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snorkeling with a beard

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Madison, Wisconsin
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snorkeling with a beard

So we have snorkeled before and my husband had difficulty maintaining a seal on his snorkel because he has a short beard. We are planning another trip soon and he is planning on shaving his beard because of this. Help! Are there any tricks to get a good seal on mask with a beard? I really don't want him to shave his beard.

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1. Re: snorkeling with a beard


Saint Louis...
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2. Re: snorkeling with a beard

Its isnt the beard its the mustache. Before I shaved mine off, I used to thin it out real good,,,that worked really well.

Saint Louis...
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3. Re: snorkeling with a beard

First you said snorkel, then you said mask. Im assuming you meant his mask.

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4. Re: snorkeling with a beard

I put vasilene on my mustash. It seals good no problems.

Muscatine, Iowa
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5. Re: snorkeling with a beard

Vaseline will eventually eat the silicone. I asked the same question on another forum, and recommend the link Froglegs provided. My husband has a beard and moustache, and when we were down in December he just trimmed his moustache a bit down from under his nose and it worked. No problem with the beard, it didn't affect the seal.

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Ottawa, Canada
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6. Re: snorkeling with a beard

I have a full beard and moustache and after some trial and errors over the years have come up with what works best for me with no water leakage. I snorkel as much as I can when on vacation. As another poster noted, Vaseline will eat away at the silicone on the mask over time - but how long this would take I do not know. If you clean off the mask rigorously after each use with hot/ warm water and soap it may help. That's what I used to do and I still have the same mask for years. But you have to remember to do this . Better still, use silicone grease - any dive shop will have this and it is what I use now (Vaseline as standby if I run out of the grease).

Plus trim the moustache down as others have noted above. I do that as well. It is not necessary to shave it off just to snorkel. You just have to ensure you have a watertight seal around the moustache so trimming as well as some kind of "grease" to fill in between the hairs will do it.

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Oakville, Canada
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7. Re: snorkeling with a beard

Silicon grease. You can get it at any dive shop and it's cheap. Handy to lend out to people with ill fitting masks too. Always surprised to find people who paid a fair sum at a dive shop for a mask and the thing doesn't fit right.

And tell him not to smile and laugh so much. 😁

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8. Re: snorkeling with a beard

Hubby has a full beard and mustache. He just trims the mustache down about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch under his nose. Works fine. One year he decided to shave off the mustache and leave the beard. Made him look rather Amish. Not exactly the sexiest vacation look. LOL! Get your husband to try the other suggestions.

Saginaw, Texas
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9. Re: snorkeling with a beard

My question is when you buy silicone grease, does it have to be "food grade" or can I just use the pool and spa equipment lube I get at Leslie's Pool Supplies?

I mean, they want $7 for a tiny chap stick size container that one guy on line said he used up in one day of snorkeling.

Seriously. I'm not gonna eat the stuff. (LOL).

Myrtle Beach, South...
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10. Re: snorkeling with a beard

the most "interesting man" in the world snorkels with a beard...stay thirsty my friends..(: