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Tipping at a hair salon

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Tipping at a hair salon

I will be getting my hair cut & colored at a salon in Covent Garden. How much should I tip the hairdresser?

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31. Re: Tipping at a hair salon

I never tip my hairdresser. It costs over £100 to get my cut and colour done, so I think I pay enough already!

Sydney, Australia
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32. Re: Tipping at a hair salon

I work for a solicitor, often start early and work late and have worked for the same firm for about 25 years. Never has a client added a tip to his/her cheque paying our fees :-( I have on occasion received flowers though :-) Why is it that one set of 'service' industries are deemed worthy of tips and not others? Discrimination, that's what it is ... !

I never tip my hairdresser, nor do Aussies tip in general (some do, unfortunately, as do tourists usually from a certain part of the world and they are buggering it up for everyone else imho).

I'm planning on visiting a hairdresser for a wash & blow dry prior to our next departure for home (probably in Bristol) and it's never before crossed my mind that I'd be expected to tip. Hope they're not holding their breath at the time, cause they'll turn blue waiting for me to tip ;-)

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33. Re: Tipping at a hair salon

The OP is long gone because this thread is 8 months old.

Sydney, Australia
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34. Re: Tipping at a hair salon

Oh, you never know, she might have a long term visa .....

Apologies - I didn't see when the thread started; just saw the thread at the top(ish) of the page and responded. Shows it pays to be a bit more observant at times :-)

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35. Re: Tipping at a hair salon

She may be long gone, but others also find their way here looking for the same answers so it's good to have up-do-date replies. I found my way here trying to find out if one is expected to tip for a free fringe trim.

I personally loathe the tipping culture, a person never knows if they've tipped enough, too much, not enough - maybe the person gets insulted etc. Absolulely hate it, just charge the extra if need be and I'll decide if I'm paying your price. My sister works in a bank call centre, all night, taking peoples calls, she earns a low wage and never gets tipped, yet when she goes out to spend her meagre few pennies, why should she have to essentially give her money away to other people who are earning salaries? I too work all day in an office, providing a service for other companies, and I don't get tipped either. Don't really know how it was decided that only certain people get tips...

Kent, United Kingdom
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36. Re: Tipping at a hair salon

I would "tip" my hairdresser £5 for a (free ????? ) fringe cut

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37. Re: Tipping at a hair salon

Idly reading this through I had to smile at post 24 by Helking

'I always tip - but I'm not wealthy' - no, well you might be if you didnt tip so much.!

my haircut cost £4 and that what I pay.

I did the wages for 500 people a week for 10 years, no one ever said keep a pound for yourself.

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38. Re: Tipping at a hair salon

Roughly 10% tip for a hair cut.

Hove, United Kingdom
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39. Re: Tipping at a hair salon

@Fuschiagirl, what I was trying to get across is that those who tip aren't just wealthy people with money to throw around. If I go out to lunch it might cost £20-30 for 2 of us so the tip would only be £2 - 3 that's hardly breaking the bank. If I were to lunch out every day then obviously that would add up, but in all honesty it's usually less than once a month. I don't tip for bad service either.

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40. Re: Tipping at a hair salon


The many, many, tens of thousands of posts on TA about tipping are not addressed so much to the OP, but more to the perplexed and bewildered folk who just don't get why a few workers are chosen by a vague social norm to have money given to them when they are not actually of charitable status.

Tipping is believed to be a social norm, but hardly anyone gets tips, so that's bizarre. Why have a norm that's abnormal for most.The subject gets such an airing because most people don't like it and don't want it to be continued.

I know you know this by your posts.

The more we can see tipping as a Dickensian throw back the less we will tolerate it today.