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Browned OFF !

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Browned OFF !

Britain must be one of the most intollerant places to live in the world.

People just wont mind their own business and let people lead their own lives, Its ok having smoking bans and condemning smokers to a dogs life: but when the dogooders and treehuggers finally want laws to outlaw your little vice dont come crying to us smokers.

I have been reading what some hoteliers think about smokers and dont think it has gone unoticed by your ex clientelle.

The effects of the ban wont be fully seen for a long time yet because of certain factors that make it hard to accertain if the stats appertaining to the liesure industry bare out the opinion of some people that it will increase and not decrease the holiday industry in this country.

I and many people will be heading for the sun and more tollerant places to Holiday in the Med this time, its sad because we had fond memories of a much easier going people of Blackpool.

Take some advice and dont invest in modernising your Hotels people will stay at home in droves when it sinks in that they are paying the same price to sit outside to have a smoke. we are slow to catch on here in the UK but once it sinks in you Hoteliers will be fighting to get us back.

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1. Re: Browned OFF !

I live in Scotland so we have had a longer time to get used to the smoking ban. I'm a non smoker and I can only tell it as I see it. I don't know of any pub or club that has closed because of this ban. Hotels here are as busy as ever. Most hotels, clubs and pubs have built sheltered extensions with heating for smokers so it hasn't deterred them from using their locals. I stopped going to England and in particluar Blackpool because the ban had not come into force. However I have been this year and I'm going back in September. What a difference!!! It's a pleasure to eat and drink without choking half to death. Many of my smoking friends in Scotland have now quit and are reaping the benefits both in matters of health and financially. Mt mums sister died on wednesday morning of lung cancer, God rest her and she wished she had never ever taken up the killer weed. If the smoking ban saves even just a few lives a week then in my opinion, it is so very worthwhile.

My family have now decided to stop going abroad until similar bans are in force. So I am looking forward to going to Devon and Cornwall next year and of course returning to my favourite - Blackpool!!!

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2. Re: Browned OFF !

Enjoy the more 'tollerant' places while you can until they become enlightened and of course thanks for contributing to my pension as I as a non smoker am more likely to enjoy mine

Liverpool, United...
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3. Re: Browned OFF !

Delzburd, how true and wise. I was a smoker for over 20 yrs and i,m so glad i gave up. Ive heared it said that us *ex* smokers are the most intollerent and i dont know if thats true but i think the smoking ban is great. I was in benidorm with my mum this year and we actually had to leave some of the pubs because we were hardly able to breathe with the smoke and people were smoking in restaraunts which is disgusting. And you always get the ones who sit there with their ciggy aimed at your face or they place it in the ashtray while there talking. DizzyUKCheshire, Theres lots more people using the pubs and restaraunts now here in liverpool and i,m sure that goes for most places. As for hotels, who wants to stay in a room that the previous people have left stinking of stale tobacco. As for smoking outside, why not, most people who smoke dont want their own house to stink so they smoke in their gardens or yards (like my daughter used to) so why shouldnt they have the same regard for other people in hotels and pubs.

Blackpool, United...
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4. Re: Browned OFF !

I was a smoker and quite when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, now 3. I did return to the dark side a couple of years ago and gave up just after new year, and now I am pregnant with my second child.

What smokers need to remember is that they CHOOSE to fill their lungs and airways with poison. Us non-smokers have no choice but to breathe in the gases and fumes that contribute to cancer and disease.

I enjoy going out for meals now, as the awful ash-scented waft doesn't intrude into my air, meaning that my family, including my unborn child don't have to worry about passive smoking.

If I had my way, smoking would be banned in all public places as there's nothing worse than coming out of a pub or even a shop and having to hold your breath as you go past "death alley". You'd only be able to smoke inside your own home. The stench is truly awful, and I will never become a smoker again as I value my life and my family's feelings not to have to leave them in a few years time because I couldn't get a fag out of my mouth.

I yes I DO believe that smokers should take out private health care insurance to cover smoking-related diseases. Why on earth should I have to pay my taxes to treat people who are no less than drug addicts. Nicotine is a drug, after all. And don't get me started on girls who come out of schoool to get pregnant so they can get a free house and free money from the benefits system! Rant over!!

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5. Re: Browned OFF !

Once again you have shown a perfect example of the intolerant attitude I was talking about.

This post thread is typical of most of the media coverage I see because the majority of people who are speaking on the subject are NON SMOKERS.

I dont want to encourage smoking, I want to live in a country that has the freedom to make my own choice not to smoke.

I have heard of at least three people who have started smoking again since this ban began. Time has its own way of revealing the real effects of the bans in the UK.

Nobody knows the real ecconomic effects on any of the places in the UK yet as I stated, all we are getting is a one sided view of happy Britains sitting in open sided tents huddled around gas heaters: if they are lucky.

Try looking at the wonderful happy atmospheres of these wonderful new no smoking establishments.

Hoteliers will only only be able to sustain their hostile attitudes for only as long as Smokers stay oblivious to the aparthied that has grown because of a vocal but intolerany minority.

No one asked me about the ban we never had a vote about it, how can they say they have true representative figures on this subject. ?

I look forward to the time when they take a look at the unhealthy food served in some of these establishments and the poor standards in safety standards for their guests.

A happy retirement to the person who said I was paying for him on the NHS :if the 'anti smoking lot ' telling you the truth we wont be here to bail you out much longer, still you will be able to go to your empty but very happy non smoking establishments for consolation.

Blackpool, United...
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6. Re: Browned OFF !

If anything Dizzy, you show how intolerant SMOKERS are.

To put it bluntly, fine - give yourself cancer. Just don't force other people to have it because you are too wrapped-up in your own little smoky world to realise the detrimental health smoking has. To name but a few:

Lung cancer

Throat cancer

Premature labour

SIDS (also known as cot death)

ALL of the above are often caused by PASSIVE SMOKING.

But of course, it'll never happen to anyone you know, or yourself. It never does, does it. Go on, bury your head in the sand, and leave my daughter and my unborn son to come into a world where people respect eachother's health, rather than smokers poisoning the rest of the country.

So you know 3 people who have started smoking again since the ban? I know several people who have quit. So what? People will start and stop smoking all the time. I'll bet that many have started smoking again to socialise with the smokers that have to go outside. IMO, if they want to be sheep, let them.

How many people do you know who have died of lung or throat cancer, and they were smokers, or smoked in their life time. I know 3 people, and each one of them blamed their smoking in the past on why they were going to die early.

I'm not saying "don't smoke". I'm saying "smoke where it affects ONLY YOU" rather than the men, women and children who would rather not inhale toxic fumes.

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7. Re: Browned OFF !

Thank you all for showing people what I mean about one sided views on this ban.

Here is a perfect example for the readers to see for themselves what I was saying.

Let me ask you this would you support no drinking establishments ?

Should we have the same sort of ban ?

A good case could be made for the effects of Alchohol and the overall cost to society.

Alchohol must kill as many as smoking directly and indirectly.

Therefore lets apply the same kind of ban to all drinking establishments and drinkers.

They are as much a nuisance and just as deadly as smokers.

Re:- the points made about private health insurance for smokers, why dont they do it,. because YOU wouldnt get proper health care because of lack of funding because I was being forced to opt out. Go ahead see who comes off worst ,smokers have been paying for us all for years. If I was forced into private health care I might get better service whilst you are left with worst service than ever.

Another question: the standards of cleanliness in hospitals are said to have gone down and some say that this has resulted in a huge rise in cases of MRSA, if the criteria for the NHS applies about cleanliness should it also not apply to hotels guest houses and any of our public services.

Ipswich, United...
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8. Re: Browned OFF !

While I agree with the smoking ban, I sometimes get a little irritated by the slightly OTT piety of some people on the subject, particularly on the question of polluting other people's space. This is Tripadvisor, for heaven's sake, which means most people on here will have done more than their fair share of polluting the atmosphere with plane and car travel. Some people I know drive everywhere and takes several holidays a year. Our grandchildren may welll take the view that it would have made more sense to restrict those filthy habits.

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9. Re: Browned OFF !

Dizzy get a life

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10. Re: Browned OFF !

Most of you have not seen the point about what I have been saying.

This is not just about smoking.

(Blackpooltiger ) I wont make any other comment to you other than to say that ignorance such as yours doesnt deserve a reply.

It all starts with one ban: and where does it go next ?

As non smokers you dont care why should you ?

What is going to happen when they do start banning alchohol, I dont care I dont drink.

Should I not speak out against it if they do ban it ?

If they ban 4x4s should I speak out ?

If I am unhappy about my Council or the Government of the day should I not speak out ?

If I am dissatisfied with anything I wont be silenced by abuse or sheer weight of numbers, I wont be gagged by treehuggers or dogooders trying to force their view of morality on me.

I have pointed out several points where most posters on this subject have recoiled because someone has actualy spoken against this ban, goodness me.

You sit in your smokeless Ivory towers with your non smoking chums thinking that we all feel the same as you...:-)

(Blackpooltigress) its you who needs to get a life.

Tell you what lets ban everything to satisfy this Do good hipocritical mob.

Stallin would be proud..