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DO NOT rent cars from Thrifty Dollar and Hertz! Be warned!

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DO NOT rent cars from Thrifty Dollar and Hertz! Be warned!

Do not Rent from Thrifty, Hertz or Dollar.

2 BIG Reasons:

1. rate scam &

2. Loss Damage claim Scam:

Hear my Story:

I rented a car online from Thrifty last Sept. 2016. The website indicated that if I pay immediately rather than at pick up time, I got a cheaper rate, so I went for it and paid. When I picked up the car, I realized that the currency that I was looking at in CAD was switched to USD in the process of that choosing the pay earlier for cheaper option. It was an all inclusive amount and now suddenly I still owe them Government Tax and other green tax charges. Imagine my dismay at the rental counter!! But according to the contract terms, if I cancel there and then and get a refund, I would be penalized by losing 50% of the contract amount. So I swallowed it and got on with it and took the car. Even though I picked the car from Thrifty’s website, I was actually renting a car from an unknown number company without a face so that these deeds can be remain hidden and Thrifty, Dollar and Hertz can say it is not them.

The staff said to me, “You got to be very careful on the internet!!!!”

2. At the time of the pickup, the front license plate on the car was bended and I alerted them to it and wanted to mark the car body record sheet before I leave with the car. I was assured by their staff that the license plate does not count as damage, and nothing was done. Luckily, I took a picture as record myself.

During the rental period, I had a fender bender that I was at fault, I rear-ended the car in front of me. It was very minor because I was distracted in a stop and go traffic in an hour long congestion on 401 highway. Because it was a big SUV, no damage was done to the rental car. I filed an OPP accident Report which the police officer also gave the car an "all clear, no damage" status report. Insurance claims with the third party was subsequently all cleared and settled.

When I returned the car to them, I notified them about the accident and gave them a copy of the OPP report and they checked and said alright and I asked them for a receipt that it was all right and they said that there was no need, the OPP report was enough.

However, suddenly in November 2016, I received a claim from a collection agency claiming to be working for Hertz, that I owe them over $800 in damages. I asked them for photo evidence of the damages and they showed me the exact same bended license plate, and a dent in the rear bumper. The estimate they provided was full of damages to the rear bumper which was not involved in the fender bender. The dubious thing was that the pictures of the damages that they provided had no metadata at all, so there is no way one can determine the dates when the photos were taken.

This has been going on for 4 months with these sneaky collection agency personnel harassing me to pay for damages that I did not cause. Finally, I have to go to the internet to publish my bad experience with Thrifty, Dollar and Hertz. I filed an complaint with Consumers Ontario and called Thrifty to confront them about this fraudulent charges. This is not the end of it yet, I am sure, because they said they are going to further investigate.

Needless to say, I will never rent from them again and you should not also.

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21. Re: DO NOT rent cars from Thrifty Dollar and Hertz! Be warned!


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22. Re: DO NOT rent cars from Thrifty Dollar and Hertz! Be warned!

Any advice on car rental companies that disclose all expenses up front? The three times I rented (Fox, Dollar, Thrifty) I ended paying twice and even thrice as much as the original reservation said (extra insurances that "were not declinable", weird charges and taxes, etc.)

I don't mind paying more on the per-day fee, but I would like to know how much I will end up paying. I generally find out like 2 weeks later, when the credit card bill arrives at home :(


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23. Re: DO NOT rent cars from Thrifty Dollar and Hertz! Be warned!

Never had any problems with Hertz in Toronto. Always take a picture of any damages before leaving the garage or lot with any rental car company.

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24. Re: DO NOT rent cars from Thrifty Dollar and Hertz! Be warned!

Hi mararules;

FYI...proper forum Netiquette to start a new question rather than "tag on" to an existing one.

The regulars on this forum always recommend using one of the larger, brand named rental companies.

Here are some of the larger ones, in alphabetical order.

Avis 1-800-879-2847


Budget 1-800-268-8900


Discount 1-877-742-8787


Enterprise 1-866-799-7968


Hertz www.hertz.ca

National 1-800-227-7368


Best Regards

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25. Re: DO NOT rent cars from Thrifty Dollar and Hertz! Be warned!

If the rental car company is doing business in another country they should honor the currency of location. Mcdonalds is world wide but they dont pay with dollars in japan. She never stated which country she was in so perhaps she was renting the vehicle in another country and remaining in that country. The business should still operate under the currency of the country and not the country of their corporate office. It is not far fetched that someone who lives in another country would not know / expect the conversion rate or even have held a dollar in their hand for that matter as it is not their countries currency. I have never held an indian rupee before because it is not my countries currency.

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26. Re: DO NOT rent cars from Thrifty Dollar and Hertz! Be warned!

I actually had the best rental experience in a long time with a Hertz rental last month. It couldn't have been any more perfect. Taking the pay now to save a few bucks to me is silly.

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27. Re: DO NOT rent cars from Thrifty Dollar and Hertz! Be warned!

From what I just read, Hertz has acquired Thrifty and Dollar

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28. Re: DO NOT rent cars from Thrifty Dollar and Hertz! Be warned!

News travels slow to Russia........................:-)

Post #2 <<Actually - Hertz owns both Thrifty and Dollar ... since 2012.>>

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29. Re: DO NOT rent cars from Thrifty Dollar and Hertz! Be warned!

They are related. Hertz is the parent company.

30. Re: DO NOT rent cars from Thrifty Dollar and Hertz! Be warned!

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