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Should I buy or rent timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Rose

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Los Angeles...
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Should I buy or rent timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Rose

Dear members,

I saw some ad selling a Junior Timeshare unit in PBR for very cheap price.

They said I will pay only a maintenance fee about $550 /year.

Is it true that the maintenance fee is that low in that resort?

If so, I see the maintenance fee is lower than renting the unit from Redweek.com

But I don't know if there is any catch in that sale offer, or maybe owner wants to get

out due to personal reasons, or are there issues with this resort?

Please advise. Thanks a lot.

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1. Re: Should I buy or rent timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Rose

Yes, maintenance fees for a junior suite are $550 a year. However, fees can and will go up over time.

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2. Re: Should I buy or rent timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Rose

Rose is a great place. Not what I would call 5 star but very nice location, great beach and you get to use the sister resorts stuff too (Blanco right next door and Sunset/ Pacifica 10 minutes away by free shuttle on the pacific ocean.)

While I HAVE seen redweek / VRBO rental deals for $550 a week there...they are usually more. If there are no other "catches" and the transfer fees aren't too bad AND you don't mind going the same place often, it sounds like a decent deal to me.

Also, I haven't peeked in the rooms in awhile. I heard they were planning remodeling. Not sure if it was done or even scheduled.

Saint James, New...
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3. Re: Should I buy or rent timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Rose

Memejudy........Buying from an owner is the ONLY way to get a timeshare. Some timeshares have been given away Free on this site and other sites. Some people can no longer travel due to health reasons, divorce, financial, or other reasons.

Time shares are a super way to vacation. The only negative could be getting the week you want to vacation. Unless this timeshare is for the same week every year (Called a fixed week), you will have to request a week from the resort usually a year ahead of time. You might have to accept a different week than you want due to availability.

You have to pay the maintenance fee if you use the week or not. The nice thing about a Rental week is that you can usually get any week at you want, usually on short notice.

Find out how many years are left on this timeshare. Some are not forever. Also make sure its for every year. Some timeshares are every other year.(EOY).

Good luck......Most of us were dumb and bought from the resort. You could save thousands buying from an owner. But its got to be really cheap. You didn't mention the price. For my money renting is usually the best way to go.

Eagle River, Alaska
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4. Re: Should I buy or rent timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Rose

Renting would be my number 1 piece of advice..........If you do decide to buy a timeshare, I would agree with what has been previously suggested.......DON'T BUY at the Resort, buy on second market.

Denver, Colorado
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5. Re: Should I buy or rent timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Rose

Most people who own timeshares will tell you not to buy them. Maintenance fees go up every year. Also, they resorts can, and do, change the rules whenever they want, which can make it more difficult to use your unit. And if you buy a floating week, then there are a million restrictions to using it, and you're competing for the same popular timeframes as everyone else at the resort. Why put yourself on the hook for the next umpteen years? Just rent a week if/when you need a week, and walk away without any further commitments. That's the smart thing to do.

Also, as for renting out your unit when you're not using it -- usually, if you go out to the timeshare rental websites, you'll see that your rental will be in competition with many, many others. It's difficult to rent them out, as well as a hassle.

Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it. No matter how cheap. Don't do it!!

Puyallup, Washington
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6. Re: Should I buy or rent timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Rose

I will disagree and say go for it if it is free or almost free and the transfer fees are low.

There should only be 10-12 years left on the contract and as long as you know you will use it, you will have a low cost vacation every year.

Add the price plus the transfer fees and divide it by how many years are left and then add the maintenance fee to see what you are really paying per week.

If everyone would do that before they purchased there would be lots less purchased from the developers and owners that are asking too much.

We own weeks at both Rose and Blanco plus 2 weeks at Playa Grande and don't regret buying any of them. All of them were free or almost free though.

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7. Re: Should I buy or rent timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Rose

seems I agree with the "don't buy it" crowd. We bought 13 years ago, and wish we had known how available timeshares are to rent from owners - worldwide. We bought because of 2 things the sales folk asked: can you afford it? and will you use it?. both were yes - and still are. we keep a gold membership with Interval for exchanges, and have had pretty good success getting what we want, where we want, when we want. On the flip side - we could find rentals for as cheap or cheaper than what our weeks are actually costing us now.

renting would be easier, and if for whatever reason - you don't feel like using a timeshare one year - you don't have to pay for it anyhow.

Saint Louis...
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8. Re: Should I buy or rent timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Rose

I would never have a timeshare for free or otherwise.

Dana Point...
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9. Re: Should I buy or rent timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Rose

We are owners at the Rose and really like the location, resort and what we get for our $$. We have owned our jr. suite since 2001 and the fees have not gone up that much. We have never swapped our time as we love Cabo. We have not used it every year and have been able to easily sell our week to friends and family looking to vacation. There are no issues with the resort. We did our research though and back in 2001, The Rose was one of the nicer hotels in the area. Since that time the options have grown immensely. I would recommend visiting other resorts in the area to make sure this is where you would want to own. While we enjoy visiting the other "nicer" resorts we are still very happy with our purchase and will continue to enjoy our time at the Rose.

Los Angeles...
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10. Re: Should I buy or rent timeshare at Pueblo Bonito Rose

Hi All,

Thanks so much for your advices, There are pro and con in renting as well as in buying:

- Renting: we depends on availability of inventory and we have to spend a lot of time to contact owners, we don't know who we can trust, I saw some blog in timeshare rentals topic, the couple who left messages to 2 owners and did not get reply. If they own timeshare, they just have to book with the resort in advance and they are all done, no need to keep trying to find a place. I am sure renting 1 week at PBR will cost at least $800/week and with certain date condition.

- As I will retire in 5 years and have large family with young children and grand-children, I need a place to enjoy my retirement and for my family, I don't want to keep looking for rentals.

That's why I think owning a Timeshare would be best for me. I was trying to buy pre-construction condo, but many folks have talked out of it and I back out that plan now.

I still look forward for more valuable advices.