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Stansted connecting flight

Liberec, Czech...
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Stansted connecting flight

Hi, I am thinking of flying to Stansted Airport from Prague on a flight with scheduled arrival time of 08:30 AM. Then I would like to take a flight from Stansted to Dublin at 10:05 AM. Both are Ryanair flights with online check in. I'd be traveling with no checked bags.

Is this doable assuming no flight delays? How far is it from the arrival gates to the departure gates? Do I have to go through security at Stansted?

Thank you.

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1. Re: Stansted connecting flight

You will be fine...if all goes your way, you shouldn't have to go through security again.

Happy holidays ☀

Dunfermline, United...
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2. Re: Stansted connecting flight

Post #1 is completely inaccurate. You DO need to go through security for your departure to Dublin. There are no 'Flight Connections' airside as Stansted is a point-to-point airport

It's too risky. It can take an hour to get through immigration which only gives you an hour to get through departures which is at the opposite end of the airport to International Arrivals. I think Stansted is the same as other airports in as much as you need to be through security at least 40 minutes before departure. Security can be hit or miss, the last few times I have been through Stansted there hasn't been much of a wait, maybe 5 minutes, but then you have to run through the shops which will take longer than security.

I think you need to find a later flight to Dublin

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3. Re: Stansted connecting flight

It’s possible but it’s very risky as it’s not a connecting flight it’s two separate flights. You’ll need to go through immigration on arrival and back through security to departures. If you miss your Dublin flight you’ll be looking at a walk up fare on the next available flight.

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4. Re: Stansted connecting flight

The OP is travelling from within the EU with no checked luggage into an airport that struggles with low passenger numbers. It is technically possible immigration might take an hour, but it's unlikely! The biggest risk is that there aren't enough border force staff on duty.

The transfer is a risk, but if the flights are on time (Ryan Air are good at time keeping) and passport control / immigration / customs are reasonably efficient its very doable - not risk free, but a long way from 'challenging'. It's not like Stansted has multiple terminals to get lost in.

I wouldn't choose it, but if the flights are booked....


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5. Re: Stansted connecting flight

Since when does Stansted 'struggle with low passenger numbers'? It looked plenty busy when I was there last month. I think it took us about 45 minutes from wheels down to getting ready to leave the airport.

Security hasn't been too bad the past several trips I've taken, but I have also queued for over an hour previously. Once through security, you need to make your way through the shopping mall and you may need to take the tram to one of the satellite terminals. I would want at least 3 hours between flights if not more.

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6. Re: Stansted connecting flight

Yes I'm not sure about low passenger numbers at Stansted. I think that's a bit of fiction. Security won't be the problem though, you will probably get through in 10 minutes or less. Immigration might be quite a concern however. Arriving at 8.30am along with many other flights from elsewhere around Europe could lead to you being stuck in a queue for 30-45 minutes.

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7. Re: Stansted connecting flight

If you do opt for a later flight make sure it is from the same airport that you land at, you don't want to be transferring to another airport.

Corringham, United...
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8. Re: Stansted connecting flight

Low passenger numbers?? Don't think so!

24 million for the year end September 2016 4th largest in UK!!


My daughter took 1 hour from wheels down to exit the terminal 1 week ago!

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9. Re: Stansted connecting flight

Good grief! Reading some of the replies here I wonder if the people concerned have ever used Stansted, or indeed used any UK airport at all.

1) You ALWAYS go through security when connecting from a flight outside the UK

2) Even if there were airside transits at STN (which there are not) you would have to clear UK Immigration before getting on a flight to Dublin (because the UK and Ireland form a common travel area)

95 minutes for a self-connection at STN??? I really really REALLY wouldn't want to risk it. LONG walk (or walk and train ride) from the gate to Immigration. Potentially, a long wait at Immigration. Potentially, a long wait to get back through security (though you can shorten that by buying Fast Track). Then another long walk back to the gate.

My personal rule is to allow at least four hours when self-connecting on separate tickets.

Your chances of making this "connection" are probably 50% at the most.

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