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where are interesting locations?

Only been there like 2 times, but now need to bring my friend from JB over to pulau ubin, so i would like to ask for your help regarding where are the interesting locations to visit on the islands. right now i know:


1 butterfly hill

2 climbing to the 74m hill

3 german girl shine

4 80 years old temple

5 noordin beach

6 white sand beach

7 balai quarry

8 chek java

any of my locations wrong please tell me cuz i inserted the numbers based on what i can googled.

please tell me also where are the other locations... heard that there are other temples, including a thai temple. is the argriculture farm open to public?

the village chef house, where is it?

and there should also be a orchard farm?? and a house number 1.

thanktyou very much

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