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CanaDream? you better wake up!!!

Seattle, Washington
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CanaDream? you better wake up!!!

just like everybody else here, we had very bad expirience with CanaDream:

The RV we got was old and dirty, the front lights were dim (not bright enought to drive at night) and the water pump could only pump the water above 40% what made us short in water all the time

When we returned the unit- man this was a nightmare, I thought it is like Herz/Avis that you drop the car and that's it, but the guy came and told i'm 23m late, though in the checkin they told me I have 1hr of grace

than they charged me extra KM though they made us go through a detour to try and fix the front lights, and than they found missing wheel hub and charged us extra $100 though there was no sign on the tire for any accident or sidewalk bump which means, it was actually not fastened properly

the guy came with a tabelt and he had a app on that thing that if you look at it you understand that they put as a target to take from you more money when you return, so if you got atteactive offer from them, see it as sub-total. the checklist when you return is extremely long, they look on things that no one made me look on when I took the unit

my advice to you is rent a RV elsewhere or be aware that you are going to pay much more than what they offer you at the first place, and be ready for bad mechanical state, and dirty unit

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Ottawa, Canada
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1. Re: CanaDream? you better wake up!!!

Hi Nadav H,


And I see also that you are a Brand NEW Member to TripAdvisor (this is your fist post)… so a BIG Welcome Aboard as well !!

Sorry to hear you had such a poor experience on your vacation… that is really sad / bad.

Hopefully though, now that you’ve discovered TripAdvisor’s amazing Website, your future vacations will be a ton better.

Because, the one thing that TA does best is info for Trip Planning… checking in on TA BEFORE you travel means that a lot of pitfalls can be avoided entirely.



PS… Did your headlights actually have a problem? When I first read this post, my immediate thought was the Daytime Running Lights that we have here in Canada… vehicles once turned on have headlamps that come on all the time to improve visibility and cut-down on accidents… when driving at night you actually have to turn a switch to flick on the true Headlights and / or Brights. One would most certainly not want to drive around at night with just the DRLs.

Seattle, Washington
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2. Re: CanaDream? you better wake up!!!

Thanks, we looked on tips in TA but did not check about canadream

it wasn't the DRL, the beam can be tunied up/down, and in that case it was tuned too high...

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3. Re: CanaDream? you better wake up!!!

I believe that your RV was a piece of crap. We bought one from them 3 years ago and have been fixing things ever since. I would have nothing to do with this company ever again!

Calgary, Canada
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4. Re: CanaDream? you better wake up!!!

Dear Nadav H.

My name is Brian Gronberg and I am the President & CEO of CanaDream and very sorry to hear of your experience with our company and that we did not meet your expectations. Although I never like hearing of our guests having anything but a positive experience, I welcome your comments as an opportunity to review and make improvements to insure a positive experience for future guests.

Unfortunately, I don’t have enough information with your post to do a thorough review and would welcome additional details that would allow me to review the specifics of your concerns and respond.

You are welcome to post to this site or contact me directly at 403 290 6900 or by email at brian@canadream.com.

In the meantime, I can provide the following;

This year we will host over 20,000 guests and have hosted roughly the same number of guests each year for the last 17 years. We are committed to delivering exceptional guest service and standards through;

Meticulously maintained and uniquely manufactured recreational vehicles,

First class staff training, and

People friendly and innovative technology.

The tablet application that we have developed is intended to improve and assist both staff and our guest experience increasing accuracy of documentation and reducing wait time paper when the guest picks up or returns.

Was there a particular issue that you had that you found offensive in our or your use of this tablet?

As you noted we have a specified return time and a staff member indicated that you were late. My question is did they just note that you were late and did so in an offensive manner and not take into consideration our grace period or did they note that you were late and charge you a late return fee? Clearly, no late return fee is owed and we will refund same if you were charged.

We have very strict service and maintenance standards and each motorhome has a complete and documented service by licensed mechanics and RV technicians after each guest use including that the hub caps are properly installed. Regular audits of our service standards are completed by independent inspection and all units receive a independent inspection for completion prior to a guest delivery. With additional information, I will confirm the age and review the service records and condition of the motorhome provided and if in any way, we did not meet our standards discuss what you would feel is acceptable compensation.

I would also like to review how we assisted you with your issues of the head lights and water pump issue and the need to travel extra km’s to affect the repairs. If this was as a result of our negligence then we will refund the additional charges.

Look forward to your further correspondence.


Brian W. Gronberg

President & CEO

Calgary, Canada
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5. Re: CanaDream? you better wake up!!!

Dear Mr. Duchesssunlover,

My name is Brian Gronberg and I am the President & CEO of CanaDream. I appreciate your discussion on this forum and take very seriously your comments that you purchase a motorhome and have been fixing things ever since.

Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss the issue that you have experienced and I am prepared to cover all reasonable costs that you feel should not have required repair as a result of how we sold you your motorhome.

As you are aware, we undertake and you would have been provided with a full and complete independent mechanical inspection and that all needed work would have been completed along with any additional work requested prior to delivery.

As I have stated in a post to this forum our objective is to deliver exceptional customer service and if we have failed in any way we will make it right and compensate you for your trouble.

Please feel free to contact me directly by phone 403 290 6900 or by email: brian@canadream.com


Brian W. Gronberg

President & CEO

Montreal, Canada
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6. Re: CanaDream? you better wake up!!!

Dear all,

I fully agree, that you have to be prepared to pay much more than you are expecting by the time of pick up. We took an RV this April-May as a one way special from Calgary to Whitehorse - they need more RVs in Yukon for summer. It is a long way, and the fuel consumption is quite high, so we paid a lot for the fuel. But thats ok, we have been expecting this. What we didnt expect, in Yukon is quite common to have windscreen broken especially once the the winter is just gone, and it happens to us twice. With the first one we made a detour and spent one day in Prince George to replace it. It costs 247CAD as I signed the folio but CanaDream charged us 500CAD! It happened twice, so we paid 1000CAD more than we expected with an issue it is really hard to avoid. As I asked why they are charging more than it costs, the answer was the rest (253CAD) is administrative cost. I also sent an email copy to Mr. Brian W. Gronberg with no response.

Yours sinceraly


Calgary, Canada
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7. Re: CanaDream? you better wake up!!!

Dear Jan,

Thank you for your post and I apologize that you had issues with your CanaDream holiday.

We receive over 20,000 guests annually that travel with us to experience Canada at their own pace and it is important to me that we provide our guests with the quality of motorhome and sevice that their expereince of Canada give them a lifetime of happy memories.

I am happy to repsond to the issues that you raised in this forum, as I did not receive your email. Possibly you did not have my correct email: brian@canadream.com.

I am pleased that you took advantage of booking a 2012/2011, MH-A using our $99 dollar, 10 day one-way special to Whitehorse and added 2 addtional days for an additional cost of $156.00 and that we refunded you $180.00 at drop off for not using your generator.

Hopefully the value of the booking cost was sufficient to offset fuel costs incurred to travel the 3200km that you drove. Our experience of fuel costs to Whitehorse from Calgary, from our own transfer costs and information received from other guests this year, indicate fuel costs of between $800 to $1000.00. The difference being size of unit, speed, and kms driven.

I reviewed the service records on your motorhome and confirmed that it was regularly serviced and had received an independant mechanical inspection prior to picking up, confirming that it was in sound mechanical condition.

If your costs were notebly different and this was a result of an engine maintenace issue then I am happy to discuss and cover the fuel expense difference.

With respect to the issue the damaged windshields. Our terms and conditions do indicate a $500 deductible for replacement. It was very unfortunate that your windsheild was broken on your way to Lake Louise, such that it was felt that total replacement was necessary prior to your return of the motorhome in Whitehorse. I hope you appreciate the on-road support that you received to find an on-route service centre to replace the windsheild.

In an attempt to recovery the deductible that you paid, we undertook, on your behalf, to follow up on the information provide of the vehicle and driver that you indicated caused the damage. We contacted the RCMP and attempted to contact the driver of the other vehicle, but unfortunately, we were not successful in our attempts. As the driver information was incorrect and the RCMP informed us that there was no further action that we could take using the license plate and vehicle picture provided.

If you feel that there is something more that we can do on your behalf, please feel free to call me directly at 403 290 6900.

It was extremely unfortunate that you encountered driving conditions where you broke a second windshield and an additional $500 deductible applied.

I can assure that we make no money from our deductible cost to the replacement cost of windshields and will only charge for chip repairs when ever possible. However, in your case it appears that the first windshield had san unrepairable rock chip and impeded your vision such that you required ereplacement and that we, as stated, found a service centre that was on route to your holiday plans.

I hope that, aside from the unexpected expenses, that you had a memorable trip to the Yukon.

Again my apologize for the inconveniences you experienced.


Brian Gronberg

President & CEO

London, United...
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8. Re: CanaDream? you better wake up!!!

Hi, I have just returned from my first RV holiday. I hired an RV from Canadream for 11 days travelling on Vancouver Island and after reading these reviews I was slightly concerned about booking with Canadream however i enountered no problems. The RV was clean and less than a year old, when i returned the RV it took a few minutes for the RV to be inspected and confirmed there was no damage and the keys handed over no additional charges. I would certainly recommend Canadream to anyone who is looking for a RV holiday in Canada.

Rastatt, Germany
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9. Re: CanaDream? you better wake up!!!

I've just returned from my first RV holiday, and can't say that we had any great problems with Canadream, the unit was clean and pretty much everything worked, although we never did figure out how to get the TV to work.

We did have a problem with a leak in the front slideout on the Super Van Conversion, but retracting it cured that. Was a bit of a PITA though. The rear slideout is essential unless you are under 170cm, so do not accept a unit where it does not work. The kitchen gear could use a teflon coated frying pan, as the stainless steel one provided is useless (we ended up buying a teflon one) As mentioned somewhere here, the vehicles are very thirsty, I winced everytime it was time to tank up, dunno why they havent gone to a diesel or propane fleet.

Returning the unit was painless, it took about 5 minutes and we incurred no extra charges, but given the cost of operating the vehicle, along with the basic cost of renting it, and campsite fees, I don't think that it is the most economical way of seeing Canada. Think I'll go back to a Hertz rental and B&B next time I return home.

Vancouver, Canada
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10. Re: CanaDream? you better wake up!!!

Perhaps Mr.Brian Gronburg has been taking the posts on this forum seriously and recognizes that unhappy customers leads to a bad reputation leads to no customers. Glad to hear that they appear to be cleaning up their act (or getting their friends and family to post....)

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