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weather in mid-March?

Austin, Texas
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weather in mid-March?

I'm thinking about spending my spring break there w/ my daughter and am wondering if the weather is bad enough not to go there at that time of year. I've heard it's cold and dreary. I could go in the summer (I'm a teacher) but it's cheaper to fly in March.

Reading/London UK
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1. Re: weather in mid-March?

It can be bright and sunny but it can be cold and miserable - we've even had snow in March before now

Even so, don't let something like weather put you off, or spoil your visit

Austin, Texas
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2. Re: weather in mid-March?

My daughter lives in Luton so I might be spending most of my time there. Just seeing her would be enough reason to go but nice weather would be a plus. Actually I wouldn't mind seeing snow - it snows here about once every 20 years.

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3. Re: weather in mid-March?

As Panda says don't let weather put you off - it is almost impossible to predict. We have just had what I would call a typical Spring day, about 16 degrees C and it's only Janurary, on the other hand we can just as easily have cold, wet & windy in the middle of July. If you are going to Luton and do have decent weather there is some great countryside around Hertfordshire & Bedforshire to explore. And there is nothing better than sitting by the fireside in a country pub on a cold winter's day !

Salem, Oregon
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4. Re: weather in mid-March?

The best time to go to England is whenever you can. Actually, March is one of the drier months. It's a good time to be in England: snowdrops and daffodils.

Dallas, Texas
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5. Re: weather in mid-March?

Been there twice in March (and will be there this March, too). Usually, a medium weight jacket will be enough. There was, however, a couple of days that were so cold, that my hands and face almost froze. On the tube though, it is very warm. You will find yourself taking off and putting on your coat frequently. Didn't really rain at all.

Conroe, Texas
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6. Re: weather in mid-March?

I am taking my family for Spring Break in March also. Don't know exactly how to pack, but I heard that a light jacket is about all we will need. I am packing my hat, gloves and scarf also. Haven't needed warm clothes much down Texas way this winter, or an umbrealla either for that matter! Lisa

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7. Re: weather in mid-March?

I've been to London in March on 3 separate trips. Can it be chilly? Yes but it's no worse than March in the American midwest, northwest or northeast. Is it Texas March? No. Can it be cloudy and rainy? Sure. But its London. Get used to it. Personally, I think March and November are the best times to go. Not too cold, fewer tourists, and cheap flights.

Austin, Texas
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8. Re: weather in mid-March?

ringsister - I know what you mean. This hasn't even been winter this year except for about two frozen days in early December. It's raining here in central TX today though.

Thank you to all of you for replying. I think I'm going to go for it.

London, UK
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9. Re: weather in mid-March?

Can be warm, breezy & springlike in March, can be freezing cold with knee deep snow, & every variation in between.

Best thing to do is assemble a series of layered outfits before you pack, & then discard stuff you just don't like.

Pack comfiest worn-in shoes.

Pack thin scarf, little beanie hat & thin gloves which can all be shoved in to a day sack.

Pack waterproof windproof outer layer. UK windchill can come direct from Moscow, brrrrr.

Pack some 'pop socks' that can be worn under two thin pairs socks on bitterly cold day, & removed along with a pair a socks for comfort when you go into somewhere warm - stick 'em in your pocket if need be. Don't wear really thick socks if you going in/out buildings, you'll overheat...& sweat. Eeeeeyeuuu.

Pack nightwear that can be layered up, incl warm/bed socks. Don't forget, Na'er Cast A Clout Til May Is Out.....

Check the BBC weather 5 day weather forecast daily the week before you travel, so you get an idea of the seasonal trend.

Ask TALFers just before you go.

You cannot predict London weather with any great accuracy, after all we're close to the sea in a temperate zone. It's the changeable weather that makes us all so devilishly wonderful & unfailingly charming.

However, with a little preparation & forethought, you will not have a nasty shock when you get off the plane. You'll have enough layering variants to bulk up/strip off to match the prevailing conditions. If all else fails, we do have some shops. You could go back up dolled up like a Londoner.