left the flat to go to check with his office, and I never managed to see him again get another flat or any money back. A real rip of.

Copenhagen, Denmark
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26. Re: Laurence Moore, Centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk

I can sadly inform you that I had a very bad experience with Mr. Laurence Moore too in february 2013.

The adress in Bromfield Street and Colebroke Row in Islington are for certain fake.

The one i Colebroke Row is in Popham Street, which is not far away, but not in a very nice neighborhood.

The "Bromfield Street" apartment I don´t know where is located for real, but Laurence told me by phone that Bromfield Street is the company adress.

We rented Bromfield Street but ended up ind Popham Street in a very, very, very bad apartment.

You be the judge of the rest of the apartments, but the words Scam and fraud comes into my mind.

Have a nice holiday - but somewhere else. :-)

Copenhagen, Denmark
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27. Re: Laurence Moore, Centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk

By the way.


comes in handy.. Please do as I. Report him.

yours sincerely

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28. Re: Laurence Moore, Centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk

Stayed in Baker Street Apartment - it's actually in Edgware Rd. Apartment is a flat on the council estate - so expects hoodies with vicious dogs, kids screaming, people arguing loudly - just lovely.

The flat: there was only two of us so not a problem, but I have no idea how this flat is meant to sleep 6? There's a double bed in the bedroom, two sofas in the living room (not folding sofa beds, just settees) and two folding beds, one broken and hideously uncomfortable, unless you're a 5 year old.

Kitchen - no complaints. Bathroom - very weak water pressure, even though it's on the ground floor. Flush doesn't work properly. The flat is very damp, with black mould on the windows and in some corners of the rooms. When you switch the heating on, it gives the sauna effect.

Been told by Lawrence not to open the door to anyone (why?), which freaked me out and made the whole stay uncomfortable.

V good location, near the shops and tube stations, but I wouldn't recommend it, I didn't feel safe there.

New York City, New...
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29. Re: Laurence Moore, Centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk

Don't use him. We booked one of his apartments and he cancelled 2 months later and wanted more money

melbourne australia
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30. Re: Laurence Moore, Centrallondonholidayapartment.co.uk


I am trying to find the actual address of the apartment that is Ebury Square. Pls advise