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Warning ~ Warning ~ Warning

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Warning ~ Warning ~ Warning


This post first appeared in the Puerto Vallarta forum. As a first time poster to this site, I was unsure as to where to place this warning. Someone, kindly suggested that I also post this here as this happened at the Grand Marival resort. There is a follow up posting to this called: "Mexican assault and rape"

Here is the original post. Please read and take heed.


My wife and I just returned from our trip to the Grand Marival resort. Our trip was cut short due to a physical and sexual assault upon my wife on the beach. The hotel will not tell you that it is unsafe to walk on the beach by yourself at night. The main problem is that you feel safe and secure being in paradise. YOU ARE NOT!

The beach area is NOT private. It is NOT owned by the hotel. Anyone can access the beach and therefore the hotel grounds. You must be careful and NEVER be alone on or near the beach at night. Go with friends, a spouse, or companion.

As far as the hotel is concerned, they don't want any bad publicity as was evident when I reported the attack to the hotel concierge and security force (which is worthless). They wouldn't write a report, call the police, or do anything to let other guests know that there was a rapist on site. Fortunately, there was a Spanish speaking member of our party that acted as interpretor and along with another member of our party, forced the hotel to get the police involved.

The hotel doctor was equally worthless but he's probably more accustomed to dealing with sunburn and sea sickness than rapes. You must keep in mind that you are not in the USA anymore.

Now on to the hotel itself. The staff is wonderful. Rooms are spacious and well appointed. My suggestion is to get a 2nd floor room in case you want to keep your door open to hear the pounding surf. We had a 1st floor room which was nice but we were unable to keep the door open especially after the attack.


The Italian restaurant was awesome.

The Mediterranean was very good.

The Steak House was less than wonderful. That is, if you like steak. The sirloin was about 1/2 inch thick and tough. As a matter of fact, all of the beef we had with the exception of the wedding meal, was tough.

We never made it to the Mexican restaurant as we had to get out of there after the assault.

The buffet was very good. Breakfasts were also very good.

The hotel was very clean and accomodating for most things.

All in all, a place that we would still highly recommend but always be aware of your drinks and who has access to them. Never be alone on the beach at night.

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1. Re: Warning ~ Warning ~ Warning

Cutter: I'ts good of you to take the time to warn people. Good you and your wife are doing better.

I agree Marival is a very nice Resort, one we would go back too also. It's too bad they don't warn guests at all. No Resorts do!!

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2. Re: Warning ~ Warning ~ Warning


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3. Re: Warning ~ Warning ~ Warning

WHAT was your wife doing on the beach by herself at night?

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4. Re: Warning ~ Warning ~ Warning

She wasn't ON the beach. She was on Marival property and was dragged onto the beach.

Here's a follow up for all that are interested. After talking to Apple about gettig the police report, the medical report, and insurance information about lost vacation time and getting reimbursed per the vacation insurance plan, I got a call today from the Apple people. Guess what?


After being interviewed by no less than 3 Mexican police officers along with an Apple rep, hotel personnel, and an interpretor, to add insult to injury, the police decided NOT TO FILE a report. Why?

My guess is that as tourists, we would be leaving the next day and who gives a crap. No paperwork for them to fill out and more siesta time. The MARIVAL hotel has washed their hands of the whole thing. Can you feel my anger?

Mexico will NOT see me again or my American dollars. Not that it matters a whit to them but it's the only form of protest that I'm afforded and one, of which I will wholeheartedly take advantage.

Nowhere to file a formal grievance and no recourse. So, we are left with the attempt at getting back some of our lost days through the insurance company that Apple promotes. I don't hold out much hope for getting satisfaction from them. After all, it's an insurance company.

Want to take a vacation? Stick to the USA.


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5. Re: Warning ~ Warning ~ Warning

My prayers for you and your wife,did you try to get help from the American Embassy?

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6. Re: Warning ~ Warning ~ Warning

No. First off, this happened on a Sunday morning and it took all we could handle to have to stay Sunday night because there wasn't an available flight until Monday. Getting the hotel to get involved was only possible because there was a Spanish speaking member of our party. If it weren't for him and the groom, the hotel (MARIVAL) wouldn't have done anything. Believe me, I tried.

Then the police who were reluctantly summoned by the MARIVAL. Hindsight: I think we would have been better served if the police only sent the Sergeant from Zorro.

Once we got past that and then the doctor (don't get me started), and then add the anxiety that my wife felt, and there was no leaving the room until we left for the airport. Therefore, while placing our misguided trust in the Mexican beaurocracy, we didn't feel the need to or even think about the embassy.

But next time...........

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7. Re: Warning ~ Warning ~ Warning

Hopefully, for your wife there won't be a next time. I'm going to the Marival in July and thanks for the warning. I have told everyone in my party to be cautious. I hope your wife is feeling better.

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8. Re: Warning ~ Warning ~ Warning

Wow! Sorry to hear of this!! Please extend my thoughts and prayers to your wife!!

But..thanks for the warning you are right...we do tend to feel "secure" at the Marival...I have been there four times and would have never imagined that would happen but..obviously it did and I am sorry to hear that....best wishes!!!

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9. Re: Warning ~ Warning ~ Warning

Cutter I am so sorry, I know that this is a traumatic experience,

You and your wife are in my prayers..

God bless you both.



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10. Re: Warning ~ Warning ~ Warning

I hope you and your wife are doing better.

You are in my thoughts and prayers also.

Thank you for your post. I'm sure it will save someone else the trauma your wife had to endure.

God bless.