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Cancun's water quality in hotel zone..

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Vancouver, Canada
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Cancun's water quality in hotel zone..

I have a question that I've researched, but I need more information from people who work in the hotels in Cancun or know the standards that hotels take. We will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Cancun for the first week of September. This will be our first time visiting Mexico.

I've read here that the Cancun hotel zone uses a water filtration system to treat the water. Most of the responses seem to be "the water is fine," yet I have read so many restaurant reviews of people who eat or drink in the hotel zone and have still gotten traveller's diarrhoea. I would like to know more detail. Such as, if the water is safe to drink than why does our hotel provide complimentary bottled water for teeth brushing? This only makes me question the effectiveness of this water filtration system.

Our hotel also treats salads and raw vegetables to reduce risk of illness even further. This is very reassuring and makes me feel much better about the food, but I am still somewhat uneasy about the water or ice.

Thanks for your input.

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1. Re: Cancun's water quality in hotel zone..

Ice is from purifed water

Bottled water is purified / also gives guests a comfort factor

Guests usually get sick from drinking too much, too much sun, germs passed on from other guests

Drink lotsof water, keep hydrated

Don't drink too much coconut drinks (natural laxitive)

Albany, New York
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2. Re: Cancun's water quality in hotel zone..

Yes, Cancun does actually have a water processing and filtration plant.

Like said previously, most guests find themselves getting sick from a variety of other things - bad water is not really one of them. If you're worried about becoming I'll while away, I've learned that seeing your doctor before traveling and asking for a good wide spectrum antibiotic can help head things off tremendously.

Vancouver, Canada
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253 posts
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3. Re: Cancun's water quality in hotel zone..

Thanks for the info vancouversundog and justin.

Do you know if the water processing and filtration plant is for all of Cancun or mainly just the hotel zone?

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for Cancun
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4. Re: Cancun's water quality in hotel zone..

It's for the hotel zone. When in Cancun city we drink bottled water only. We've never gotten sick in over 20 years of travel there.


Albany, New York
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5. Re: Cancun's water quality in hotel zone..

I'm not entirely sure to be honest, my best guess would be the strip only.

Unfortunately the Mexican government caters more to tourists and infrastructure surrounding tourism as a whole, than they do towards improving the infrastructure for the average every day citizen.

That being said they do have very modern facilities from the airport to pretty good quality roads around the Cancun area all the way down south along the 307 (though pay attention to the huge speed bumps).

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6. Re: Cancun's water quality in hotel zone..

Cancun's water filtration system ( for the hotel zone ) is one of the most state of the art one's available in the world.....

Cancun, Mexico
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7. Re: Cancun's water quality in hotel zone..

We have a Casa in the Hotel Zone. We use the tap water for bathing and brushing our teeth but don't drink it. We use it for cooking only when it will be boiled first and to soak fruits and vegetables since an additive is used.

There are two different bottled water companies that come around twice a week to the residential neighborhoods. They even carry those big jugs right up to our pantry. Our Mexican caretaker who lives on our property drinks bottled water too!

Most of the hotels and larger restaurants have their own filtration systems in addition to the public water supply.

IMO, while there for only a week, why chance it? Drink bottled water and put your mind at ease.

An additional precaution might be to eat yogurt daily for at least the week before your trip. It will get the 'right' bacteria into your system!

Bucks County, PA
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8. Re: Cancun's water quality in hotel zone..

Been there six times, never had a problem. But if you really are concerned you can always take acidophilus tablets a week before. You can get them at any drug store in the vitamin section.

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9. Re: Cancun's water quality in hotel zone..

Name anything that Mexicans properly maintain? Water treatment surely isnt on of them. Not to mention the infrastructure that provides the water to your hotel. I wouldn't take a chance. Stick with bottled water.

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10. Re: Cancun's water quality in hotel zone..

The water at the resorts and restaurants are fine. Not only is the water filtered entering cancan most resorts have filtration systems and it is filtered again. As mentioned above its not the water. It's from drinking alcohol on the beach, eating very little, staying out in the sun then eating a big meal for dinner ......but it's the water from the restaurant that made them sick. Sure it was ?!?!!

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