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Weather in London in mid-June

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Weather in London in mid-June

I will be in London around mid June (17-18 June). What is the highest and lowest temperature during that time, from past experience?

Will there be strong winds? What time will sun set?

What is the recommended attire during that time?

Is rain common in summer? Should I bring an umbrella out (besides to guard against pigeon dropping at Trafalgar Square...)?

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1. Re: Weather in London in mid-June


the temperatures can really vary. by mid June hopefully the weather will be picking up but you never can tell. i doubt that there will be strong winds in june.

i would recommend you bring a range of clothing because the temperature seriously changes daily. one day may bring sun shine and high temperatures the next it will be cold and raining. an unmbrella is a must and carry it with you most of the time.

have fun!

Watford, England
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2. Re: Weather in London in mid-June

Firstly, You'll be here when daylight is at its maximum. It won't be completely dark until about 22:15 hrs and will be light again by about 04:30 hrs.

The temperature always depends on where the weather's coming from. If it's from the south, it could be 27-28 C or hotter. If, as we've had recently, the weather's coming from the north, it might be 17-18 C. If the sky is clear the temperature can drop a fair bit at night.

As for rain, who knows? I'd certainly bring an umbrella. However, you're unlikely to experience the heavy rain that Singapore and the Malay peninsular gets.

It's been unusually windy for the time of year - stongish winds a lot of the time for a few weeks. Who knows by the time you're here.

Anyway, no one comes to the Uk for its fantastic weather and you'll be here when conditions are genrally reasonable and the countryside will be very green, as it already is - enjoy.

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3. Re: Weather in London in mid-June

Keith, I come to London for the cold! no seriously, I do. P.S. the pigeons are gone from Trafalgar.

Surrey, UK
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4. Re: Weather in London in mid-June

What the UK is not renowned for is, its very unpredictable weather. Last Sunday in the South we had a nice mild day and then at night we had some frost. Right now you stand a fra better chance of winning our Lottery than forecasting the weather.

Why do you think millions of us each year take our vacations in the Med or go to Florida, besides just wanting to see The Mouse?

Miami, Florida
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5. Re: Weather in London in mid-June

Besides the mouse, I guess you would enjoy our sunny yet sweltering, humid Florida weather, compared to what you have in London. This year, we will get to experience your London weather for a change.

BTW, most of us Floridians can't stand the mouse. There is a joke that at Disney World you can always tell the tourists from the people who live in Florida.

Tourists are the ones that go crazy when they see the mouse , saying things like "OMG!! There's Mickey!!"

On, the other hand, we're more likely to say "OMG, I hate that (insert expletive of choice here) rat!!"

Guildford, United...
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6. Re: Weather in London in mid-June

If you look at www.bbc.co.uk/weather you will see that the record max for London in June is 33C and the record min 5C, so you can be fairly sure that it will be between those two temperatures. More seriously, the average June daily max is 20c. Rainfall for the month is 45mm compared to 173mm in Singapore.

Watford, England
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7. Re: Weather in London in mid-June

Anyone who suffers from hay fever should be warned that mid-June is when the pollen is at its nastiest. As a sufferer for many years I can attest that the last two weeks of June and the first three of July can be rough for sufferers. My wholly unscientific experience is that a warm, sunny May is a good indicator that the pollen count will be high. This May has been cold and cloudy, so I live in hope.

London, United...
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8. Re: Weather in London in mid-June

Its funny that most Floridians hate the mouse! I think you ll find that most Londoners think that Stonehenge is just a boring heap of old stones!

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9. Re: Weather in London in mid-June

It's supposed to get to 100F today in north Texas, so it's gotta be better everywhere else.