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Easy Way Car Rental

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Easy Way Car Rental

I just finished reading most of all the bad reviews about

AMERICA Car Rental and I was wondering if anyone has had recent experience with EASY WAY?


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11. Re: Easy Way Car Rental

recently used Easy Way for a 10 day rentsl. the car we reserved was not available, our only option to pay a similar price was to get a manual. the car was new, no frills ... AC, but no radio, etc. it got great gas mileage,,

and ended up being cheaper.

a couple of things , minor negatives, we will rent from them again, unknown to us, the license sticker expired the day after we rented the car, it could have been worse if the police had informed us, but it was our parking attendant and only took an hour for the office in Merida to replace it for us. new cars in Mexico operate on mo th to month permits rather than year long license ( so we were told), so, check to see if the tag will expire during your rentsl. we never thought to look.

the other negative was that the process to check out our car took 2 hours, and it was after the 2 hours and paying for the rental that we were told that the automatic car we reserved was not available. fortunately we both can drive a manual transmission, ended up being fine.

I highly recommend Easy WAy, look for their guy to the left when you get out of the airport. I found the car to be well maintained, and except for the minor hiccup, hassle free. the price online is what you pay, no surprises.

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12. Re: Easy Way Car Rental

Not only do you need to check your tags, but take your paperwork with you when you're out and about. We were asked for it twice at road stops and didn't have it (had left it back at the ranch). Fortunately, it was the same guy both times and he was in a good mood.

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13. Re: Easy Way Car Rental

Interesting tip, Marleygirl. I actually left our paperwork at the house because I was thinking it would be bad to lose the car AND the paperwork, but I'll leave it in the car next trip. Thanks!

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14. Re: Easy Way Car Rental

Have used them for the past 3 years and have not had a problem. Excellent service, great selection of cars, but I do pay all the possible insurance so that if anything were to happen, I walk away with not paying a dime. I highly recommend Easy Way. We will be renting another car from them in 2 weeks!

Brooklyn, NY
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15. Re: Easy Way Car Rental

I used them last November and also had my sister in law rent from them as well. They are great.

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16. Re: Easy Way Car Rental

Rented from Easyway this past June-July and I am very happy with their service!

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17. Re: Easy Way Car Rental

I used EasyWay in July 2011 and July 2012. Clearly, I'm a satisfied customer. HOWEVER, my experiences with them are not without snags. DESPITE that fact, I will use them on my next trip to the Yucatan. Here's the down-lo:

In 2011, I chose them because their rates were cheaper, being off airport property. They picked me up promptly and courteously from the airport and shuttled me and some others a few minutes away to their office (office is hidden behind a Pemex gas station and XOXO convenience store right off highway 307 north). I was the last to get registered and drove away with an automatic Nissan Aprio (4 door sedan, A/C,, no radio) and they gave me two bottles of water (not customary). I hit 307 south, pumped gas and was on my way to Tulum.

Bear in mind, I was on a getaway to recuperate from a serious car crash and I was still achy and suffering migraines. The goal was to learn to enjoy driving again. I'd never driven overseas, so I figured if I could make it out here, I could get back on the road in the US. Also, note, I'm a female who travels alone and I'm near-fluent in Spanish.

Here's where the story gets juicy: I wasn't even outside of Cancun city limits before some weird squiggly lights flashed on the panel and the car began to run slowly. I pulled over at a strip mall and called the office and they couldn't tell me what it was. After establishing with them that I knew how to start a car, I hit the road again. Things were ok for a bit, but then the same problem happened. The next Pemex could not tell me what was wrong. By this time, I'd figured out that I could not go above 80, so trying to keep up with the traffic at 100 was a bust. Irritated and hot (I was too scared to run the A/C), I drove 60 to Playa. At the first Playa Pemex, the attendant had no idea what was wrong, but tried to convince me I needed an oil change...*sigh* I parked on 5th Ave in Playa and tried calling the Playa office, but the number wouldn't go through. I called the Cancun office and they said they'd send someone, but after an hour of waiting no one showed up! At this point I'd figured out that the problem disappeared after turning the car off, I just needed to rev it above 60-ish, so I may as well drive to the Playa office since I'd made it this far. Office super-tough to find when you're sweating like a pig, hungry, and your head is throbbing. After 30 minutes, I pulled into their lot only to have the guys tell me they had no more cars and my car seemed fine, but didn't I want to get a sandwich with them. After pressing them for their correct number in case I stuck (the letterhead did not print the last digit of their phone number), I hit the road going 40-60. All I wanted was to get in Tulum before dark. And, that I did. I had no more problems driving at that speed. Finding my palapa on the beach is an entirely different tale! So, in all , it took 5.5 hours to drive from Cancun to Tulum.

Wait for it. There's more:

I was able to take the car for short excursions - the farthest I went was to Coba and back - slowly. But, one night, the ignition wouldn't start. I blamed it on the iguana pegged to my windshield. Based on that, I caught the ADO bus to and from Chichen Itza and had to deal with the fresh young thing in the seat next to mine, who became such a good friend that I visited him this year in Playa. The morning I was due at the airport, I stopped at a super secret paradaisical beach that shall remain nameless only to get back in the Apio (my new name for this hunk of metal which means celery) and couldn't start the car without fervent prayer. Of course, when I returned it to the office, they drove me to the airport in the same car effortlessly.

SO....why on earth would I use them again?!?!?!

Well, I don't have that much $$ and I'm adventurous, OK?!

HERE'S the good:

This year, they were as hospitible and professional as I'd remembered when making the reservations, even graciously adjusting a few times because of my error and because of an incredibly long flight delay. Instead of arriving at 12:30 pm, I got in at 10:44 pm and couldn't keep calling with my status. Honestly, by the time I arrived, I just wanted to plop in a taxi and be chauffered around. Ultimately, I decided if the EasyWay guys were waiting for me, I'd use their car, otherwise, I'd catch a cab (since it was so late, there was no way I was driving to Tulum after my last experience, so I had to swallow my pride and take a hotel in Puerto Juarez for the night..)

They were right there front and center waiting for me; they had gotten my frantic emails and had monitored my flight. Tired as I was, I was really impressed with their response, so I got another Aprio from them. This one had 91,000 miles, but was so much spiffier than the last one! They guys were really nice about giving me directions through Cancun to Puerto Juarez,so I didn't mind when they joked that my reservation included a chauffer who'd double as a boyfriend for the length of my trip...

To make this long review shorter, the car worked perfectly! The only minor snag was that I couldn't reach them by phone the day of my arrival (but, again, they got my emails), however, when I dropped the car off at 6 am, I called the office to open the gate and the guy came right out. Also, they have since printed the telephone number to the Playa office correctly on their forms. Also, they have an office in Tulum, now.

I'd recommend them. My celery story could've happened to anyone using any rental company. The price was right, the service decent+, the gave no hassle, and they speak English well.

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18. Re: Easy Way Car Rental

DO NOT RENT FROM EASY WAY!!! We just got back from 3 weeks in the Yucatan Peninsula. We rented a car from Easy Way because there were so many good reviews here, but we had a HORRIBLE experience. They totally tried to SCAM us out of $500+, so we spent our last hour in MX arguing with them and we left on a very sour note.

Here's the scam: They rented us a car with NUMEROUS DENTS in it. On our arrival, I pointed out the dents to the employee, who PRETENDED to mark them all on his form. When we returned the car, they "found" a dent that wasn't marked on the form and told us it would take about $500 to repair it. They charged our VISA card $500 in addition to the $953 we paid for the rental. Then they told us that the car wasn't clean enough--it was clean--and there would be an extra charge for that, as well. When they finally took us to the airport, I called VISA and they denied the charge, so we didn't pay it, but the whole experience was AWFUL. DO NOT RENT FROM EASY WAY!!!

No matter which company you rent from, watch the employee make the marks, and take pictures of every dent at the time you rent the car.

Edited: 1:12 pm, January 21, 2013
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19. Re: Easy Way Car Rental

I have used Easy Way 7 times in the last six months ranging from 4 to 10 days and have found them to be very courteous and professionalin addition to being competitively priced.

I have heard some bad reports on E Z Way which is south of the airport on 307.

Going in two weeks and Easy Way is on my list.

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20. Re: Easy Way Car Rental

We've used Easyway over the years on many occasions to drive all over the Peninsula. Never a problem. Have already reserved a vehicle from them for this coming June.