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places to eat

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places to eat

Where are good places to eat and drink on a budget in Cabo? We are staying at the Pacifica. Also who do you reccommend for snorkel tour and can we rent gear for the day if we go to Lovers Beach? Any other information would be great. Thought about renting a car and seems since the shuttle will take us to the rose we can walk and probably rent a car for the day if possible to visit other beaches. Does anyone go to the beach by the old cannery?

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1. Re: places to eat

Cheap eats:

Taco Loco, 4 tacos and a beer for 6 bucks! Or as I like to say, 8 tacos and 2 beers for 12!


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2. Re: places to eat


as far as good restaurants here ya go:You can go to the Crazy Lobster or the Sleepless lobster and have a full course breakfast of Huevos Rancheros for 1.10 or an lobster omletter for 4.00 they have great lunches and dinners too. street vendors have delicious fish tacos (3) and other goodies with a beer for 5.00. here is Trappers famous list of good and afford able restaurants.

cabosource.com is a good resource for all most anything Cabo related

per Trapper:

Here is the list of some of my favorite restaurants. I have eaten at all of these and enjoyed my meals. They are all between the new mall and Tesoro (formerly Costa Real Cabo Resort, formerly Plaza Los Glories) on the inner harbor .

Macombos (seafood) on VicaroSt.

Felixs-on Hidalgo st. Mexican

Pepes-across from the new mall

Zapatas-across from the new mall

Stop LightCafe-next to Squid Roe

Crazy Lobster-Hildago st.

Sleepless Lobster- $2.00 omelets $5.00 lobster omelets-behind Squid Roe

Spencers (in the Mar de Cortez hotel)-$2.50 breakfast

El Coral across from Costa Real Cabo Resort

Lapradilla-all you can eat ribs $14.99 on Hildago st. (may be closed now)

Taco Loco- next to the Jungle bar 4 tacos and a beer $6.00

Felixs (Mamma’s in the morning)on Hildago st.

Mamma’s is great for breakfast

La Quesdillas on corner by Squid Roe Now reopened

La Dolce Italian on Hildago


La Golondrina-near Melia San lLucas hotel- outdoors and great food but expensive

Solomons walk through the lobby of Costa Real Hotel, it's right as you get outside

Tanga Tanga next to the Costa Real Hotel (now Tesoro ) 15 peso beers,15 peso tacos and 20 peso mixed drinks.

On Medano beach.

The Office


San Francisco Coffe Company

Nik San- best sushi but not cheap

Rips Bar

Panchos- great mexican fare

Brazil stekshouse, massive meat extravaganza, and good too!

i hope you have a wonderful trip. Buena Suerte ...jim

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3. Re: places to eat

Thank you I appreciate it. Do all the places use treated water now . I was told not to have salads or drinks with ice if not in a resort restaurant???

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4. Re: places to eat


no worries about wtaer. most all of the resorts have water filtration systems etc. fact is Baja has incredible water from artesian wells, its the plumbing systems that is the fly in the ointment. youll be fine. Buena Suerte....... jiim

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5. Re: places to eat

Just a couple notes to previous responses:

LaPadrilla was still open as of a couple weeks ago. Its for sale but don't think they will leave until sold rather then shutting the doors. Fun owners from Colorado....she hands out advertising flyers and her husband sings and plays guitar. Great food too.

As for the ice issue......FYI....just don't eat the ice out of the buckets they bring the beer in at Billygans. That ice is probably not filtered.

I've always had drinks with ice at many bars, not just resort areas, and have not had any trouble in the six trips I've made down to Cabo. This last time I was at the beach and started muching the ice out of the bucket......maybe coincidental but issues developed. Started the yogurt plan (I believe KatD has mentioned) and all is better now. So if you use her theory of eating a yogurt per day you should be A-OK also.

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6. Re: places to eat

Here's my list of cheap eats. Many overlap with Trapper's meaning that it's either a good bet or both of us simply have iron guts:

Baja Cantina

Carnitas El Michoacano

El Coral Restaurant

Crazy Lobster Bar and Grill

El Meson de Zapata

El Pollo de Oro

La Casa del Dorado

La Parrillada

La Picazon (if still open)

Las Gardenias (cheap tacos)

Las Quesadillas

Los Ajos (cheap buffet 12 – 6 pm)

Mama’s Royal for breakfast

Mariscos Mazatlan


Sleepless Lobster

Solomon’s Landing (cheap tacos)

Spencer’s for breakfast

Taco Loco

Tanga Tanga (always seem to have cheap daily specials

Taqueria El Paisa

Aliso Viejo...
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7. Re: places to eat

Just ate at Mama's about 2 hours ago... great French Toast!

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8. Re: places to eat

Wow, what great lists! I've been to some of them, but not all. The first year we went to The Office, it was soooo nice. I loved the tables on the beach (still do) and the way you had to jocky your chair in the sand so you didn't sit lopsided ; ). The food and drinks were awesome!

Last year we went to The Office and they were having a stage show. We made reservations there because we had rememberd how nice it was to eat dinner by the sound of the waves crashing into shore. But last year the show was really annoying mostly because we didn't expect it. They sat us right next to one of the speakers and we had to shout at eachother. We couldn't move tables as the place was packed. As the evening wore on, we started to enjoy the show a little (...when in Rome...), but my friend got sick and had to run off to the bathroom. There was also a big guy roming around with a bottle of Tequila. He would walk up behind you, tilt your head back and pour tequila into your mouth. Unfortunately, that year, I couldn't drink due to medical reasons. I thought, if that come comes near me, I'll (blank blank blank).

This is just my experiance at The Office. I enjoy breakfast there, and I love the "hallway" you walk through at night with the lights. So pretty.

I hear they don't have the shows all the time, so we plan on checking that out and not going on those nights.

So, if you are into the stage shows (a lot of audience participation) then by all means go. If not, find out when they don't have them.



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9. Re: places to eat

If you want to make a list of where to eat and check them off as you go along ,you can follow the list of the prior posts. I eat whenever and wherever I desire. It is all good. So forget the list,just enjoy. The food is good and the price is right. Same goes for the tours. They are the the same-GOOD. These people do this for a living. They know the land and the water. Just remember ITS ALL GOOD. And use the vouchers and save 35%. ENJOY

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10. Re: places to eat

Thank you for all the feedback I appreciate it. Unfortunately we were unable to come to Cabo since our flight was cancelled due to the hurricane. I am hoping the Pacifica will rebook us in November. Alaska won't rebook us but refund us, Alaksa limits the rebook to October 7 which dosen't work with my parents whom are taking care of our children. Cross your fingers I was so looking forward to experinecing Cabo. Thank you again.