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Bedspreads / Top Bed Cover at Hotels - Hygiene Query!

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Bedspreads / Top Bed Cover at Hotels - Hygiene Query!

Ok this isnt something i have ever thought about before but the top bed covers that are on the beds in the hotel room, do you think these are changed after every guest has stayed in the room?

A work colleague was saying that they are on the bed months before they are changed and harbour all sorts of bodilly fluids (?) and germs ....urghhh

What do people reckon, i have to say i dont think i have ever seen the maid with those heavy covers on her trolley....its kinda got me wondering

Calgary, Canada
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1. Re: Bedspreads / Top Bed Cover at Hotels - Hygiene Query!

That question can be asked of any hotel any where in the world.......

West Chester, PA
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2. Re: Bedspreads / Top Bed Cover at Hotels - Hygiene Query!


I have heard the same - that they aren't changed between guests. For that reason ours comes off the bed for the whole stay. Whether true or not, it skeeved me enough to not want it anywhere near me.

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3. Re: Bedspreads / Top Bed Cover at Hotels - Hygiene Query!

Hey...you can always ask at time of booking-in........I have seen them being changed on occasion.......but I would think at a 5 * ALL are changed when guests change. If not, it doesn't hurt to ask. Same with the furniture.....chairs, couches etc. I would never sit on them without putting a lg. towel down first. Always have.....and I leave a note in Spanish for the maid to not remove them, as I am not sitting on them otherwise, as I have Never seen a vacuum cleaner......they just wash the floors etc. Can never be too careful with hygiene.

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4. Re: Bedspreads / Top Bed Cover at Hotels - Hygiene Query!

We were very pleased that at both RPDC and Royal Hideaway they now have duvets with fresh duvet covers. Even changed often during our 2 week stay. Can't remember for sure, but I think it was the same at ElDorado Maroma.

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5. Re: Bedspreads / Top Bed Cover at Hotels - Hygiene Query!

The Duvet covers are changed not so sure on actual bedspreads...one thing even dirtier that the bedspread in your hotel room is the TV remote control..we wipe it down as soon as we get there with a disinfecting wipe.

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6. Re: Bedspreads / Top Bed Cover at Hotels - Hygiene Query!

Yea, I've read lots of studies of the nasty germs that grow in hotel rooms. Used to be that phones were some of the worst, I suspect that probably isn't as true these days.

I rarely stay at upscale properties, so doubt the bedspreads and such are changed very often. I don't worry about it. If I get cold, I cover up with the spread. I choose to simply not think about all the gross possibilities.

I've also read that constant wiping with antibacterial wipes and such can lead to resistant germs and such.

I just watch my hands a lot and hope for the best. Have to say we travel often and rarely get sick, either while traveling or at home.

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7. Re: Bedspreads / Top Bed Cover at Hotels - Hygiene Query!

I travel with antiseptic wipes and use them on the remote, etc in the room; but also! wipe down the armrests and tables on the plane.

As far as the bedspreads; depends on the establishment and type of cover; when it doubt; take it off the bed.

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8. Re: Bedspreads / Top Bed Cover at Hotels - Hygiene Query!

I will NOT let wifey see this topic! It's her biggest phobia when traveling.

Look how many pictures on this website posted by guests showing the room feature someone laying on the bed, on top of the bedspread, either clothed with shoes on, or worse, after a day on the beach covered with suntan lotion or sweat! EEEEEWWWW!

Peel off that bedspread, fold it up, and put it in the corner of the room. Wipe down the phone, remote, and even door knobs (sliding balcony doors, too).

We like the resorts that double sheet the bed, encasing the blanket. Usually not at economical resorts, but some mid & upper class places.

Finally, don't bring a black light! You'll never travel again!



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9. Re: Bedspreads / Top Bed Cover at Hotels - Hygiene Query!

Bedspreads are icky, I am sure many hotels rarely wash them....duvet covers at least get washed.

another reason why we prefer condos. If anything looks suspect- throw it in the washer!

Wellington, Florida
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10. Re: Bedspreads / Top Bed Cover at Hotels - Hygiene Query!

Do you ever see a tray of fresh glasses being delivered to the rooms? Nope, they get wiped out with a cloth at every resort in the U.S. I actually have higher hopes for the housekeeping in Mexico, considering how many nights I've spent on a bathroom floor. Those floors are CLEAN!

Sounds silly, but just throw the remote in a ziplock bag and push the buttons through the plastic.

I hate those old fashioned tropical colored bedspreads and wish every hotel/resort would go to the white duvets.