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Looking for some Insight

Coming from my Cottage in Huntsville in 2 weeks. It's my Anniversary on the 23rd and I thought we could hit the drive inn there. The only problem is we will be travelling with our dog that can't be left back at the cottage alone. So he's stuck with us for the day. I would like to find a patio restaurant that maybe we can get some lunch and I could tie him up to the railing of a tree near by. Or if someone knows of a nice place for takeout and a park that would be good too. I've read about the Wharf, but doing a search didn't really help out. I was thinking it's a bunch of small stores and restaurants along the water that are right next to eachother. That's not what I am seeing on Google maps unless I'm not in the right area. If someone can give me a name or street in that area that would help find the area.