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Trip Report Pt 4 ( and final ) ------- On this and that.

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Montreal, Canada
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Trip Report Pt 4 ( and final ) ------- On this and that.

Hehehe Hello again. I guess time slips through our fingers and papers too quickly. But here it is, the final segment of my last november trip report.

The Zocalo!! Boy O boy did we ever find the Zocalo quiet! I remember the days when young lovers would smooch on the benches and the vendors would abound with their pungent smell of food all around us! Those days are gone. Understandably lots of locals must have moved further to La Gloria or elsewhere because nowadays, one can find one if not two snorkel business on almost every street! And the same goes with golf carts rental businesses. So obviously lots of people moved to make room for the $$ things. Yeah yeah I do understand the change and we must follow or jump the ship right? But hey... we did miss the lively action on the Zocalo. How much we used to love people watching and mingling with at the Zocalo...

La Gloria! We spent part of an afternoon there and had the magic french fries at a small restaurant simply called " Loncheria La Gloria" if memory serves me well. Lol but be carefull, you will have to park the cart with the wheels crooked to the sidewalk if you want it to be there when you come out! It is a hilly street. We also took time to have some pleasant leisure time watching the wild ducks and egrets on the alleyway to the Laguna Salinas. Never before had we ever taken the time to actually sit there and absorb the Laguna. I asked the cleaning lady at our hotel if there were any crocodiles in there, half jesting I may add. She told me that many years ago they brought the lone crocodile from the Hacienda Mundaca there and that it had escaped through the underground waters way up to Cancun!! Hm... Would that be an urban legend? I wouldn't know. Anyone to shed a light on this one??

The valley of a hundred restaurants ( read Hidalgo Street ). One may find it annoying to stroll by and being asked each time to come in and eat and bla bla bla from most of the restaurant employees ; but not so if you have a fair sense of liking people! They are only trying to make a living. But guess what? They will have a great laugh with you if you produce a bag of churros and offer them some!! Churros are those delicious donuts sort of things you find at the entrance of the supermarket on the Zocalo. Each evening after dark, an old lady arrives with her pots and pans and will produce those addictive churros!! They look like elongated donuts , which the lady rolls in brown sugar! Still warm when you eat them!! Miam!! Try those and if you can resist them the next day you see the lady around, I will send you a free ticket for your next trip to Isla Love Mujeres!

The cats' corner! Hm... this one is a touchy subject! Wow did anyone ever seen so many cats at one same spot?? I am talking about that corner at Hidalgo before crossing the street when heading to the Playa Norte. I will add that those cats do not bother people. But just as well what they leave on the sidewalks and streets will offend some . The same goes for when one takes walks on the boardwalk on what I call the wild side! You will find those golden nuggets all along the way. But one good point though I noticed : Those stray cats and dogs seem to be trained to leave their fair-sized glossets on the side, rarely in the middle where we walk. Anyhow... my wife and I decided that indeed we will volunteer for a day or so at the animal clinic where help is needed as I read somewhere here on this TA forums. We need to make this a must on our next trip. So there you go... one can find solace in magic nuggets! Oops... Hehehe!!

Ok one last recommendation to Isla Mujeres newcomers : beware of the sidewalks!! Especially if wearing open toes sandals!! As those sidewalks are quite uneven! And one can seriously cut open a toe or get a bleeding nose, depending where your toe is at the time of impact. Also, beware of the red taxis and golf carts as you are totally outnumbered!! So, don't worry about the best place to rent a cart, you have a choice of one or two rental spots on just about each street! And the more often you stroll by the same spot, the prices will come down for you. But hey.... when it gets to 35$ for the day, come on now grab it! Because if you expect it to get to 25$ boy o boy you are a cheapo!

Chedraui! oops I almost forgot it! We did get there to shop a bit but didn't find the people working there in general not very friendly. And the prices are expensive. But... you can get lost in the donut, cakes and dessert department! So many sweets to buy! And let yourself go! Buy a load of everything, just save on your following day breakfast. Stay in your hotel room and rejoice with the sweets!

Capitan Dulches!! Almost forgot it! Wow that is a nice place to spend a day, relaxing and good pictures to be taken. Unfortunately the museum was closed when we were there. By the way, can someone tell me the tale of those wonderful musicians sculpture nearby?? I was pretty much amazed by those artful metal beauties. I read something on that before but I need a memory refresh!

So... I thinks it sums it up pretty good, roughly. Of course I could ramble on and on for another hour but I doubt you'd like it! Lol! But guess what?? You're not done with me on this forum for two reasons : First, I like to read and comments on other peoples. And second we're going back in september! So more comments to come there too!

Meanwhile, I want to say thanks for all those comments I fed on befotre going tom Isla last november. Because no matter if we had gone a few times before, we always have things, places and stuff to learn from others! I think there is a pure bond here with our mutual love of La Isla and this bond is in my opinion A Treasure!!

Be good! Peace.

Grayslake, Illinois
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1. Re: Trip Report Pt 4 ( and final ) ------- On this and that.

Thanks for all your reports. I love your style - you are hilarious!!

Champaign, Illinois
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2. Re: Trip Report Pt 4 ( and final ) ------- On this and that.

Are you serious!!! Keep it coming..love the report..iLL..iNi...please have more...


Morton, IL
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3. Re: Trip Report Pt 4 ( and final ) ------- On this and that.

Thanks for your reports. You always put a smile on my face! :-). September is a long time to wait for more!

Victoria, Canada
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4. Re: Trip Report Pt 4 ( and final ) ------- On this and that.

Thank you for the entertaining read!!!

It put a smile on my face, too :)

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5. Re: Trip Report Pt 4 ( and final ) ------- On this and that.

Led Zeppelin said it best "Ramble On"! You are the most entertaining writer. Thanks for all your great contribitions. I'm glad they are immortalized forever on TA.

new york
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6. Re: Trip Report Pt 4 ( and final ) ------- On this and that.

"Of course I could ramble on and on for another hour but I doubt you'd like it! "

Are you kidding? We love it! Just "Ramble On" as Heather said :)

I agree about the Zocalo. I think things changed when they redid it, replacing the old gazebo with the fountain. I used to love hanging out there too but as you said, not much is going on there now.

Olathe, Kansas
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7. Re: Trip Report Pt 4 ( and final ) ------- On this and that.

I love reading these trip reports. Gives me so many good tips. These are really great for first timers. Keep on writing.

Chicago, Illinois
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8. Re: Trip Report Pt 4 ( and final ) ------- On this and that.

Thanks for these observations and I hope you remain a regular contributor--as kclady says, these reports are invaluable to first timers and make regulars smile with recognition.

We also tried Captain Dulche's on our past trip since it was a fairly new place that wasn't around during our first visits. While it is not Playa Norte (and nothing else is) we thought it was beautiful, the grounds immaculate and the service friendly without being pushy. Yes, there is a bit of sea grass in the water but it was easily avoided. If you're staying outside of Centro or just looking for an alternate beach to spend a day, Capt. Dulche's is a viable option.

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9. Re: Trip Report Pt 4 ( and final ) ------- On this and that.

“Final”…bummer! :-( I hope you stick around here Roignoul! I’ve loved reading your posts! You are so funny (I was laughing even before I opened the thread LOL!), entertaining and your observations are honest..love it!

Thanks! And keeping posting please! :-D

Saskatoon, Canada
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10. Re: Trip Report Pt 4 ( and final ) ------- On this and that.

Yes, thanks a lot, I loved your posts too. :)