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How do you prepare for your beach vacation?

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How do you prepare for your beach vacation?

the trip is booked...to fully prepare for vacation do you...

- read TA religiously

- do you get any shots?

- hit the gym regularly?

- hit the tanning beds?

- renew the diet?

- or, screw all that, and the prep starts by waking up with a tequila shot?

West Midlands, UK
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1. Re: How do you prepare for your beach vacation?

lol at the last one.

Start tanning before hand if there is sun at home, write lists of what to take, holiday clothes shopping, read trip advisor every day, check the weather/webcams every day to see if it's still sunny and begin the drinking binge - need to prepare the liver eh! :p

Evans, Georgia
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2. Re: How do you prepare for your beach vacation?

Love the last one! :-)

I read TA daily! Ok, I admit, sometimes many times a day!

This time I did getting my tetanus shot, as I was overdue for it and also doing the Hep A and Hep B since they are lifetime.

I have been working out for the past several months, but didn't hit my goal....could be the bad food choices, too many drinks, not sure really! LOL!

I don't tan and wouldn't go to a tanning bed if I did. BUT, I do get a spray tan before I go so I don't hurt people's eyes on the beach with my glow in the dark skin! (see my pic if you don't believe I glow)

Discussed the lack of diet above! Oops!

I also check hurricane/tropical storm radars and weather reports! LOL!

Oh and drive my family and friends nuts making packing lists and general talk of the trip! LOL!

Did I mention I have 3 1/2 days til we leave???! YAY!!!!

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3. Re: How do you prepare for your beach vacation?

Hi there I to do what Mel does but I do tan for 1 week before I leave.No on the shots!I do make a long list and check things off as I go.The biggest thing is dont get to the airport and find you left your passport at home in the safe!!Have fun !

Grand Junction...
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4. Re: How do you prepare for your beach vacation?

We are going to VIM November 14-21. Now that trip is booked, can hardly stand myself. Am reading reviews and looking on the forum at least once a day.

Already have my "things not to forget" list made (bug spray, insulated mugs, 50 spf sunscreen and tiny flashlight). In reading all the other great contributions, have already seen menus for the restaraunts and map of the resort. Will go to tanning bed for about 2 weeks prior to leaving. Will get a pedicure day before we leave. Not getting any shots or working out or dieting (probably should, but oh well). Looking forward to 7 whole days of beach, sun and time alone with my husband.

Moncton, Canada
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5. Re: How do you prepare for your beach vacation?

I work on the diet, usually not the sucessfully, and I too, glow in the dark I am so white, but skip the tanning booth.But we have been known to do what my husband and I affectionately call "liver-ups" in preparation of our vacation! But the thing that I do, after many vacations, is once my trips are booked I use a couple of spare drawers and start collecting items I need for the trip. Small sizes of sundries, extra batteries,corkscrew for the wine we usually take, and any other small items we usually take. Then when the trip comes I am good to go, with everything I need for packing all in one place. I skip the weather checks cause no matter how nice it is before I get there, or no matter what the forcast says...it will be what it will be.OH...and of course no trip preparation would be complete without checking trip advisor several times a day

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6. Re: How do you prepare for your beach vacation?

1. Check Weather Channel than decide on outfits to wear.

2. Make sure strappy sandals match outfits that I'm wearing since I watched the Weather Channel.

3. Bring 50 plus sun block so outfits with strappy sandals that I decided on since watching the Weather Channel do not chafe my skin.

4. Make sure my cell phone works in Mexico so I can send pictures of me in my outfits and strappy sandals with a yummy tan and no sunburn because I brought my 50 plus sun tan lotion watching the Weather Channel in Espanol in Mexico.

Have fun on your vacation!

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7. Re: How do you prepare for your beach vacation?

1. Make a packing list

2. Go tanning

3. Start exercising religiously and eating healthy

to lose weight of course

4. Read TA everyday

5. Watch the hurricane reports and pray for no


6. Repeatedly remind everybody that I'm going on


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8. Re: How do you prepare for your beach vacation?

I always am on this forum but look at the webcams obsessively

No shots

What's a gym?

Definitely tan...dont' want to look like a ghost on the beach

diet? no way

Pack my luggage about 3 months in advance, then unpack, then repack...then maybe do a little clothes shopping and add more stuff. The night before, I pack for real.

Look at mapchick's map to decide where to eat the first night.

Remind EVERYONE I'm heading to Playa (they're all really sick of hearing it everyday) and I don't leave for another 41 days.

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9. Re: How do you prepare for your beach vacation?

good replies!

i dont go to a tanning bed but i probably should since im the "pasty white guy" the first day but by the end i have changed colour somewhat..

hitting the exercise bike and eating better for sure. i like to walk for miles on the beach when on vacation.

have thought about getting shots but never have.

shopping for bio-degradable sunscreen.

just bought a brand new waterproof digital camera for all that snorkelling we are going to do.

and we have our week pretty much planned already...cozumel...relax...pdc a couple times to get to know the town more...couple days of snorkelling...relax...explore pdc again...relax....ahhh!

and finally, trying not to get busted too much at work for reading every review and forum post, and looking at all the great vacation pics people post. the live web cam at the rpdc is always on my monitor as well, so im sure im burning up good bandwidth!

Indianapolis, IN
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10. Re: How do you prepare for your beach vacation?

Usually I book about 3-6 months in advance and I have great ambitions when the trip is booked.

First, right after I book I put together a plan to go to the gym at least 3 days a week and work of those extra 10 pounds. That usually works for about 3 weeks and I fall off the wagon until about 2 weeks before the trip when I say to myself "OMG I need to hit the gym hard before I go". Needless to say I leave Oct. 8th and have yet to make it back to the gym...I guess it will have to wait till next trip.

Second, I read TA religiously every day starting 3 weeks before the trip to see who's going and if there will be a get together at Luna Blues. If I start any sooner I will never get any work done.

Third, depending on the time of year I hit the tanning bed 2 weeks before leaving to let my Irish skin warm up to the wonderful rays of sunshine. No need to look like I was put in an oven too long on the first day.

Last but not least, I start training my right arm for the 1 handed curls I will be doing for the length of the trip.