Soliman's Bay - Margarita Villa was FABULOUS!

We visited Soliman's Bay and stayed in Margarita Villa at the suggestion of a family friend in July 2011. They knew we were looking for something a little different than your typical "resort type" accomodations, yet a place that would be fun for our children (7 and 10). This was the best vacation we have ever taken! Soliman's Bay seemed like it was out of a movie! We snorkled, sailed, found hermit crabs and enjoyed gorgeous sunrise and sunsets. There was the most amazing place to eat near the south end of Soliman's Bay. I wish I could remember the name, because everyone must go there! What looked like a little hut, turned out to be one of the BEST true Mexican meals (being right on the beach was also a huge plus)! The kids enjoyed resting in the hammocks and drinking Coke from small bottles! The salsa was delicious! The house, Margarita Villa, was also perfect for us! The pool was a HUGE benefit - the kids basically jumped in right out of bed in the morning. There was a lot of outside seating areas and we loved having all the doors and windows open. We stayed in the top bedroom which we lovingly nicknamed "the Tree House." The palapa (sp?) roof, private balcony and overall decor was incredible. The caretakers were very sweet and did a great job. We also enjoyed going into Tulum for our daily "monkey ice cream." I really can't tell you the actual name, but it was brightly colored on the exterior and I became addicted to cinnamon gelato! The people of Tulum were very accomodating and never did we feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Not a day goes by without us talking about something we did, a place we visited or something we ate. From the smiling Soliman's Bay gatekeepers, beautiful accomodations, relaxing beach and amazing adventures, we could not have planned for a better Mexican vacation. We will definitely be back to visit and we tell all of our friends that they need to visit at least once in their lifetime!!